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Hooded figure

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"Done" exclaimed Frank to nobody in particular. He had just finished writing his column for the music section of The Trentonian, his local newspaper. Stuffing his notes into a big red folder, he quickly drained the last of his coffee and headed out the door of his one bedroomed apartment.

Walking down the damp street after parking his car he turned the corner to his office building, only to collide with someone coming around the same corner.

"Ahhh shit" said Frank as his folder fell from is arms and papers scattered at his feet

"I'm so sorry, let me help you" said the blonde haired man. Gerard passed him some sheets that had fallen and apologised once again,

"I wasn't watching where I was going, too busy trying to get away from someone back there" he said smiling before rushing off in the opposite direction.

Frank carried on towards his office when he saw a little chemist over the road. He crossed over the road heading towards it, wondering if they sold coffee.

He reached for the door to push it open when another blonde haired man stepped out from no where and held it open for him.

"Thanks" said Frank as he strode inside.

"No worries" the voice called back.

After finding out they didn't sell coffee Frank left the store and came into contact with the door holder again. This time his voice was more rough and slightly demanding.

"You do drugs?" asked Bob. Frank was taken aback by this random question and he shook his head frantically, just wanting to get to his desk before the office closed for the night. The blonde haired man just nodded, stuffed his hand's in his pockets and walked on.

"Strange" said Frank as he finally made it into the elevator and pushed the button for his floor.


Gerard rushed off after giving Frank back his papers. He was already late as it is, he didn't need anymore disctractions. Shoving his briefcase into the back of his car he slid into the drivers seat and started up the engine. His cell rang and he activated his hands free kit.

"Hey...yeah I'm on my way...okay see you soon"

Like he said, he would see her soon. He pulled up in the driveway and shut off the engine, gripping the steering wheel he had no idea why his stomach was consumed with butterflies. It was like his first date all over again, but he was now a lot older and therefore should be fine. But he wasn't.

"Get a fucking grip Gerard you have done this a ton of times" he told himself as he walked up the path and knocked on the door.

The door opened and she was standing there with nothing but one of his shirts on and a seductive grin plastered all over her face. Gerard rushed inside and pushed her into the hallway so he could shut the door.

"Are you trying to get us caught?" he hissed at her

She just giggled and leaned into him, kissing him softly on the lips. He dropped his coat off his shoulders and put his arms around her waist. Her tounge demanded entrance to his mouth as it ran along his bottom lip and he gladly accepted. Gerard pulled away and they were both breathless, he just looked at her for a few seconds before she started on kissing his neck. He let out a soft moan as she moved up to his ear, her hot breath tickling it.

"Bedroom" she whispered into it.

She ran up the stairs and Gerard followed her into a room he guessed to be hers. They had never done it upstairs before so these were new surroundings to Gerard.

"Fuck me Gee!" she cried as she lay down on the bed. Those three words were all he needed to hear for his pants to get uncomfortabley tight. He went over to the bed and straddled her, pinning down her arms at the same time.

"I want you Anna" he breathed into her neck as he started kissing it. She started wrestling with his belt buckle and finally won and ripped out the belt while he wriggled out of his trousers. She then took of his t-shirt and tossed it on the floor.

Gerard felt a sudden wash of guilt as he remembered the message he left Kirsty and so he tried to block out everything that happened afterwards. He gathered his clothes together once he knew Anna was asleep and headed back out to his car, gripping the steering wheel once again.


"Right, all done" Frank said as he put his finished article on the desk and switched the office light off.

He headed out of the doors and walked towards his car. It was dark now and Frank searched for his keys in his pocket as he kept on walking.

"Don't turn around" a deep voice said.

Frank didn't have a chance to react before he felt a heavy weight swipe across his head and his knees buckled beneath him. Everything was going hazy and he tried to lift his head to see the person in front of him but his vision was just too blurry.


Gerard drove home squinting through the windscreen to see into the dark, as he pulled up to the edge of his driveway his car swerved to avoid hitting a black shadow that rushed across the road. He got out and locked his car only to turn around and be face to face with a masked figure.

It was wearing all black and was big built, Gerard was guessing it was a man. The man raised his arms above his head and pushed Gerard down to the ground hard, putting something over his head in the process. After a few minutes he started to feel drowsy and he slipped into unconciousness.

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