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The Nights almsot over and then it's back to me and you.

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Louder Now
Chapter3:The nights almost over and then it's back to me and you....
You wake up in a heavenly bliss. The man you love, and who loves you more then life, the world, and everything and
everyone on it, has his arms around you and his face safely tucked in the hair at the back of your neck. You smile and
snuggle into his side causing his arms to tighten their grip around you. Daliha walks into your part of the bus and sits
on the end of the bed. "So today's the last day of the tour right" she asks looking longingly at the picture of you Gerard,
Daliha and Brendan. "Yeah it's the last day and then we get a four-week break before rushing on tour again, only this
time it's My Chem, Bleeding Ballroom, The Used and Panic! At The Disco" you say as her eyes glowed with glee as she
thought about having Burt and Brendan on tour with you all again. "Yeah it will be cool, but I can't wait to get home"
she says looking at the photo again. "Go call Brendan and tell him the good news" you say and she winks at you before
walking away. You look down at Gerard he looks so cute when he sleeps, he's your personal dark angel, and you love him.
"Hey babe, it's time to get up" you whisper into his ear and kiss his forehead lightly. He whimpers a little before yawning
and sitting up. "morning my dear" you say and kiss him lightly they way he likes to woken up in the morning. "Do you
want the good news or the bad news first?" you ask and he smiles saying good. "Okay the good news is that today is the
last day on tour and by this time tomorrow well be home in our bed!" you say with a lot of enthusiasm. He smiles and
nods for the bad news. "The bad news is....I'm pregnant..." he looks at you with a blank expression and then faints .
You feel bad about this for the simple fact that that wasn't the real bad news. You shake him awake and he looks at you
"Gerard honey, we haven't had sex in three months I'm not pregnant, were out of coffee stuff" he smiles for a minuet
before screaming in mock horror about dieing from lack of coffee. "We are also outside of a Starbucks, right now waiting
for you to wake and go get us our coffee" you finish giggling as he glares at you.
~five minuets later~
Okay so you want a Caramel Cappuccino, and then a Peppermint Mocha, and last but not least seven vanilla lattes?"
he asks and you nod grabbing his hand and pulling him off the bus. You walk through the door and find the star bucks
practically empty. You walk to the counter order the caffeinated drinks and then after paying for them, walk back to the
bus. After passing out the drinks and getting comfy you all sit around, quietly sipping your drinks and staring at different
things. In yours and Gerard's cases, staring at each other. His eyes were telling you that he missed your time together, alone.
Your eyes agreeing with him and wishing you could do something about it. He looks out the window and then back at you.
You had finally reached his home town and were only 15min away from playing the last show of the Chemical Bleeding Ballroom tour.
You stand up and walk to the back of the bus and in to your bathroom. You dress in a dark blue shirt that says ' it's only fun when
don't know about it' and a pair of skin tight black jeans. You straighten your hair and put it in a rather high ponytail. You do your
makeup and then walk out the door to your room where you put on your black on black converses, and a black sweat shirt. When
you walk out the rest of your band looks at you and then rushes to get ready. Gerard looks at you to and you smile "Yes sugar you
have clothes on my bus there in my closet. You say and smiles a thank you before standing up and walking over to you. "Have I told
you how much I truly love you?" he asks and you smile as he kisses you. "Only every time you look at me, say my name, hold me in
your arms, kiss me and even just hold my hand."
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