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With 8 seconds left in over time, he's on your mind....

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Dreaming always helps

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Cami sat watching Gerard in his hospital room, she heard the door opened and smiled when she saw Adam and Jake walk through with Blair in Jake’s arms.
“Blair Bear missed her mommy lots” Adam said as Cami took Blair from Jake’s arms hugging her tightly. Adam placed her diaper bag and carrier on the floor beside Cami’s chair taking a seat, while Jake sat on her other side.

“So how is he?” Jake said glancing at Gerard before looking at Cami.
“Uhh fine according to the doctors, I mean his heart stopped yesterday for some reason, Blood wasn’t pumping properly.” She said as she cooed lovingly at Blair and kissed her forehead gently.

“So how did he end up here anyway?” Adam questioned curiously sitting up yawning; running a hand through his already dishevelled hair.
“Uh they think Bert attacked him” Cami said with a yawn rubbing her eyes with the one hand she had free. Jake rested a hand on her shoulder squeezing it gently.

“You look tired hun, how bout we go get you a Frappuccino and some food too you look hungry” Jake said. Cami nodded smiling as Adam put the baby harness on Blair and slipped it on so she rested against his chest.

“Sleep and we will be back with food” Adam said kissing the top of Cami’s head gently. She nodded sleepily as her eyes fluttered shut as she was lulled to sleep by the sounds of the machines surrounding Gerard.

Cami opened her eyes to find herself in a white room. She looked at her surroundings to see a young girl sitting on the ground tapping a pair of drumsticks repeatedly to an unheard beat. Cami warily walked over to her resting a hand on her shoulder causing the young girl to turn and smile.

“Hi mom” the girl said shooting a smile so similar to her own. “Wow, both parents in the space of 48 hours” she said standing up brushing off the black skinny jeans she wore. Cami looked at her in confusion a look which Blair brushed off.
“Why am I here?” Cami questioned. “I didn’t die in my sleep, did I?” she said beginning to panic. Blair laughed linking arms with her mom.

“God no, you aren’t meant to die until I’m 35 or so” Blair said as they began to walk down the hallway connected to the white room. They stopped in front of a door. Cami turned towards Blair.
“You didn’t answer my question” Cami said getting annoyed causing Blair to giggle.
“God dad was so much easier to deal with” she said rolling her eyes “I’m here to make you see things more clearly” Blair said her hand resting on the door knob.

“See what?” Cami questioned as the door knob twisted under Blair’s hand as she opened the door.
“Your future mom and why you need to stay in New York City” she said as she walked through the door motioning for Cami to follow her, Cami followed her through the door reluctantly. She looked around at her surroundings confused by what she saw. They were in a living room; Cami walked over to the huge bay windows and looked out seeing the Hollywood sign.

“Who’s house is this?” Cami asked as Blair just smiled sadly, turning her head to look at the doorway as a lone figure stumbled in. Cami looked the woman up and down, she had messy blond hair and a tattered looking dress on. She watched as the woman threw her bag down onto the couch, stumbling over to the bar pulling a bottle of Vodka out and closing the cabinet twisting off the lid taking a big swig wiping her mouth on the back of her hand. The woman picked up the newspaper which lay on her coffee table. Cami moved closer to her looking at the woman.
It was her.

She looked at the newspaper that her blond self was looking at. She noticed the headline on it.


Cami looked at the photo which accompanied the headline and frowned the caption underneath the photo read Bride and Groom= Eliza Cuts& Gerard Way. She turned to Blair questioningly.
“When and if you return to L.A. dad’ gonna meet this woman Eliza, she’s a stylist or something” Blair said lighting a cigarette offering one to Cami who shook her head. “She yoko ono-ed MCR singlehandedly. She monopolized dad’s time and turned him against everyone and everyone against him” she said with disgust. “When you found out he was getting married, you turned self destructive, began to drink more and self medicate with an old Wellbutrin prescription you stole from grandma” she said quietly as they watched a future vision of Cami drink herself into a stupor.

“I don’t want to see this anymore” Cami said tears welling up in her eyes. Blair nodded understandingly taking her mother’s hand leading her to the door and opening it, stepping through it together. Cami stood there looking around, realising she was in a hotel room. She looked at the stationary which rested on the coffee table by the couch in front of the Plasma screen TV. She picked it up reading it.

The Waldorf Astoria

“Why are we at the Waldorf?” Cami asked Blair as the door opened from the connecting ensuite and Gerard walked in with a fluffy white towel wrapped around his waist. She watched as Gerard sat on the edge of his bed with a sigh picking up his cell phone, she watched as he dialled someone before holding the phone to his ear.

“Hey Cami it’s me, god I know your mad at me for not telling you I’m getting married to Eli. Shit I didn’t know photographers would be outside Maxwell’s” he said running a hand anxiously through his hair,

“Truth is I didn’t ask her to marry me, she’s forcing me into it” he said with a miserable sigh. “ I don’t want to get married to her, I really don’t. I mean there are a million reasons why. The only one though that makes any sense to me is that I still love you. I’ve always loved you, from the moment I met you on that tour bus 3 years ago.” He said his voice cracking as he choked back a sob. “Please call me when you get this. I need you” he said before hanging up. Cami felt a tear roll silently down her cheek and an arm wrap itself around her shoulders. She looked at Blair who looked as upset as she did.

“He loves you mom. He always will you just have to let him. Stop running away from what makes you two. Meet it head on and fight like hell to keep it.” Blair said fiercely. “Cause if you don’t one day your going to wake up miserable and bitter like that lady we saw before and I know you aren’t her” Blair said as she stood in front of Cami clutching her shoulders. “Go make things right” she whispered in Cami’s ear pulling her into a hug. Cami closed her eyes as tears poured from them, she slowly felt Blair dissolve from her as everything went back to black.

“I love you” Cami murmured as her eyes fluttered open gently.
“What did you just say?” a nearby voice said. Cami looked up her jaw dropping slightly.
Gerard was awake.

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