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The Guys and the Girls.......

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Louder Now
Chapter2: The guys and the Girls, Who knew but you?

You walk down the steps to the backstage area. "Hey Gerard" you say as you walk up to him and the rest of My Chem. You kiss
him and then hug everyone else. "That was one of your best performances I think you've done in a while, and Daliha got the words
RIGHT!!!" Frank half yelled the Right at the end of the sentence. "Yeah I agree that was amazing" said Ray who had sat down a the
bar close to you. "Thanks guys but it wouldn't have been that great without you" smiling you wink at Bob who nods and starts
singing "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Frankie! Happy birthday to you!!!" you all sang, and
Frank realized it was his birthday. You grab his hand and walk back out on stage with your new LesPaul GT in hand. He looks
stunned as you walked him out to the middle of the stage and garbed your microphone. "Hey everybody, today is my tour mate
and best friend, Frank Iero's Birthday!! So I would like you to join me and, Gerard, Ray Bob, Daliha, Erin, Jake and Josh in singing Happy
Birthday to the birthday boy!" you laughed as his eyes got wide and he started smiling . "All right everyone sing with us please.
You put your microphone in its stand and then Gerard and Daliha joined you. "Frankie this is for you" you lead the entire stadium
in the singing of happy birthday, and then turned to Frank. "On behalf of the entire world we would like to wish you a happy fucking
birthday Frank Iero!"
~Later that night on the Bleeding Ballroom bus~
"Wow you guys, I mean I totally forgot that it was my birthday!" Frank was saying his voice slurring badly from all of the beer
and vodka he was drinking. "It's totally cool that you guys would do that!" he was giggling now, much like a girl you were sad to
admit. Gerard had been Smiling at you with complete love and admiration in his eyes. And you felt your stomach flipping as he
grabbed your hand and pulled you off the bus. "Were leaving in an hour do you want to sleep over?" he asks pointing at his bus.
You wrinkled your nose at the though of having to be on the My Chemical "We don't clean our messes up" Romance bus. You
shake your head and pull his face down to you "Will you stay over?" you ask and he nods completely captivated by just you in
general. You smile happily and kiss him with passion before wrapping your arms around his neck and burring your face in his
neck. Life on tour for the two of you is much different then life off tour, and you miss being at home in his arms almost all day,
and being with him wear ever he is when your not at home. Like when your working on albums or doing CD promotions at what
not. You shared a two bedroom house on the outskirts of New Jersey, next door to Daliha and Brendan. Mikey and Nia and, sometimes
Bob and Mia. You let him hug you to him like he would die without you, and to be honest you both probably would. You kiss his neck and
grab his hand leading him back onto the bus. A few minuets later all of the boys from My Chem except Gerard, left and you changed and fell
asleep in his arms.
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