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Chapter 44

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Love me! Its two chapters in one whole day!

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Patrick woke up the next morning with someone talking into his ear. An arm was around his waist, and a head was resting on his shoulder. It was Pete. He had fallen asleep like that last night after Patrick sang him to sleep.

"Let him go." Pete mumbled.

Patrick knew Pete was dreaming.

"You can't.....Stop. Stop it. Stop it! Stop it!"

"Pete, wake up. Its just a dream. Wake up." Patrick whispered, putting his fingers through Pete's dark hair.

Pete jolted awake and buried his head into Patrick shoulder. "They won't leave me alone Patrick."

"Who won't?" Patrick asked in a calming voice.

"The dreams. They keep coming back. I can't go one night without them. Not one fucking night."

"Its gonna be ok, Pete. They can't go on forever." Patrick questioned his statement, but kept it to himself.

The two of them eventually got up and got dressed and went out to find the rest of the posse. Joe, Andy and Ryan were all upstairs sleeping in Andy's room on the floor. The TV was on and Starwars was playing.

"WAKE UP!" Pete yelled as he stepped into the room.

Patrick was a bit alarmed by Pete's demanding tone, but somehow, found it sexy.

"WE'RE GOING INTO TOWN TODAY! GET UP!" Pete yelled again, this time grabbing a pillow and hitting Andy's sleeping body with it.

Andy grunted and threw the blanket back over his head.

"They've forced me to go into plan B." Pete mumbled. He then picked up a small baseball bat in the corner of the room and lifted it above his head. With one smooth swing, it hit the TV.

Andy and Joe jolted up. "OK! We're awake!" Joe pleaded, praying that Pete wouldn't kill they're TV.

"K. Get Ryan up and come downstairs. We're all leaving in fifteen minutes." Pete replied, dropping the bat on the ground.

"Where exactly are we going?" Patrick asked, as the two of them left the room.

Pete shrugged. "I'm not really sure yet."

When Andy, Joe and Ryan finally came downstairs, Pete and Patrick were waiting for them at the door.

"Lets go. Chop chop, you sissys!" Pete was starting to sound more of like a drill sargent than anything else.

"Where are we going!?" Andy hollered back.

"To get coffee, soldier! Now drop and give me twenty!"

Andy rolled his eyes and walked out the door with Joe and Ryan following.

"Come boyfriend. We must travel to distant lands to retrieve what we need most. Coffee."

Patrick giggled and followed his boyfriend out to the van.

When everyone was packed into the van, Pete drove them to the nearest Starbucks for they're coffee fix.

Everyone hopped out of the van and skipped/ran/walked/hopped inside.

"Yeah, i'll have a large mocha frappuchino with whip cream please." Pete said to the girl at the cash register.

"Sure. What will the rest of you have?"

While everyone ordered, Ryan took a look around the room. Suddenly, his eyes caught the most beautiful pair of brown eyes he had ever seen. The man looked back at Ryan and smiled. Ryan smiled back.

"Sir? Excuse me, sir?" Ryan snapped back to relality.

"What? Oh sorry, i'll have a Caramel iced coffee please."

"Someone got a crush?" Pete whispered into his ear.

"What? No. Of corse not!"

Pete shrugged and walked across the room.

Ryan was suprised when he saw Pete talking to the young man Ryan had been staring at for all this time.

To his suprise, the man came walking back over with Pete, and sat down at the table with everyone else.

"This is my friend Ryan. He likes long walks on the beach, rock music, and flirting." Pete introduced the two of them. Ryan gave him a glare, then looked back to the new gentlemen.

"Hey Ryan. I'm Brendon!" He said cheerfully, putting out a hand for Ryan to shake.

"Hey." Ryan said in awe, taking the mans hand.

"I love Paramore. Thos guys are amazing!" Brendon cheered.

"Huh? Paramore?" Ryan questioned.

"Your shirt, silly. It has Paramore on it." Brendon corrected.

"Oh! Right, sorry. Yeah, I love those guys! So i'm guessing your into rock?" Ryan was starting to like this guy alot more than he had bargained for.
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