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Were to young hate to love you.

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Chapter4:Were to young I hate to love you.

The last show of the night was almost like a dream. You were Back in Jersey, and playing at an amp theater in
your home town. It was amazing the people you saw as you and Daliha, Erin, Josh and Jake took the stage after
My Chem's set. And of course in the front were Mia, Brendan, Pete and Ryan. They were always at your home
shows for some reason. You played your hearts out for the people you love, and smiled until the last note faded
into a lost memory. You walked off stage and into the changing room, you hade one last set to play it was a combo
of My Chem and Bleeding Ballroom and the only show you hadn't had enough of. You had all decided to sing
Desert Song as a mix-it-up thing. You hurried into your red and black knee length dress that was all kind off
puffy placed the red head band in your black hair and touched up your makeup. You ran out on stage just in
time and took your place next to Gerard grabbing his hand and smiling. "This is it" you whisper "Daliha remember
that Frank has the opening cords and then you and finally Ray okay?" you asked as the lights turned on. With one
last smile at you Gerard let go of your hand and stepped out of the shadows that still hid you from sight.
We hold in our hearts the sword and the faith, swelled up from the rain clouds move like a wraith.
You took a deep breath and steeped into the bright red light.
Well after all we'll lie another day, and through it all we'll find some other way.
To carry on, through cartilage and fluid.
And did you come, to stare or wash away the blood.
Well tonight, well tonight will it ever come?
Spend the rest of your days, Rocking out just for the dead.
Well tonight well it ever come?
I can see you awake anytime in my head.
Did we all fall down? Did we all fall down? Did we all fall down? Did we all fall down?
From the lights to the pavement.
From the Ban to the floor. From back stage to the doctor.
From the van to the morgue, morgue, morgue, morgue.
Well tonight will it ever come, spend the rest of your days rocking out just for the dead,
We'll tonight, will it ever come.
I can see you awake anytime in my head.
All fall down.
Well after all.....

You smiled and walked off the stage with both of the bands and two sets of friends behind you. The clean-up
process took longer then it would normally have and you were so happy to get out of the crowded hair and makeup
room you jumped for joy and pulled out your cell phone. Gerard came out a few minuets after you and lit a cigarette.
"Hey sweetie do you want to call our baby and tell him of that well be home soon?" you asked happily and exited about
going home. "Yes dear I would love to talk to our baby" he said and you dialed your home number where Mia answered
"Hello, Way and Rodriguez residence" she was be polite and you smiled putting her on speaker. "Hey Mia could you get
Damien on the phone?" you asked. "Oh hey yeah sure hang on he's asleep in front of the TV again" she says and then you hear
the familiar sounds of Gerard and your baby. "Hey baby well be home soon sugar can't wait to see you!" you say and then hand
the phone to Gerard. "Well give you lots of peanut butter for being gone so long and you can sleep in our bed for a month" he says
and then you both say good night and hang up (okay so if you haven't guessed already Damien is the family dog ^^).
You smile at him and walk back into the building so that you can warm up. Gerard runs up behind
you and wraps you in a hug. "Were going home!!!" he says and then spins you around. You laugh and shiver at the same time.
He frowns taking his coat off and wrapping it around you before replacing his arms. "You know, most people aren't so nice
to there girlfriends" he looks at you "Only Frank" you say and he laughs at this "True". he states simply and then you walk
back into the building only to be rushed onto the Bleeding Ballroom bus for the ride home.
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