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Make ups and a wedding! Final Chapter

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“You beat those drums!” Jake yelled as he stood next to Cami as they watched Adam’s band play at CBGB’s. Cami laughed as she watched Jake’s face shining with excitement, she laughed as the band finished their set to an overexcited crowd.

Cami laughed as Jake ran at Adam jumping into his arms kissing him.
“God your behaving like a groupie” Cami said as she hitched Blair up cradling her more in her arms. Jake laughed as Adam let him down gently.

“He’s my own personal groupie” Adam said kissing Jake again a smirk playing on his lips.
“Eww” Cami said as they walked into the back room as the rest of the band were packing up and leaving, Cami took a seat beside Jake as he rested his tired head on her shoulder.
“So you talked to him lately?” Adam asked as he stripped off his sweat drenched shirt and pulling on a fresh one. Cami looked up at him shaking her head.
“No not really, I only talk to him when he comes and picks Blair up for her weekends with him. I mean he doesn’t want to talk about the past 12 weeks in rehab” She said “And well we aren’t what we used to be” she finished calmly as she concentrated on Blair.
“I think you should go and talk to him” Adam said sticking his drum sticks in the back pocket of his skinny jeans.

Cami shook her head. “He doesn’t want to talk I’m not going to force him, besides I said I’d go to mom and dad’s after your show” she said rolling her eyes. “I can’t believe they are getting married again” she said laughing slightly and grabbing Blair’s diaper bag on her shoulder before walking out of the club and getting into a cab with Adam and Jake. Cami rested her head against the window not listening as Jake gave the cab driver directions. A few minutes later she felt the cab stop and looked out the window, realising where she was she shook her head.
“No, I meant to be at mom and dad’s” she said turning to frown at Jake and Adam who sat with smiles on their faces.

“So they know your not coming. Besides you’re like one of the guys it’s not like they’ll notice, besides we’re coming in with you” Jake said as Adam stepped out of the cab and they looked up at the old townhouse in the middle of Brooklyn.
“But he’s going to be here” Cami whined slightly as Jake took Blair from her arms cradling her gently.

“So?” Adam said as he casually walked up to the door of the townhouse, he knocked hearing the misfits blaring from the lounge, a slightly dishevelled looking Frank answered the door wearing a princess crown and a feather boa.
“You made it” he slurred slightly stumbling forward and throwing his arms around Cami’s neck planting a sloppy kiss on her cheek.

“Yes I know, it’s your bachelor party” she said as Mikey appeared behind him smiling holding a beer in his hand, he smiled handing his beer off to Adam then taking Blair from Jake.
“I’ll put her upstairs with Jay” he said smiling at Cami and taking her diaper bag from her.
“He’s in the lounge with the rest of the guys” he whispered in her ear, before wandering off upstairs as Adam sipped on the beer slipping his arm around Jake’s waist leading the way into the living room greeted by a chorus of rowdy boys. Jake and Adam took a seat in one of the stuffed armchairs as Cami looked around the room, her gaze settling on Gerard who simply nodded at her. Cami wandered over to the couch sitting between Frank and Bob who were playing Halo.
“You suck Frankie” Bob said killing Frank for the 5th time that hour, Frankie hiccupped struggling to sit up straight.

“S’not fair,’m drunk...” he said shoving Bob weakly who laughed. Cami smiled at the two affectionately as she felt someone staring at her from the corner of her eye, she turned and saw Gerard quickly look away. She sighed getting up.
“I’m making coffee anyone want one?” she asked standing up.
“Frankie needs some desperately” Mikey said entering the room handing Jake and Ray another beer each.

“Anyone else?” Cami questioned before standing up. No one said anything turning their attention back to the game on the screen. Cami wandered into Mikey’s kitchen opening the cupboard pulling out a bag of coffee beans and putting them in the machine. She listened as the machine crunched the beans, a sound which was soon accompanied by footsteps. She looked up at the doorway and saw Gerard.

“Hey” he mumbled wandering over to the sink filling his glass up again with water and taking a sip, keeping his eyes firmly on the tap.
“Why won’t you talk to me?” Cami said looking up at him suddenly as she added water to the coffee machine as it began to hiss and make the coffee. She watched as Gerard stood awkwardly looking at his converse clad feet.
“It’s weird” he mumbled. “I mean I spent three months in rehab and all I could think about was you and how I screwed up” he said quietly looking up at her. “Look I can’t change what has happened between us. I just want to fix things” he said taking her hand and holding it softly in his.

“Things aren’t meant to end like this between us” he said lifting Cami’s face so she would look at him. She looked at his eyes seeing the sincerity in them, the sadness, the pain, the hope. She felt her arms unconsciously wrap around Gerard’s neck pulling him close to her. She let her lips crash softly onto his; she felt the surprise in his kiss and felt her own lips turn upwards in a smile as he got into the kiss himself. A few moments later she felt Gerard pull away and rest his forehead breathless against hers.

“God do we know what we are getting ourselves into this time?” Cami said grinning.
“I know I do” Gerard said a smile dancing on his lips as Cami chuckled softly to herself, she felt Gerard wrap his arms around her waist as her arms remained firmly locked around his neck.
“I love you” whispered Cami staring up at Gerard.
“I love you too” he said planting a gentle kiss on her forehead before pulling away. “Lets go back and join the others” he said taking her hand in his.
“Sounds like a plan” Cami said smiling and following him out of the kitchen and back to their friends.

“By the power vested in me I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride” The priest said as Frank’s lips crashed onto Jamia’s. Cami clapped as she held Jay and Blair on her lap together, she glanced at Gerard who smiled back at her causing her to blush. She smiled as Jami and Frank walked towards her taking baby Jay and continuing to walk back down the aisle with Jamia as she cooed lovingly at her newly adopted son. Gerard walked over to Cami taking Blair from her kissing her cheek as Kyan and Julia walked up hand in hand.
“That was beautiful wasn’t it?” Julia said smiling at them, before taking Blair from Gerard and kissing Blair gently on the forehead.

“Indeed it was” Cami said slipping her hand into Gerard’s as Kyan smiled at them.
“It’s our turn next” He said grinning at Julia who smiled back lovingly.
“Christmas Eve” she said squealing excitedly, Cami laughed at her Mom before they walked away taking Blair’s diaper bag as they were watching her for the weekend. Cami watched them with Gerard as they walked away before turning to Gerard.

“Lets go for a walk” he murmured as they walked away from where the ceremony was being held and through the gardens Frank and Jamia had chosen for their wedding. They reached a small park bench beside a beautiful lake surrounded by ghostly looking willow trees. They sat down on the bench still holding hands looking at the lake before them.
“That was a beautiful ceremony, wasn’t it?” Gerard questioned Cami who nodded. “How would you like one of your own?” she heard Gerard ask. Cami looked at Gerard in confusion as he stood up getting down on one knee.

“Marry me?” he asked a nervous look on his face. Cami smiled down at him.
“Yes” she said tugging Gerard to a standing position her lips colliding onto his, she felt the last warm rays of the sun shining on them. Cami grinned as they pulled apart her hand slipping into Gerard’s.
“I’m sorry I didn’t have a ring” Gerard said apologetically to her, Cami smiled shaking her head.
“It’s doesn’t matter, I only need you” she said squeezing his hand gently as they walked off towards the reception and their future.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: /Thanks to everyone who read this fic, Im hoping you loved reading it as much as I loved writing it. I might wait a while before I post up the spin-off to it or I may not end up posting the spin off. Either way it’s sitting here on my computer waiting to be used, thank you for reading again your interest means the world to me.
Thanks for reading.


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