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Mikey's Turn!

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Mikey's Point of View

"Now, since the slope of these two lines are the same, they are what?", I asked, hoping that those circuits in Miley's brain weren't completely damaged and she could get the right answer to the question I've asked...for the hundreth time.

"Uhh..." she uttered.

Come on, come on! I have a life, contradictory to what everyone thinks, but I do!

I waited for an answer for at least five minutes. I sighed to let out some of the annoyance I harbored and looked at the clock. Shit, I told mom I'd be home over an hour ago.

"Uhm... Is it parallel?" Miley hesitantly answered.

"Yes! Yes it is! So you understand now, right? Good! I need to get home now, okay? Bye. See you at school or the next tutoring session!", I said ripping the door open halfway, but having salvation lost when Miley closed it harshly.

"Wait! Don't just leave like that! That's rude!" she said, irritated.

"Sorry. Did you have anything you wanted to say?" I asked.

She took a glance at me and then averted her eyes to the floor. "Thanks for tutoring me in math. Sorry, I sounded rude before. I just felt a little insulted when you took off like that." she said.

"Oh, your welcome. No problem, I was the one being rude." I said, hoping to get out of there soon.

"Aww, give me a hug. You're such a cute little kid!" she said, opening her arms for a bearhug.

No! I get flustered when people touch me! It's not like I could move anyways. That hug was so tight, i gasped for air the second she let go.

"Hmm...You smell nice. What deoderant do you use?" she questioned.

"Uhm... Well, I used my brother's deoderant. I think it was Axe or something. The blue one." I answered.

She took one more long sniff and a smile played on her lips.

"Well, my mom wanted me home awhile ago, so I have to leave now. Okay? I'll see you in school tomorrow!" I said, taking off faster than before.

"Alright, see you tomorrow!" Miley called after me.

Phew. Thank God. Now Gerard should be waiting outside for me.

"Hey, you! What's up?" said a familiar voice.

Oh yeah! It's that weird guy that moshes to pop music with random peircings and tattoos. Oh God, if you'd only cut your strange hair, then maybe I wouldn't mistake you for Miley's punk twin.

"I'm going home! To have dinner. You know, I'm runnin' on empty." I replied.

"You can eat here! Or do you want me to drive you home?" he asked.

If he get's famous, they won't be sayin' nothin' about Michael Jackson anymore. Now it's going to be Trace Cyrus.

"No, thank you! My brother should be waiting outside for me. Bye." I responded.

I opened the door halfway and was closed by Trace pushing me into the door and bumping into me while swiping his hand across my ass.

"He's not there! Stay here." he said.

I was so shocked, I could barely register what he said.

"I can take the bus! I have a Metro Card. It's alright!" I replied.

"I'll drive you. You might get raped!" he said.

Oh boy, he doesn't have a life does he?

"Well, if I ride with you, I know I'll get raped! Bye." I stated, sprinting out the door.

There is a car outside waiting. Liar. And it's for me!

"You left me to go to the Metro Station. I'll name my band that! Now I'll go to the Metro Station to brood, reflect, and write songs about rejection." he said poetically, throwing his hands heavenward.

I got into the car, not expecting who was in the driver's seat. I should check who's in the car next time. They could take me away! Luckily, it was my friend, Bob.

"Hello, Bob! Not that I don't like you driving me, but why isn't Gerard picking me up? He's the one that made me do this anyways, he should at least pick me up like he said he was!" I said heatedly.

"Calm down, calm down. He's not feeling good enouph to drive, so I drove. It's alright. You can talk to him later." he said.

I acknowledged what he said with a grunt. Not feeling good enouph to drive. He never feels good enouph to do anything. Probably playing video games at home. I never see him anymore. The least he could do is drive me home.

"What happened? Is he drunk? Playing video games and hurt his thumb?" I asked.

"No. He called me and he sounded a little down. He said he wanted to be alone and think about a few things." Bob said.

"But he's always alone. And when I see him, he acts like an asshole. He never talks or plays with me! Last time I saw Gerard, he got mad at me for nothing and locked me into the closet." I said.

"You know, he isn't really as mean, tricky, or as much of an asshole as he might seem to you. Gerard is still a person with feelings and he's one of the greatest guys out there. You know teenagers. Probably going through a phase now or something. He's been there for you, be there for him." he replied.

"He's never been there for me! I've been ignored!" I said heatedly. I knew that Bob would disagree.

"Aww, Mikes. Ok. Who drives you to and from school everyday?" he asked.

"That's only because mom and dad made him. And plus, he doesn't do it anymore." I answered, knowing exactly why he was incapable of not driving me to school.

"He got his car taken away from him, remember? Who bought you that guitar you didn't know how to play for your birthday and offered to teach you himself, even though he sucks himself? Who gave up all the money he saved to take you to Disneyland in Florida and drove there because you were bored in the summer?" he asked, trying to make a point.

"That was his money?" I asked, surprised.

"Yeap. He even asked me for two hundred dollars that he would pay me back. Wasn't he the one that missed out on Frank's first house party to run you to the emergency room when you had pneumonia because your parents were in Arizona?" Bob questioned.

"Yeah, he did. He also stayed with me there for three days to make sure I was okay and missed out on school." I added.

"Do I need to go on? Point is, he was basically your best friend when you guys were younger and did everything together. He was always there for you and did some pretty outrageous things. Yeah?" Bob stated.

"He still is my best friend. And he did do some pretty crazy things like sped to White Plains, New York because he heard the lead singer of The Smashing Pumpkins was signing things and I've always said how I wanted to meet him before I die. He never even had his driver's liscence yet." I said.

"So he did a lot for you. I'm sure you've done a lot of him too. This is just a phase. Don't get so mad at him either. Maybe he needs a hug! You never know." Bob said with a smile on his face.

"Okay. Thanks, Bob." I said.

The rest of the car ride was filled with light conversations and music. We soon got to my house and I made a promise to talk to Gerard.

"Bye!" I shouted.

He waved and took off to go home, I'm sure.

I walked into the house and it was very quiet. Mom was reading on the couch and dad was at work.

"Hey, mom." I greeted.

"Hello, Michael. Everything went well with the tutoring?" she asked.

"Yeah, it was okay, but it was kinda frustrating. Sorry I wasn't home as early as I said I'd be." I said.

"That's alright! Your brother said you'd be late anyways and Bob would pick you up." she replied.

"Really?" I asked.

"Yeah. I asked him what was takin' you so long when I noticed you weren't here when you said you'd be." mom said.

"Oh. Where is Gerard?" I questioned.

"He's in his room." she answered.

"As usual. Thanks." I said, headin up to Gerard's room.

"No problem. Oh and wash up and change your clothes. We're all going out to eat when your father comes home, which should be soon." she said.

"Alright." I responded.

I stood outside our room and knocked on it. There was no answer on account of I don't think he heard me. The music was blasting. He always did that while he was thinking. I walked in and observed my surroundings. His side of the room was extremely messy and looked like it hadn't been cleaned in forever.

"Oh, hey. Tutoring go fine?" Gerard said while turning off the music.

"Yeah, it was okay. Not as bad as I thought it would be. Trace is pretty freaky though." I said with a grossed expression.

"Haha, he is the weirdest fucking person with no life I have ever seen. Sorry I didn't pick you up, I was busy." he said.

"It's okay. What are you doing?" I asked, obviously knowing he was drawing.

"Drawing." he responded.

"Duh. What are you drawing?" I questioned.

"Nothing much." he replied quicly closing the book and shoving it under his bed.

"Well if you couldn't drive me home for that, it must be something. Come on! I won't laugh!" I said, poking him.

"It's not that! It's just...Uhh...Okay. Here. Guess who." he muttered, taking out the book and flipping it to the tabbed page.

Wow. It was amazing. Right away, I knew it was Sarah, Gerard's ex-girlfriend.

"You miss her?" I asked.

"Why else would she be the only drawings I have in this whole book?" he asked.

He flipped all the pages of the book quickly and I glanced at all the breathtaking drawings he had done before.

"Those are all amazing. Wow." I said in awe.

"Yeah, I guess." I could barely hear him say.

"Do you wanna talk about any of it. Behind every drawing, there's a story. Especially yours." I stated.

He nodded and I understood he meant no.

"You sure?" I asked.

"Maybe later. Okay? If I do now, I might just..." he said and I couldn't catch the last word.

"What? Cry? It's okay if you cry in front of me. Or we can talk later. Uhh... Mom said we're going out soon, so you should get ready. I'm going to do just that." I said.

"Okay." he said, not moving.

Woah. Bob was right. There is something up with him. I think he's depressed. Oh, duh! Of course he is! He acts like he is. Hmmm.... This gives me an idea for a little surprise. Hehehe....

His point of view is nice for a change. ;D

I had a mild writers block and a lot of stress. Sorry for the long wait. xD
Btw, I might change the girl, "Sarah", to another name later. I kinda couldn't think of anything else. xD

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