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Chapter Two

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More clues to help find Reeve? Vincent drops in to get Cloud to cheer him up.

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Vincent headed to the block of apartments and up the stairs. Cerberus was firmly fixed to his hand as he rounded the fifth floor. For Vincent moving silently had never been a problem he slid to the doorway unheard and undid the lock. The apartment was a mess and Vincent heard movement.

He strode to the door and kicked it open. Struggling tied and bound in the bath sat Cait Sith. Vincent rather unceremoniously ripped the tape from his mouth.

“Oh thank heaven’s laddie.” The cat gasped. “They are talking about taking Reeve someone has to warn him.”

“We’re already too late.” Vincent finished untying him. “How long have you been stuck here?”

“Long enough to know that the old exec is not the only one involved. There’s a group of disgruntled people planning to take down Reeve and then if that succeeds probably President ShinRa.”

“Cait Sith,” Vincent heard movement, “go, go back to mine and call Reno.”

“Aye.” The energetic robot nodded.

“If I find out you are anything but on the level Reeve will not be putting you together again.” Vincent pointed out before kicking the door open on the newcomer.

Vincent came face to face with a burley looking punk who levelled his gun at him. Vincent raised an eyebrow before lowering his eyes down to Cerberus. The punk looked at him and strode back a couple of steps. Cait Sith bounded past and down the stairs before he took a step to one side and listened for the inevitable body to fall down.

“Where is he?” Vincent didn’t move to his gun.

“Who the?” the punk looked around, “I was just told to finish off the cat.”

“The cat is a robot, shooting him would be pointless. Where is he?”

“I just get a call and told where to go.” The punk kept his gun levelled though Vincent detected a slight nervous twitch.

“Mmm… not enough.” Vincent moved like lightening. He took on practised shot from Cerberus emptying the chamber and depositing the bullet through one side of his skull into the brain. Vincent searched for the guys’ phone and took his bike keys for good measure before dragging him into the flat and locking the door on the way out.

“I told you to go.” He said passing Cait Sith. “Don’t worry I will find Reeve.”

“Okay laddie.” Caith Sith headed out and Vincent went to find Cloud. He needed a drink and he was going to make his next move after that.

“It’s kind of late.” Cloud said already half-undressed. He wore a pair of slacks and everything else had been left in the bedroom where Tifa slept soundly. “Do I need to wake her?”

“No it’s fine.” Vincent looked at him. “I have everything I need right here.”

Cloud smiled and locked up again before getting them both a drink and he sat down on the table in front of Vincent’s chair. He let Vincent tell him the details and what he had so far.

Cloud looked at him with a smile and moved the beer to one side before running his hand down Vincent’s cheek and leaning forwards to kiss him. Vincent relaxed against him. The soft tongue rolled into his mouth and Cloud offered no resistance. The two of them were hardly secret about their liaisons and Tifa had walked in on them many times.

Vincent wasted no time in pulling the dark trousers open and freeing Cloud’s erection to the air. He wanted to enjoy his time with him and Cloud wasn’t about to say no. The blond slid along the edge of the table, his foot coming to rest on Vincent’s trousers.

“Open.” Cloud muttered between kisses.

Vincent’s cloak slid to the floor and he undid the belt and leather trousers as Cloud eagerly moved his bare foot over the opening and slid it inside. Vincent’s erection was forming nicely and responded to the soft touch from Cloud’s toes. Vincent let out a sigh of pleasure and moved his hand up Cloud’s leg. Cloud smiled softly and shifted his thigh so the darker haired immortal could get closer to him.

Vincent’s hand ran over his lovers’ impressive length, he bit the end of his glove to slide it off his hand and then placed the warm flesh to the hot organ. Vincent’s fingers gripped the shaft and Cloud let out a moan of desire, which only urged the older man on further. Cloud’s foot continued to rub over and across his partners’ erection with a slightly hazy look in his eyes.

“Want you…” Vincent murmured to him as he shuddered with each movement.

Cloud’s kisses turned more passionate as he thought of Vincent hard inside him, filling him and claiming him. His foot moved over the dampening head of Vincent’s erection and Vincent in turn pumped up and down the blonde’s to bring him to hard-and-needy-life.

“Fuck me Vincent…” Cloud panted as he slid onto his lap.

Vincent found that the only time Cloud was talkative was in moments of passion, not that he minded he liked the soft voice. Vincent’s hand searched his trousers until he found a packet of lube that had been left in there for some reason he had yet to remember. Probably the chance occasion such as now…

Cloud took the lube and ran it around Vincent’s cock, hardly interrupting their kiss as their tongues searched out one another’s. Vincent’s heart was thundering in his chest as he jerked in response and his cock twitched around Cloud’s fingers as they were dancing over the veins and slicking him up.

Vincent took the last of the liquid and put it on his fingers as his other hand slid Cloud’s trousers down and around his knees. His fingers searched into the tight hole of his lover and Cloud let out a sensual deep moan that only spurred him on further. Vincent’s fingers toyed with him; both men watched a moment as their cock’s rubbed against one another.

Vincent felt the resistance from Cloud’s hole slacken and moved his fingers before sliding forward on the chair and up into him. Cloud let out his breath and relaxed as he felt his lovers cock slide through the ring of muscle and finally deep into him. He whispered Vincent’s name unashamedly begging for more as his feet rested on the bottom run around the chair they shared.

Cloud began to set the pace as he rose against Vincent’s hard cock and it slid up and down the tight walls. Vincent let a low growl of pleasure out as he worked with him, his hands around the ex-Soldiers waist pulling and pushing with him. Sweet release had to come to one of them and he wanted it to be Cloud first. Cloud ripped the immortals top open and sucked at his nipple as Vincent shifted on the chair to get deeper.

“Fuck good…” Cloud Strife mumbled against his bare flesh and his cock bobbed against the immortals belly, rubbing in such a pleasurable way that he wriggled around on Vincent trying to get a better position for it.

Vincent moved one of his hands to slide it up and down the blond’s attentive cock. Pre-cum dribbled from the slit and Vincent’s thumb dipped into it, he grasped lightly at the shaft and began to run up and down it. Vincent’s cock was throbbing into the tight walls of Cloud’s ass and he was sweating as they fucked each other passionately. Cloud shuddered against him as he felt a wave of pleasure run into his stomach that tightened in a delightful way.

“Yes Vincent... harder!” Cloud shuddered against him as his hand joined Vincent’s.

Vincent shifted his legs apart a little more and leant up against Cloud to kiss him again. Cloud moved his feet and rocked harder on him, his ass tightened and Vincent slid back from the kiss as Cloud’s sticky fluid came in a gush over his chest. Cloud growled his name and Vincent shuddered as he was clamped by the tight walls. Cloud kept riding him, desperate to feel him inside him and rocked until he felt Vincent’s breath change.

Vincent’s body tightened as his cock twitched into the tight tunnel and finally he steeled his jaw and grunted as he spent into the blond. Cloud’s body shook in pleasure as they kissed again and Cloud slid free of him. Vincent took up the rest of his drink and Cloud collected their clothes.

“Come and see Tifa… she’s bound to be awake now.” Cloud smirked and headed upstairs.

Vincent locked up and turned the last low light off before finding a cloth to clean up the worst of the mess on his chest and silent as the grave he followed them up the stairs.

Cloud let Vincent out the next morning without another word. If Reeve was to be found then Vincent would be the one to do it. He knew him well enough that if he left any clues Cloud just hoped Vincent didn’t end up caught in yet another Shinra affair.

Vincent’s next stop was the warehouse but he called Reno as he headed back out to find the bike he’d taken the keys for earlier. Reno had been pacing the floor impatiently since Cait Sith had contacted him.


“It’s Vincent.”

“Kinda guessed their buddy.” Reno played with the pen in his hand. “Any news?”

“You didn’t upset just one executive.”

“We upset a lot of people.” Reno sighed. “So can you find Reeve?”

“Working on it.” Vincent started the bike up. “Anything new for me?”

“He has a tracer on him that we were able to track it down. It’s down at an old office in Midgar. I think it could be a pointless distraction because they may have found it on him. Do you want me to go and check it out?”

“Mmm…” Vincent had to think. “No I’d like to check in case they’ve got someone there waiting.”

“Okay shall I check the warehouse?”

“No, actually would you fly us out? Your bird might distract them from me.”

“Sure. It’s a good trip out.” Reno hung up after getting a location for Vincent’s whereabouts. At least the redhead would get to feel busy. Vincent waited patiently and watched as over the skyline a whirling set of blades carried Reno’s helicopter over to him. Reno waited as Vincent slid the door in and gracefully moved into the co-pilots seat.

“How long will it take?” Vincent watched Reno’s hands move over the instrument panel. His fingers seemed as familiar with that as a pianist with the keys.

“About an hour or so.” Reno flipped his headset on and put on the music. “Next stop Midgar ruins, thank you for choosing ShinRa airlines…”

“Do you ever get bored of stupid jokes like that?”

“That would be a no.” Reno nodded.

“I wasn’t aware that they still employed the mentally deficient to fly and lead Turks.” Vincent quipped.

“Ya they pay us to wipe Rufus’ ass too.” Reno laughed.
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