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~Louder Now~
Ch:1 Intro and Bleeding Ballroom

You walk out on to the brightly lit stage and take a final bow. "Thank you all for being here I'd like to remind you
one last time we are Bleeding Ballroom but now it's time for me to introduce the main reason all of us are here,
everyone join me in welcoming MY.....Chemical......ROMANCE!!!!!" You scream the romance not that it matters
the crowd had gotten so loud you couldn't even hear yourself anymore. Your friend and boyfriend of six-months,
Gerard Way walked onto stage smiling at you. "Thanks Aud" whispered and you nodded walking off the stage
you would talk to him later. Ray and Frank walked up to you and gave you a hug "You guys did awesome!"
Frank says. "You say that every night" you giggle as he waits for Gerard to give the cue to go on stage. "And
we will say it every time you perform" Ray says laughing and then nodding as Gerard gives the cue." Good
luck, not that you need it!" you say and they nod and walk onto stage taking there spots you then you heard
the final comment before they played.
"Everyone give another round of applause, for our friends and one of our favorite bands
Bleeding Ballroom!" you loved to hear the crowd respond to your music, but hearing them roar
when My Chem was on stage, for you not them that's priceless. You smile and walk over to your cousin
and second guitar and vocals for your band "well that was successful" you say and she nods "Yeah but I messed
up the second chorus, Again!!!!" you both laugh at her short attention span. "Well on the bright side no one heard
you and if they did the probably thought that's just how we do it live" you say shrugging as you walk to the buffet
table. She nods and then walks over to Erin he's one of the two guys in your band, he plays drums and you
both act like children together. Needless to say, you bring out the best in each other but for Daliha, he's the big
brother who you can tell anything and he wont judge. Hell that's how he is to everyone. And if anyone asked
yes you need to be able to share things with out judgment, you maybe more then anyone of the others. It's true
that you've screwed up a bit, but you did it really bad a few times, so to have a support system was really good
for you. You decided to call it a night you had been up almost all night the night before and you were pooped,
so you said good nights and walked on to your bus, changed and went to bed with your cell right by your head
incase anything happened.
~The Next Day,6:30pm~
You walked out onto the stage ready to do your stuff and just let it all out yeah, this would be fun to day. You needed to release some tension and this was the best way to do it. "Hey, how is everyone tonight?" you asked the reply was a loud cheer and you knew that meant something around 'Just fine thanks'. Okay Were Bleeding Ballroom. I'm Audra, That's Daliha on guitar also, Erin on the drums, Josh Playing Bass and finally Jake on the keyboards, this song is called "So you Thought I Was Joking." the opening rift was played by Daliha and yourself. It was a semi-fats tune with her going one way up the scale and you the other and then you would switch and you would play your own parts and then do the scales again.
Were will this lead me?
I really don't know.
Were will things bring me?
It's time for the show.
So back all your bags.
There's no time for tears.
Life will always deal the hand.
But Death will lift you up.
Baby you'll never touch the ground(no you'll never touch).
Your hunger for her hangs in the air.
Thick and darkened with despair.
She'll only love on a dare.
My blood is your bounty.
You never will share.
And for a Millennia my tears will fall fresh.
There black liquor color will leave you refreshed.
And then you will see me like a star in your sky.
But buy then I'll be ready and willing to die
(more then willing to die, and yet you wonder why).
So fuck all this drama.
(what difference does it make)
I'll send it to hell.
(down babe down)
I'll scream it your mind.
And soon time will fly.
But the life you messed with will fall apart.
(No not apart, you wont make it fall apart)
And For a millennia My tears will fall fresh.
There black liquor color will leave you refreshed.
And the you will se me like a star in your sky.
But buy then I'll be ready and willing to die.
(More then willing to die, baby how could you wonder why?)x3
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