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Face it

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stop trying to avoid the truth

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“Oh my god your awake” Cami said as she clapped her hand over her mouth, Gerard smiled at her weakly.
“Who were you saying I love you to?” He said still smiling as the door opened and Mikey and Frank walked in.
“God me Gee who else?” Frank said as he bounded over to Gerard’s bed and climbed up on it beside him. Gerard smiled and patted Frank’s head laughing his eyes still resting on Cami whose face had gone slightly red.

“I’m gonna leave you guys alone for a bit, I need a shower I’ll be back in a few hours” Cami said quickly grabbing Blair’s stuff and making her escape. Frank and Mikey watched as Cami quickly left giving her and odd look then turning to Gerard.
“Ok spill did you guys fuck again?” Frank said bluntly causing Mikey to snort with laughter.
“No” Gerard said laughing. “I think she said I love you to me though” he said. “I mean she was waking up, but she was muttering my name in her sleep” he said with a shrug of his shoulders.
“So you gonna ask her out?” Mikey said as he sat at the foot of Gerard’s bed/

“I just got out of a relationship with a drug addict and alcoholic. I myself have relapsed in that time. The last thing I need is to pull Cami back into that drama. I mean she has enough on her plate with Blair and I don’t want to jeopardise our friendship” he said muttering the end.
Frank frowned at Gerard shaking his head.
“Gerard you need to make your move soon, god it’s obvious to everyone but you and Cami you were made for each other. I mean I’ve seen you two together before Blair and after it’s like she’s the catwoman to your batman” he said knowing Gerard would appreciate the comic book analogy.

“God you two need to get your shit together” Mikey said causing Gerard to look up. “I don’t see why you need to wait to be together.” Mikey said in annoyance. “I mean you’ve been to hell and back over the last 10 months. Just make the grand gesture” Mikey said with a slight scowl as Gerard smiled in amusement at Frank who was laughing.

“Just let sleeping dogs lie Mikey, I don’t want to bring up the past and neither does Cami” Gerard said with a sigh sitting up. “I’m always going to love Cami, I’m just afraid she doesn’t feel the same way about me.” He said with a sense of finality ending their conversation.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god” Cami mumbled to herself as she walked out of the hospital into the lazy sunshine of the early spring in New York City. She had called Jake and Adam asking them to watch Blair for the rest of the day; she’d called her mother’s driver to take Blair’s things to Julia’s apartment. Cami hailed a cab unsure of where she was going.
“Uh Washington Square Park” she muttered as the cab sped away from the hospital, Cami pulled her sunglasses from her bag slipping them onto her face as she gazed out at the skyscrapers of Manhattan. Minutes later the cab stopped, Cami threw some cash at the driver before getting out of the cab and setting off into the park. She wandered around for a while before sitting on a bench, she tilted her head back letting the sun wash over her face. Minutes passed when a shadow fell over Cami’s face. She frowned opening her eyes shocked to see who it was.

“Ollie?” she muttered.
“Hey Cami” he said smiling slightly before sitting beside her on the bench, she smiled a little ruefully at him.
“What brings you to New York? Aren’t you supposed to be at Stanford?” she said accusingly.
“I dropped out, I’m back here I’m working for the Warner Music Group, I’m an A&R for reprise records” he said smiling. Cami nodded.
“That’s great, I’m happy for you” she said truthfully as Ollie looked her up and down.

“So your a mom now?” he questioned, Cami nodded proudly pulling her wallet from her purse and showing the picture of Blair she carried around.
“Wow she’s beautiful like her mom” Ollie said causing Cami to chuckle. “Who’s the lucky guy?”
“Her dad is Gerard” she said simply as Ollie nodded.
“I figured as much, I saw the way he looked at you when we were together. He loves you a lot doesn’t he? When are you two tying the knot?” he asked looking at Cami as she shook her head.

“We aren’t together.” She said simply. “I mean we used to date but we haven’t in over 6 months” she said quickly. Ollie shook his head.

“If I learned one thing from our breakup it’s that Gerard would love you more than I ever would or could have. You’re making a big mistake by not being with him Cami, for yourself and for Blair. I mean why make yourself miserable for the sake of Blair living a normal life? She’s better off with you two together” Ollie said shaking his head. “You know as well as I do, you and Gerard have something special. I mean I could see it, his whole band could see it. Why can’t you two?” he said before getting up and walking away. Cami rolled her eyes she didn’t need a lecture from her ex about what she needed. She stood up and began to walk again through the park.

Cami walked into her mother’s lounge to see Jake asleep with his head in Adam’s lap as Blair slept in her carried peacefully,
“Thanks for watching her today” she said sitting on the other side of Adam as he watched TV.
“How was your day with Gerard?” Adam said with a knowing smile. Cami rolled her eyes at him as he chuckled softly to himself.
“God not you too, all I seem to hear is that Gerard and I should be together” she said with a huff folding her arms causing Adam to giggle.

“What and you disagree?” he said looking at Cami who shook her head.
“It’s...It’s complicated you know that. I mean he’s in hospital and he just got out of a relationship, he doesn’t need me putting the moves on him” she said with a sad sigh. Adam shook his head.

“Your wrong it’s exactly what he needs from you” he said seriously looking at Cami. “You need to go see him at the hospital and talk to him about his feelings and your okay?” he said a pained expression on his face. “He’s your soul-mate” Adam finished quietly. Cami nodded in agreement, honestly knowing nothing felt better than when she was with Gerard. Cami quickly went up to her old room, she rummaged through her closet finding a pair of grey skinny jeans, an iron maiden band tee along with a grey and black striped hoodie. She quickly showered doing her hair and make up and pulling on her red converses; when she walked into the lounge she caused Adam to smile.

“Go get him babe” he said encouragingly. Cami smiled walking out the door hailing a cab, telling it to take her directly to the hospital. Cami got there and slipped into the hospital unnoticed by doctors or nurses. She managed to make her way up to Gerard’s room sneaking past the nurses station as visiting hours had ended at 8:30 and it was now nearly 10:00 pm. She knocked gently.

“Come in” Gerard’s quiet voice called.
Cami took a deep breath and walked slowly into the room trying not to contemplaye what she was about to tell Gerard.

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