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Where Angels Burn

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The team finds a new Mew when they’re warned by Ryou to be on the look out…and it’s Zakuro who finds her at a Deathwish concert! A secret forbidden love forms between new Mew and one of the a...

Category: Tokyo Mew Mew - Rating: G - Genres: Drama,Fantasy,Romance - Published: 2008-10-23 - Updated: 2008-10-24 - 528 words

Ryou walked out from the kitchen to interrupt the girls as they cleaned up from another busy day. “I wish we had another girl to work. I mean, it just gets to be a jungle here!” Ichigo was exclaiming to Mint. “And it doesn’t help that you’re always drinking tea instead of helping!”

“Girls!” Ryou motioned them to follow him into the basement.

“What’s up?” Zakuro’s voice broke the rhythm Kiichiro was pounding out by typing at a large computer.

“This is ‘what’s up’,” Ryou supplied, pointing at the screen. “A new Mew power has awakened, and our radar picked it up it’s activity. Whoever it is hasn’t done anything with it yet, she probably doesn’t know what it is, much less how to use it.”

“Well, where is she?” Ichigo asked. “Maybe we can find her.”

“It’s not that easy,” Kiichiro cut in. “Her status keeps changing. She’s moving all over Japan rapidly, not staying in one city for more than a few hours, and her powers keep fading then returning, then fading again. It’s hard to keep tabs on her.”

“Moving all over Japan? Rapidly?” Mint asked.

“Maybe she can fly!” Pudding cried.

“If we can’t do anything about her now though, then why are we here? I have a Deathwish concert to get to,” Zakuro said. Mint’s eyes watered with admiration for the wolf girl. Her taste of music is so cool! And going to concerts of said cool music is even cooler!

“Just keep an eye out. Dismissed!” Ryou ordered.

Zakuro handed her ticket to the bouncer to be scanned and headed straight to the front where the best spot for action unfolded: the mosh area. She wasn’t one for wildly jumping and thrashing at other people, but she danced around those metalheads. Finally after three warm-up bands, Deathwish took stage. The lead singer-slash-guitarist had long hair lose to her knees in a shade of blonde it was almost a silvery white. For this certain show she had decided to don a pair of fuzzy white fox ears punched with rings mismatched in size and a tail. How cute, she could almost pass for Zakuro’s cousin. If those were real. Her outfit was stunning, a gothic black corset leotard with red velvet roses and thigh-high black boots, with garters attaching them to the leotard. Her “tail” hung down to her knees, ending where her hair did and wagged with the movement of her walk. Or headbanging, which she was fond of. Over her hands were armwarmers made of black leather with red silk underneath the cross ties of red ribbon that started at the first knuckle of each finger like biker gloves and covered her arm almost to her shoulders, where leather straps like the garters on her legs connected to the sleeveless leotard. Her long nails—almost claws—were painted a vicious red, like the color of her lips. Red glittery eyeshadow decorated the lid of her eye over the crest to her eyebrows.

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