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You & Me

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Cami and Gerard discuss their future, Frank has a suprise as does Gerard.

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“Cami hey” Gerard said sitting up and smiling tiredly at Cami.
“Uh can we talk Gerard?” Cami said walking over to his bed. Gerard nodded quietly patting his bed. Cami crawled up beside Gerard.
“Look just let me say what I have to say before you interrupt otherwise I’ll never get everything out in the open otherwise” she spoke as Gerard nodded slowly.

Cami took a deep breath before she began to talk. “Look the moment I left you when I found out I was pregnant I knew I’d already made a big mistake. What I didn’t know was what I was losing, what possibilities I was missing out on with you being around. If I had not taken away the pregnancy experience from you I know our relationship would have grown and we would have become closer. Instead I chose to forgo that, I think in truth the real reason I did it was that I was afraid of a real relationship. I saw how much you cared and I don’t know why but it scared me. But I realised when I heard you were in hospital, that kind of relationship with you no longer scares me” she said pausing; taking a breath.

“Look I’m not saying I want you to marry me and I’m not saying I want us to live together. I just want to give our relationship another shot. It’s a risk I’m willing to take with you because I love you Gerard and I want to be with you and only you now” she said quietly. She felt Gerard’s arm wrap around her and pull her closer to his body. She felt his soft lips press against her forehead.

“I love you too” he said quietly. “But I can’t do what you’re asking me to do. I can’t be with you right now” he said a tear silently rolling down his pale cheek.
“This past year has been crazy, I’ve gotten divorced, met you, had sex with you, gotten you pregnant, been left by you on more than 1 occasion and dated Bert, been beaten by him and ended up in hospital twice. And amongst all that I’ve managed to relapse” he said struggling to get the words out.

“Look it’s not that I don’t want to be with you, I’d love it if I could; but I’m afraid right now I can’t be that guy for you. I need to sort my own life out before I get involved with anyone else’s with the exception of Blair’s. “ he said as he held Cami tightly to him. She nodded her head as tears ran down her cheeks. “I want to be that guy you fell in love with and I’m not him right now. I need to fix that” he said as Cami broke away from him.
“I gottta go” she said distractedly getting up off Gerard’s bed and making her way to the door.
“Cami!” Gerard called from the bed causing Cami to stop in her tracks and look at him.

“I’m sorry” he said hanging his head.

“So am I” she whispered before walking out of the room.

“Your a moron” Bob said as he sat listening to Gerard re-tell what Cami had said to him only hours ago. “You don’t just shoot a girl down like that when she tells you she loves you, especially if you have a kid together” Bob said sternly as Gerard hung his head again.
“But I get where your coming from, you need to fix yourself before you can begin to think about anyone other than yourself or Blair” Bob finished as Frank walked in carrying a small bundle in his arms. Gerard and Bob looked curiously at Frank who looked ghostly.
“What’s wrong Frankie?” Gerard said looking at the small bundle which moved slightly in Frank’s arms.

“I have a son” he said quietly. Gerard and Bob looked at Frank in confusion.
“But Jamia hasn’t been pregnant. Has she?” he asked Bob. “Please tell me I haven’t been so out of it these past 6 months I didn’t notice that” he said to Bob who chuckled slightly.
“He’s not Jamia’s baby. He’s my ex Roxi’s son, mine too” he said making his way over to Gerard.
“Uh how is that possible?” Bob said. “You’ve been broken up with Roxi for a year and dating Jamia for the same time not to mention your engaged to her.”

“Uh she found out she was already 3 months pregnant when we broke up. Jay here is only 3 months old, he was born in novemeber” Frank said as he let Gerard hold him.
“So where’s Roxi then?” he asked as Frank’s face fell. “She died over a week ago, Drunk Driver hit her while she was walking back from her mom’s.” He said quietly.
“What’s Jamia think of this whole situation?” Bob asked.

“Surprisingly she’s okay with it, she’s more mad at Roxi for keeping Jay from me, she actually said she’d adopt Jay when we get married on Halloween” he said with a small grin.
“Wait you guys set a date?” Gerard said smiling broadly. “Finally” he said.
“Yeah and we want you all in the wedding. “ Frank said smiling broadly at Gerard and Bob. “We want Cami to be apart of the wedding too, is she here?” Frank enquired looking at Gerard. Gerard shot a nervous glance at Bob who shook his head.

“Cami left a few hours ago, after I told her I couldn’t be with her” he said hanging his head again, Frank sighed shaking his head as Bob took a hold of Jay in his arms.
“God when are you guys ever going to work shit out?” Frank asked exasperatedly.
“I don’t know” Gerard exclaimed. “Look I need to sort out me first before I can begin to think about being with anybody else. It’s not that I don’t love Cami it’s that I want to be at my best when I finally can be with her” he said as Mikey and Ray entered the room holding Starbucks handing one out to everyone.

“What’s going on?” Ray said as he sipped at his coffee smiling at little Jay in Bob’s arms. “Who’s that little guy?” he asked no one in particular.
“Frank’s son” Mikey answered as he sipped his coffee. Frank looked at him in confusion.
“How did you know?” Frank asked looking confused.
“Well as far as I know Cami didn’t have twins and well he looks like you” Mikey said boredly.
“Well Gerard screwed things up with Cami again” Frank said eager to get the spotlight off himself, Mikey rolled his eyes at Gerard and sipped his coffee.

“Isn’t that getting a little old Gee?” he questioned looking at Gerard with a sympathetic look.
“God you can’t even begin to understand how bad I feel for telling her I can’t be with her” Gerard shot back defensively at Mikey.

“Hey it’s okay you don’t need to get defensive” Mikey said quietly as Gerard sat up a bit.

“I’m sorry it’s just I finally came to a conclusion a few moments ago and I want to tell you guys but I don’t know how your going to take it.” Gerard said uneasily as all the guys looked at him.

“Just tell us Gerard we wont judge” Ray said smiling sympathetically. Gerard took a deep breath before exhaling.

“I’m checking into Rehab”

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