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Everyone gets to go home after a long tour, and what better gift on Christmas then getting to see your baby?

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(A.N I do not own any of the boys, or even the cookie recipie that I talk about in this, however I do own the dog and the girls, cept for Mia who owns herself.)

End Capter

The house like almost always smells amazing when you walk through the door, Gerard’s mitten covered hand in yours. “Peanut butter chocolate chip” he comments inhaling with a grin of approval. Mia takes a step out of the kitchen and fixes you with a glare. “Hello lovely sister in-law to be of mine” I smile and she rushes forward hugging us both. “You guys were gone for way to long. I have sooooo much to fill you in on!” Sensing the gossip fest that would be necessary later but now I smile grabbing her hand as well. “Mikeys out in the car waiting for you, he wants you to stay with him tonight,” I gently usher Gerard backwards and she slips out into the falling snow. “We will be back in the morning for Christmas!!!” she says waving and getting into the car. I close the door and turn to my boyfriend. “Alone at last” I smile. “For the first time in how many months?” he jokes pulling me in closer to him and kissing me. “Too many” I reply walk him backwards up the stairs.
“Damian!” I call and I hear an answering bark from the living room and then the sound of padded feet on the wood floor in the kitchen. He rushes to us and tackles Gerard to the ground. “Hey there” he laughs giddily scratching his ears and allowing Damien to thoroughly clean his face. He answered with a bark and tall wagging. I sit next to him on the stairs and pet stroke Damian’s fur. “You know, I think our family is quite nice” I smile look at both of the men in my life. Gerard nods and kisses my cheek. “You know what else?” I ask and he looks up at me. “What else?” he grins. “I think that maybe it could stand to be a little bigger” I smile and kiss Damian’s nose. “Well sure, what kind of dog this time? Or god forbid a cat? I told you Frank doesn’t like cats much and-““Babe I was thinking more like a baby” I smiled nervously and scratched Damien behind the ear. “Well yeah I guess a baby would be cool…wait…a baby?” he asks his rant finally dyeing. “Well yeah, I mean, you know what I mean right?” I asked sounding nervous, even to my own ears. “Were pregnant?” he asked his face suddenly lighting up.
“Well…yeah!” I smiled laughing. He looked shocked and pulled me to him kissing me with passion. “Wait a second” he pulls out his phone and dials a number “FRANK I’M GOING TO BE A DADDY!!!!!” he yelled and laughed. “OH MY GOD YOU ARE????!?” Frank sounded stunned and was yelling just like Gerard. ”YES REALLY” He screamed back and then looked at my face and saw the balking look of terror. “Oh um…yea so pass the news okay?” he asks and hangs up. “What’s wrong” he asks. “Our neighbors are sooooo calling the cops on us again” I sigh. “Let them I want to tell the world!” he looks at Damian “Do you want to be a brother?” he asks and Damian barks in reply. We both laugh. “Well it’s settled then isn’t it?” I ask and kiss him again. “Yes. I love you” he says kissing the back of my hand before placing a ring on my finger. I look at him with wide eyes “I love you too!!” I squeal and jump into his lap. “Merry Christmas!” Everyone shouts stepping out of the kitchen. I smile and lean my head on Gerard’s shoulder. “Merry Christmas” I reply.

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