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crossing over

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Gerard’s eyelids slowly opened. He looked around him; he was standing in a white hallway smelling strangely of antiseptic. He scanned his surroundings spotting a girl sitting on a chair a cigarette in one hand. The girl was strangely familiar to him, he walked towards her resting a hand on her shoulder causing her to turn around.

“Cami?” he questioned looking at the girl. The girl shook her head smirking at him, he looked at her eyes, the realisation dawning on him suddenly.
“Blair” she said smiling and standing. “I assume your my dad” Blair said looking Gerard up and down. Gerard nodded simply.
“Yeah” he mumbled surprised at who he was looking at. Blair couldn’t be more than 16 or 17, she looked exactly like Cami did now. “Am I dead?” he questioned overwhelmed ever so slightly by his surroundings.
“Not exactly, your in a limbo of sorts, Your dead but your also not” the 17yr old version of Blair said a confused look settling upon her face
“Then what are you?” Gerard said looking at his daughter.
“A vision, a figment of your imagination, a spirit guide. I’m whatever you want me to be dad” she said with a smile causing Gerard to chuckle. She took Gerard’s hand in hers pulling him over to one of the many doors that lined the doorway. She twisted the door knob opening the door.

Gerard stared in shock at what he saw. He lay on a bed surrounded by a team of medical professionals. He clutched at his chest as he watched them try to shock his heart back to life. He felt a hand rest on his shoulder and turned to se Blair standing beside him.
“Lets not watch this, It’s not important as to why I’m here” Blair said pulling Gerard away from the doorway and closing the door. “You see, it’s your choice whether or not you decide to return” Blair said as they walked down the hall together. “ I’m merely here to show you how your decision may affect those whom you love” Blair finished stopping in front of another door. This door had a nameplate beside it. Mikey it read.
Gerard looked at it curiously before turning to Blair.

“Do I go in?” Gerard said managing not to stutter out of fear. Blair rolled her eyes.
“You want to see what happens to uncle Mikey don’t you?” Blair questioned him. Gerard nodded slowly twisting the door knob on the door. The door opened to another quiet hall way, Gerard stepped through followed by Blair. She began to make her way down the hallway, Gerard followed her as she seemed to know where she was going she finally stopped in front of another doorway. Gerard looked around, people were passing him. They looked like Doctors and Nurses to him.
“Where are we Blair?” Gerard said trying not to freak out.
“Bellevue Hospital Centre, Psych Ward” she said staring through the glass of the door that was in front of them.
“Why are we here?” Gerard asked trying to make some sense of why they were in the Psych ward at Bellevue.

“Take a look for yourself” she replied. Gerard looked through the glass tentatively; he saw a forlorn figure sitting on a bed. The light gone from once bright happy eyes, the figure had their head bowed. They looked up suddenly staring through Gerard and Blair with seemingly dead cold eyes.

“Mikey” Gerard mumbled staring at the broken man before him.
“After you died, Mikey was distraught. He became depressed unable to deal with the loss of you, dad. He lost everything the band, his wife, his livelihood. It culminated in his mental breakdown and he ended up in here” she said quietly watching as a tear rolled silently down Gerard’s cheek as he rested a hand against the window in the door.
“My god” he mumbled unable to stop the tears from flowing freely down his cheeks.

“You’re the person who keeps him sane, the guy he admires most” Blair continued quietly staring up at her dad. She took his hand in hers squeezing it. “He would never admit it, but he needs you to survive dad” she finished looking up at him. She tugged on his arm dragging him to another door and opening it. An alley revealed itself to Blair and Gerard; they stepped into it closing the door behind them.

“There’s no one here” Gerard said as Blair raised a finger to silence him, he shot her a small look before turning his head to see two figures further up the alley. Gerard and Blair walked towards them slowly stopping about a meter away from them. Gerard looked at one of the guys he had a mess of black hair underneath a ratty old Black Flag hoodie, The guy pulled his hood back to reveal a shining lip ring in addition to a nose ring.
“Frank” Gerard breathed glancing at Blair who nodded, He watched as Frank pulled a wad of cash from the pocket of his hoodie only to hand it to the other man who handed him 2 baggies of white powder.

“Drugs?” Gerard questioned looking at Frank who ignored him putting the baggies in his pocket.
“China White Heroin and Cocaine.” Blair responded. “After your death, he turned to drugs as a way to escape. If he doesn’t stop soon he’s going to die of an overdose” Blair said taking his hand and pulling him over to a door in the wall from one of the buildings which helped formed the alley. She opened the door pushing Gerard through following him in.

“This looks like a staff room” Gerard said causing Blair to nod in agreement.
“It’s where Ray works” she said with a smile.
“So Ray’s okay?” Gerard said a smile spreading across his lips. Blair shook her head sadly.

“Not exactly” she said and as if on cue Ray walked into the room. Gerard followed him with his eyes as he stopped at a locker opening it and pulling out a bottle of whisley taking a long swig from it.

“Ray’s an alcoholic” she said simply as Gerard’s jaw dropped slightly in shock as he watched Ray guzzle down the rest of the bottle down. He stared as he threw it in the trashcan stumbling slightly out of the room.

“Can we go?” Gerard asked. Blair nodded leading him over to a door marked exit and opening it. They entered the new place closing the door behind them. Bob sat at a mixing desk, messing with knobs and dials pushing them up and down.

“At least Bob is still in music” Gerard muttered causing Blair to shake her head, the door from which the came in burst open.

“Bryar!” A woman in dark blue overalls scolded. “We’re here to clean not mess with the equipment” she scowled at him before storming out and a reluctant Bob following her.
“Bob couldn’t bear to play with any other band after you died, he moved back to Chicago and the only job he managed to get was one for a cleaning company which clean music studios.” Blair said with a tone of pity shaking her head. She rested her hand on Gerard’s arm and tugged on it again.

“Come on we have one more stop” she said pulling him back over to the door, Gerard opened it and stepped through not bothering this time to take notice of his surroundings.
“Look down” Blair said. Gerard glanced down to see a tombstone. He looked around noticing he was in a graveyard.

“Where are we?” Gerard said staring at Blair.
“Cypress Hill Cemetery Brooklyn New York City” she said quietly looking down at the tombstone, she pulled 2 white roses from her pocket placing one each on two graves which lay side by side.
“Who do we know here?” Gerard asked curiously. Blair pointed to the tombstones. Gerard looked at them reading them for the first time.

Cameron Ashlee Walker
Loving Mother, Daughter and Friend
She will be missed dearly, RIP Cami

Gerard felt his legs tremble below him as they gave way he fell to his knees, his head buried in his hand trying to stop the tears from flowing but failing miserably.
“A week after you died mom committed suicide. She shot herself in the head, Jake and Adam discovered her body in her bedroom at Grandma’s penthouse’ she said her voice laced with sadness. Gerard looked up at Blair.

“Who was the other rose for?” he said choking on a sob.
“You dad” Cami said sitting on the ground beside him and pointing at the tombstone beside Cami’s. Gerard’s face paled considerably as he saw it. He looked at Blair then looked away, a bright light was appearing in the far off distance.
“It’s not too late dad. You can change this” Blair whispered quietly. Gerard looked at the light then again at Blair.
“Will I ever see you again?” he asked quietly.

“Maybe” Blair responded with a smile. “Why don’t you go back and find out?” she said giving him a gentle nudge. Gerard stood and began to walk towards the bright light, he cast one last glance at Blair who smiled at him warmly before letting the light envelop his form.

“We got him!” A man yelled as Gerard’s heart rate returned beeping steadily and surely. Cami watched through the window as the doctors double checked to make sure everything was okay with Gerard before exiting his room. Cami suddenly felt someone standing beside her she looked up and saw Mikey with red eyes. She pulled him into her, hugging him tightly.
“I’m sorry” Mikey mumbled into her shoulder as Cami patted his back gently.
“It’s okay you were upset” Cami said as they broke apart watching Gerard through the window.
“He’s stronger than we know” Mikey said quietly as they walked into his room together each taking a chair and watching Gerard quietly.
“I know he’ll make it” Cami whispered quietly continuing to watch Gerard’s unconscious form.

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