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By Chance (One)

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By Chance

Demyx had played his heart out in the little café in Twilight Town that evening. It had all been good fun until he played ‘Watermark’, one of his old favorites. An odd sadness had overwhelmed him, and he couldn’t figure out why. His day had gone perfectly, but for the longest time… it felt like something was missing. Like there was something he’d forgotten, or someone. Like he wasn’t quite complete. He had asked his mother about it after coming home from school one day, but she, and his three younger sisters had told him it was probably just homework he’d forgotten.

But now… he had graduated, and there wasn’t any homework he could have forgotten.

Every time he played the song on the piano, the feeling got worse.


Zexion wiped his eyes—was—was he crying? Yes, it had been a beautiful song, but had he heard it before? He didn’t remember, yet the melody was as familiar as if he’d heard it hundreds of times before, but now it was saddening.

He looked up from his stack of books, and the musician’s eyes locked with his. Deep cerulean pools met with a shimmering indigo.


Demyx smiled at the slate-haired man, noting that his eyes were teary as well. Odd. He slid walked off of stage, grinning from all the applause taking his manila folder of sheet music, and made his way over to the other’s table.


So, the musician wanted to talk? Zexion decided to put up with it, namely for politeness’ sake. He shut his book, and took a sip of his fragrant chai tea. The scent of enticing spices; cardamom, cinnamon, allspice, and tea filled the air, mingling with the heady, rich aroma of coffee, creating a whole new relaxing atmosphere.

“You play well,” Zexion said simply.

“Oh, thanks,” Demyx said, scratching the back of his head, ruffling his blonde mullet, finding himself blushing under the other male’s intense eyes. “I’m Demyx, by the way. Have we met before?” he asked.

“Not that I can recall. My name is Zexion,” the other responded, flicking his hair out of his eyes. Demyx was quite aware of Zexion’s much more formal approach, but disregarded it.

He liked Zexion quite a lot already.

“So…” Zexion said cautiously, “What brings you to Twilight Town?”

“The cafés here are much better audiences than in Radiant Garden. I got sick of it there. You?” he said curiously.

“The cafés. They have much better coffee and tea, and are generally quieter. It’s easier to study,” Zexion said gesturing to a large pile of text books.

“Oooh, you’re at the university?” What’cha studying?”

“I’m hoping for a double major in psychology and physics, though I took a few English classes to improve my writing.”

Demyx gaped at him.

“Whoa. That’s intense,” Demyx said, obviously very impressed. Zexion found himself going red.

“It’s actually not that-“

“You’ve gotta be kidding me. Anyone I see around down with Professer Vexen looks like they’re zombies! Crying zombies!” Demyx said, waving his arms a little.

“He’s actually a fine teacher, if you study and keep up with his fast pace,” Zexion shrugged. Demyx shook his head in wonder. Zexion let a small smile grace his lips, and found the musician beaming at him.

Perhaps it would be easier than he thought to tolerate Demyx.


For about a week, Demyx found himself watching for Zexion to reappear as he wandered around town. He wanted to see those indigo eyes glimmer as a slow, tentative smile crept onto soft lips… in other words he really wanted to see him. An odd, fluttering sensation seized his chest as he saw slate colored hair moving through the streets, and he dashed over immediately.


Zexion had wanted to find Demyx as well. What was it about those deep cerulean eyes that just… held him captive? He’d had his share of experience with others, yes, but the musician was so… comforting. Just his presence that night in the café had let Zexion relax for a moment and talk. Easily. He usually had a fair amount of trouble warming up to someone, but with Demyx everything had felt perfectly natural.

He blinked, suddenly jerked out of his thoughts as said musician bounded over.

“Hey! Where on earth d’you hole up during the week? I wanted to see if you wanted to go get some more coffee or somethin’, ‘cause I had a lot of fun the other night,” Demyx grinned. Zexion chuckled quietly.

“In the dorms, where else? I suppose I could take some time out of my studies. I have plenty of time to finish them this evening,” he replied smoothly.

Demyx could have burst in happiness.

Zexion’s visible eye was glimmering, and that smile—unsure, as though he wasn’t sure if he should—returned. The one Demyx liked.


After that, they met as often as they could, and just talked. Zexion realized that both of them had that odd sense of déja-vu, but neither of them cared.

Zexion sipped his green tea, watching Demyx over the rim of his mug. Today they were talking about careers, since they had covered everything else quite thoroughly.

“I just wanna play music. I mean, it’s what I’ve always done, and it’s what I love doing,” Demyx giggled. Far too much caffeine in that double mocha latté. And too much sugar. Oh well. Zexion was used to Demyx being hyper by now, and didn’t mind. If it had been anyone else… he would have been quite angry with them, to be honestly.

“I’m not entirely sure. Right now I just work at the bookstore around the corner but… I am researching on my own a little,” he said taking another sip.

“Ooooh, what’cha researching?” Demyx asked eagerly.

“It’s… a little odd. How Darkness responds to Light, and vice-versa.”

“What’ve you found out?”

“Well… that noghing Dark can survive without Light to create the shadows. And there is always a bit of Light and Darkness everywhere. There is a thin line of something between the two, but I haven’t figured out exactly what that is. Everything is composed of both Dark and Light, but it is fairly easy to reverse the two, and have more Dark than Light, or Light than Dark,” Zexion said with a practiced tone.

“Whoa. All on your own?” Demyx said, obviously impressed.

“Yes… despite people telling me that there isn’t exactly a point to worrying about it,” he said, his cheeks going slightly pink. He wasn’t exactly used to a lot of praise.

“Oh! I’ve gotta go- I’m supposed to watch my sisters today,” Demyx said, draining the last of his suicidal-sweet coffee as he leaped up.

“Tell them I said hello, as usual,” Zexion smiled. He liked Demyx’s family. There were constantly stories about their antics. It was a bit more of a matriarchal pack, with four women (five if you counted their cat, Yuki), the males of the house were quite outnumbered. Demyx and his father. Zexion’s family was the exact opposite. He was an only child, and his parents… simply didn’t pay attention to him. He had always striven to do his absolute best, to try and get them to say ‘good job, son’, even once, but of course they hadn’t. He’d gotten past that, and now lived for himself. Demyx… was lucky.

And as usual, Demyx was as full of surprises as ever.

Demyx rushed over, planting a swift kiss on Zexion’s cheek before he could react, and the musician was off, pulling out his cell phone to call home as he dashed out the door.

Zexion blinked, surprised. Somehow… he hadn’t minded Demyx’s sudden action. In fact, there was an odd, warm, fluttering sensation settling somewhere in his stomach. He looked over and saw that Demyx had written his phone number on the napkin. Smirking, he pocketed it, and stepped out of the café. This would be very interesting.


Author's note: I'm really, really sorry for all the difficulties. D: And the format isn't the same either- but on my end, everything was being really dumb. Part Two is coming up. ;D
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