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Rescuing Reeve

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Reeve is in need of help when he is kidnapped. Vincent fronts the mission to find him Some chapters have adult content.

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“I asked for your aid old friend. I seem to do this and it should be my turn to repay that one day.” Reeve sat in the bar with Vincent as Tifa cleared their older mugs away.

“I think I’ll enjoy this particular one.” Vincent smirked. “What time and where?”

“The old munitions base at midnight. The contact tells me they will only hand the data to a neutral party. They can’t be seen to deal with ShinRa.”

Vincent chuckled, he was made of that bloody company but his soft spot for the charismatic Reeve led him back there long after he’d left. Reeve finished his coffee, one of the many, and stood up putting his hand on Vincent’s shoulder as he left. He walked out without another word and stepped into the sports car on the main road outside.

Tifa looked to Vincent, a look of curiosity on her face. Was Vincent going to drag Cloud into another war? Vincent stood up, put the mugs on the counter and shook his head to say no. Whenever Reeve ended up near him it was trouble for someone. The head of Urban Development really did have a job and a half however trying to help repair the company’s name with Rufus could hardly be easy.

“Anything you want to tell me Vincent?” Tifa asked softly.

“I’m going to get Reeve some information on a group interested in assassinating Rufus.” Vincent looked to her. “Normally the Turks get to enjoy this but Reeve thinks it’s a deserter and they would know their faces too well.”

“Be careful Vincent.” Tifa nodded and heard the chime go above the door as he left.

Vincent headed back to his apartment and took up Cerberus before flexing his fingers out and adjusting the clawed gauntlet. He was off to see a contact to hear about killing Rufus and it didn’t take long to find the place Reeve was talking about. He slid down the fence, found a hole and scrambled through.

The ex-employee of ShinRa was a contact to Reeve but that didn’t he wanted to be seen talking openly with him. He looked at the strange immortal nervously. Vincent kept a safe distance as he looked around the area and finally decided there was no ambush before he moved forwards.

“Who are you?”

“I could ask the same.” Vincent said in his deep voice. “Reeve sent me.”

“Well.” A portfolio was handed out. “I had to write it shorthand. Copying the files might have alerted someone.” The nervous hand pulled back as Vincent took it.

“It’s for Reeve to decode not me.” Vincent nodded. “Were you followed?”

“It’s possible but I haven’t spotted anyone along the way.” The informant said honestly.

“Make sure it’s the same when you leave.” And with that Vincent left the grounds and got ready to go back home. Reeve would expect him in 7th Heaven the following day.

The ex-Turk headed into the bar the next day and Tifa wasn’t there, Cloud put down a cup of coffee and looked at him as Vincent nodded that he was okay. The blond went back to cleaning glasses as Vincent idly played with the report on the table.

“When is your friend due?” Cloud asked him two hours later as he refilled his cup.

“An hour ago, it’s not like Reeve to be late for anything.” Vincent told his good friend. “I better call him.”

Strife stopped him as he spotted the familiar sight of blue suits through the windows as they headed to the door. Vincent looked up but did not get Reeve. Instead Reno walked in followed a few seconds later by Rude.

“Vincent you might have noticed it’s gone to the dogs.” Rude said sitting down. “Reno’s going too…”

“Explain after he gets a beer.” Reno interrupted and leant over to the fridge behind the beer and undid the lid before putting some gil down and blowing a kiss at Cloud. “Tseng and Rufus are out of town.”

“And this interests me because?” Vincent’s cold expression remained unchanged.

Reno slid down on the chair and looked around satisfied only Strife and Vincent would hear what he had to say. He put the familiar EMR on the table and took a mouthful of the beer before setting it down too. Rude sat patiently beside his partner.

“We got the intelligence wrong Vince.” Reno said.

“Vincent.” The immortal corrected him.

“Yo, sorry,” Reno slouched in his seat and looked at him, “we got the wrong target. This ex-employee sold duff info. It’s not Rufus they were after.”

“It was Reeve.” Rude concluded. “He was taken shortly before your meeting over at that depot.”

“What?” Vincent had to admit that he was confused. “Why take Reeve?”

“Rufus had a clear policy about his own kidnapping. Regardless of cost any kidnappers would be found and killed. The company would pass to Reeve if he should meet an untimely death.” Reno looked at Vincent, the raven-haired mans expression did not change. “Now if Reeve goes and then they get Rufus there isn’t anyone else as experienced.”

“You know that isn’t true.” Vincent looked to the redhead. “Tseng and you breathe ShinRa but either way it’s not wise to leave Rufus open to that trouble and Reeve should be found.”

“We’re asking for your help Vincent.” Reno said bluntly. “Tseng has to keep Rufus safe and I’ve sent Elena to aid him.”

“I see.” Vincent looked at them both. Neither Turk was lying and Reno’s usual cocky grin was vacant which meant he was serious. “What can you tell me?”

“You have it all in that portfolio.” Reno pointed to the gauntlet covering the notes Vincent had. “I can get you anything you need but I can’t be seen or they’ll know we are aware of the change of target.” Reno explained.

“Just give me some cure material and some ether. I’ll read the file and see. Do you have anyone that can decode shorthand?”

“I can.” Reno slipped his bracer from his wrist and handed the materia over. Rude would have them covered if it was needed. “We’ll find our way to yours. We can hardly all leave together now can we?”

Vincent nodded and left the file for the cocky Turk. He headed back to his apartment and turned on the news to see if there were any signs of forthcoming trouble. Hearing his phone beep he read the text from Cloud. The blond had offered up his help but not in front of ShinRa, it made Vincent smirk as he closed the phone.

Reno knocked at the door early that night as it was getting dark. He’d come without Rude and apart from the permanent fixture of his goggles wore no suit. Instead he had baggy black jeans and a loose hooded top.

“Well?” Vincent handed him a glass of red wine.

“Reading the file there’s not a massive amount to go by.” He sat down at the table with the notes and took a sip. “The ex-employee was from RND I think. Rufus was on one of his budget cuts and laid several exec’s off and this guy was one. He took a dislike to being cut out.”

“Any reason he went?” Vincent asked watching the redhead.

“Just the newest arrival so less redundancy and all…” Reno slid a picture over towards Vincent. The man was in his mid-forties with dark hair and brown eyes. “Nothing too amazing about him I know but that’s the guy.”

“Well he got past you.” Vincent looked at him. “Which you should consider amazing or are you underestimating yourself Ren-kun?” Reno flushed a little and looked into his glass of wine. He found Vincent to be quite bunt, the compliment was well received. The Turk looked up at him with a smile.

“Cute come on Vincent but I got to get home.” He stood up and finished his drink. “Yo, Vincent… another time right?”

“If you think that much of yourself maybe I should test it myself.” Vincent said letting out a soft chuckle.

“Well I’ll agree to a romp if you find ole Reevie boy.” Reno said heading out and diving into his car.

Vincent went back to his drink and looked at the report. Reno had given him the employees last address and new work place. Vincent opted to get to the old house first and then to head to the listed warehouse.

Reno watched from the end of the street and sent the e-mail to Tseng to update him before driving back to the office. There was no point in going home; he wasn’t going to sleep until Reeve Tuesti was safely back where he belonged.
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