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Never Need More (Three)

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In which the admissions are made.

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Never Need More

The next day when they met at the café, Demyx invited Zexion over to meet his family and dinner at six. Zexion was quite glad to accept the invitation. He stepped out of his car wearing a plain dark green shirt, a pair of slightly faded jeans, and his usual pair of worn black converse.

He took a deep breath and rang the doorbell.

Thundering feet.

Demyx tore the door open, all his sisters in a flock behind him. A moment later, Demyx’s mother and father followed, both looking as energetic as their children.

“Hey!” Demyx said warmly.

Zexion suddenly felt quite shy and went slightly red.

“Hey,” he said quietly, flipping his hair out of his eyes.

“Come on in- this is my mom, dad, Hana, Fae, and Gabriella, or Gabby as we like calling her,” Demyx said, pointing to each in turn.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” Zexion said politely, bowing his head a little.

“We’re all family here, so don’t bother with being polite, young man,” Demyx’s mother said grinning. Zexion smiled back, mainly because Demyx’s smile was identical to his mother’s.

Demyx’s family was all tall, thin, a little lanky, and had dirty blonde hair besides his father and Hana, who both had brown. His mother had those bright cerulean eyes and long blonde hair, along with Fae’s, who had dyed violet streaks near the front. Hana had kept her mother’s eyes. Gabriella had somehow managed curly blonde hair, and enormous green eyes.

Demyx grabbed his arm and pulled him down a hallway to his room, realizing that if he didn’t, Zexion was going to be yanked away without a chance for them to talk before dinner at all.

Zexion had also gotten a little tense- he wasn’t used to such exuberance. When they were talking at the café Demyx had learned that his parents had just shoved him off to school every day and he had ended up cooking dinner for himself and taking care of the house and everything for most of his life. His parents had a good sum of money, but Zexion refused to take any unless he was having serious trouble making rent payments.

“So- they’re all good people, just-“

“Overzealous like you?” Zexion chuckled, finishing the sentence for him.

“Yup,” Demyx smiled.

“I can deal with that.”

And so they went back out joining the rest of the family for dinner. Demyx was glad that Zexion, once the shock had worn off, had been able to relax, joining in with the lively conversation.

“C’mon, I gotta show you something,” Demyx said, opening his window.

Zexion was tired- his stomach was full of wonderful homemade pad thai, and he would have been very content just to sit there and let it digest completely. He forced himself to get up anyway. Demyx crawled out the window with practiced ease and climbed down the trellis ever-so-conveniently-placed outside his window, with Zexion following a little more cautiously.

Demyx smiled as he crept into the night. He pulled two flashlights out of his hoodie’s pocket, offering Zexion one as he turned the other one on.

“I’m gonna show you my secret place,” he said quietly, and bounded off. He could hear Zexion following. It was a long path through the woods.

“Where exactly are we going?” Zexion asked him tentatively. Demyx slowed down again, hearing a bit of nervousness in his voice.

“Well, if I told you, it would be a secret, now would it?” Demyx chuckled, stepping over tree roots. Through the shadows they crept, talking, flashlights cutting through the dark.

Eventually, they came to the very heart of the forest.

They stood at the edge of a large clearing in the middle of colossal trees, the moon casting its pearly light all around them in a ghostly blue glow. A willow tree stood weeping over the edge of a pond, its surface perfectly reflecting the moon, but every so often, the vision was skewed by a gentle breeze. Wildflowers of every sort grew in every inch of the clearing.

“It’s nice here. I compose music here most of the time I visit,” Demyx said quietly to not break the spell. This was the sort of place that made you believe you might see elves, nymphs, creatures of fairytales.

Zexion was spellbound by the atmosphere. He drifted to the edge of the small pond, his eyes wide with wonder. Demyx silently made his way to the willow tree, and watched him. He seemed to be fascinated by the glow of the moon- and looked like he belonged here, in this night world. His eyes were sparkling with unrestrained joy and peace, slate colored hair lit by the moon, blown lightly by the cool night air…

“Why are you showing me this?” Zexion whispered, “You should have kept it a secret…”

“But secrets are more fun when you share them with another person. I trust you, Zex. I knew you’d like it here. It’s just as pretty during the day,” Demyx said just as quietly, stepping over to where Zexion stood.

“But why me?” Zexion asked, watching.

“’Cause you’re cute when you look like that,” Demyx beamed, and kissed his soft lips. At first he thought he might have been a bit too forward- but Zexion quickly relaxed and began returning the kiss, slipping his arms around Demyx’s waist.

Zexion pulled back, a faint blush spreading across his cheeks, smiling softly.

“I love you,” he said quietly, the words spilling out before he could stop them. Demyx’s smile widened.

“I love you too,” Demyx said, touching his nose to Zexion’s, who wiggled it, and reached up a hand to itch it.

“What was that for?” he chuckled.

“I’m not fond of things touching my nose,” Zexion explained, his blush deepening. Demyx giggled.

To tell the truth, Demyx had been examining his feelings for a while now, but here, suddenly, in the night forest, he knew he loved Zexion. He had a feeling that the realization had been mutual. The admission was a little unplanned, but who could have done anything differently? Zexion suddenly pulled himself against Demyx, holding him tightly.

“I’ll never need more than this.”

“Hm?” Demyx raised an eyebrow.

“For the longest time I’ve felt like there was something missing. Ever since I can remember- but now that feeling is gone,” Zexion explained. “It… was you all along. I don’t know why but… wow that sounded so cliché I think my ears are bleeding…” he muttered. Demyx just kissed him again, running a hand through his hair. He looked at his watch and realized-

“Damn! It’s two in the morning!” he laughed, taking Zexion’s hand in his own. Zexion shook his head as he interlaced his nimble fingers with the other’s as they began the long trek back to Demyx’s house, a smile on both of their lips.

Instantly the two were assaulted by Fae, who had heard them leaving, and waited for their return.

“Where’d you go?” she demanded, eyes narrowed suspiciously.

“Nowhere!” Demyx stuttered as Zexion climbed in.

“You took him to the forest!” Fae said, looking stunned. She suddenly turned to Zexion, meeting his eyes with fierce cerulean.

“You damned well better not hurt him or you’ll be sorry,” she hissed. How could a thirteen year old be so threatening?

“Don’t worry,” he said softly, “I couldn’t do anything to him.” After one more warning glance, Fae retreated back to her own room to go to sleep, satisfied.

Demyx coughed.

“Er… would you mind if I stayed the night since it’s so late?” Zexion asked, going slightly red again.

Demyx grinned again, chuckling, “Of course not!”

“Thanks,” he said gratefully.

That night, as both curled up in each other’s arms, they felt whole, complete, and finally at peace. Two hearts, finally, after so long, mended and made whole again.

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