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A Step Further (Two)

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In which it all simply goes a step further.

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A Step Further

It had been three days, and Zexion hadn’t called him.

Demyx had gotten grounded at the age of twenty. He couldn’t call, and could only receive- when no one in his family was around. Which wasn’t often. He jumped, putting his guitar pick in his teeth and answered his phone- which was vibrating on his desk.

“Hello?” he answered, and spat out the pick.

“Demyx?” said the quiet voice of Zexion.

“Hey! What’s up?” Demyx asked happily, keeping his voice low.

“Uh, not much. Do you want to meet at the café again today?” Zexion asked nervously.

“Well… you see… I got grounded,” Demyx said, scratching the back of his head.

Zexion laughed.

“Grounded?” he choked out.

Demyx found himself laughing too. Zexion laugh was so- so- devious. He realized he hadn’t ever heard it before. Chuckles, but never full laughter.

“Yeah. So what about tomorrow?” Demyx asked, still smiling. He flopped back lazily on his bed.

“Yes, that should be fine,” Zexion said, settling down again, “What did you do to get grounded?”

“Er… you know how the other day I had to go home really fast? I got a ticket, scratched my car on a tree branch, and I was late anyway. So… got my keys taken away and a bunch of other stuff. I’m actually not supposed to be talking at the moment but- I’ll take the risk. I’ve been trapped for three days! Gotta go- sisters are coming,” he said hurriedly, and hung up, just in time as Hana came into the room, the oldest of his younger sisters. Little Gabriella was trailing behind her, and Fae peeking behind both of them, flicking violet streaked hair out of her eyes. Of all his sisters, Fae was the most musically talented, like him. They were also the closest. She was very talented at the piano and had a wondrous voice, but her true love was the Irish flute.

“Dem, who were you talking to?” Fae asked her voice quiet but clear.

“Nobody, just trying to figure out some lyrics,” Demyx lied. Oh it was so hard to lie to them.

“Nuh-uh,” Fae pouted, her big blue eyes searing through him.

“Your face is red. Whoever it was you liked an awful lot!” Hana grinned.

“Yup!” Gabriella chimed in, beaming.

“Uh-“ Demyx stuttered.

“Er-um-uh-dur doesn’t work. You like him, don’t you?” Fae giggled.

“Fae!” Demyx pleaded as his sisters giggled, “Don’t tell mom!” His sisters each put a finger to their lips and trotted away, Hana closing the door.

Ugh- sisters.

Zexion had walked to the library, waved to the librarians (who knew him by name now), and slid into the rows of shelves. Ah, the scent of books. Like some exotic spice he couldn’t quite name.

He was smiling.

Smiling was something he didn’t do just because he wanted to. However… there was just something about Demyx’s cheery atmosphere he carried with him wherever he went. The musician was growing on him faster than he could have thought possible. He had liked other guys—and girls—but none of them had ever just slid into his life so easily, as though they had always been there. Demyx was different. And that kiss on the cheek…

His heart had fluttered and his face went red, which in itself was more than a little embarrassing.

He had found himself dialing Demyx’s phone though he had ever so rarely used his own, and was glad he had heard the other’s voice. He was finding himself wondering when they would see each other… along with this odd feeling that it had all happened before. But he disregarded it. Did it really matter? Even if the feeling gave him dreams that were full of strange, dark creatures that he fought relentlessly against...

That night when he returned home to his dorm, he called Demyx again after his sisters would be asleep.

They talked until midnight, and would have for hours more if Zexion hadn’t had a psychology test the next morning.
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