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The cousin/Road to reality

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The loveable animated family comes back with a new member "Darren griffin" With his uncontrolable voice of reason and wacky antics, meanwhile Stewie and Brian are trapped in a reality all of it's own.

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The cousin/Road to reality

Chris: Why does Cousin Darren have to stay with us?

Meg: Yeah mom you know that he’s crazy.

Lois looks back,

Lois: Megan that’s a terrible thing to say, your cousin isn’t crazy.

Peter: Yeah kids, he just fell off the bandwagon too many times.

Lois gives him a dagger look.

Peter: What remember when I fell off the bandwagon?

Peter wakes up on the ground.

Suddenly he sees Chris martin.

Chris martin: Come on peter.

A piano starts to play.

Peter and Chris fly into the sky.

Chris martin: And birds go flying at the speed of sound to show you how it all began.

Lois: I still hope Brian can take care of Stewie, Stewies been acting so strangely lately.

Meanwhile at the griffin home.

Stewie removes the sheet.

Stewie: Behold! , My greatest invention.

Brian: So it’s your virtual reality chamber.

Stewie: Yes but I modified it to enter video games.

Brian: You have a lot of spare time don’t you?

Stewie: Yes , and no way to spend it, so do you want to test it?

Brian: fifty bucks and admit you’re a homicidal little moron and I’m in.

Stewie and Brian sit down and put on their goggles.

Stewie: Ready?

Brian: Ready as I’ll ever be.

Stewie flips the switch.

And then…….ZAP!

Later at the airport.

Darren: Hello Lois and the fat man.

Peter points at Chris.

Peter: Neh heh heh heh, He called you fat.

Darren looks at Meg and Chris.

Darren: Aloha, Megan Mcnobody, and the christinator.

Darren talks to himself.

Darren: Shut up, I don’t care if you think aunt Lois is hot.

Lois laughs awkwardly.

Lois: Well nice to see you too.

Meg: I told you he was crazy.

Lois whispers.

Lois: Shut up meg.

Peter: Well come on lets go, oh and Darren if you take pictures of me tanning again and try to post them on the internet, ill kill you got it.

Darren: Got it tubbagoo.
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