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Chapter 43

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After Patrick finished swearing....Alot. Him and Pete went into his bedroom to lay down and "rest". Ryan, Joe and Andy found themselves comfortable on the livingroom couch, having conversations about clowns, Starwars, and english bulldogs.

"I think Darth Vader should have won, don't you? I mean, c'mon! He's got the force!" Joe hollered as he waved his arms back and forth in the air like a mad man.

"Hell no!" Ryan and Andy yelled in unison.

"Yeah Darth Vader is cool, but what about Luke? Hes got the moves, my friend. Plus, hes got Yoda on his side. You cant lose with a green little person on your side!" Andy defended, as Ryan nodded in agreement.

"What? Are you guys totally forgetting about Hawn? The movie would be nothin' without him! I mean, he is the one that flew them to victory! He practically saved Luke!" Ryan replied, suddenly becoming a Starwars fan himself.

"No, no! You guys have it all wrong..."

Pete and Patrick were listening from they're bed in Patrick's room. The both of them were giggling at how absurd it was to fight about such things.

"Dude, the movie would be nothin' without Hawn." Pete said in a dull, surfer dude voice, immitating Ryan.

Patricl laughed. " Darth vader is cool, but what about Luke. He's got the moves!" Patrick replied, immitating Andy's comment.

They both laughed until tears were rolling down they're cheeks.

"Hey Patrick..."

Patrick wiped a tear from his eye and replied "Yeah?"


Patrick tilted his head in confusion. "What is it?"

"DoyouthinkitwouldbetotallyweirdifisaidthatIlovedyou?" Pete said quickly.

"Huh- uh, wha- what? Excuse me? I didn't catch that." Patrick was wondering what was going on in Pete's head.

Pete sighed. "Patrick, I love you."

Patrick felt like his heart stopped.

"I love you to." He answered almost immediately.

Pete smiled. "Really?"

Patrick laughed.

Petes smile faded. "Ok if that was a joke it wasn't very nice."

Patrick shook his head. "No no, im just laughing because your questioning the fact that I love you. I mean, we've been through so much together. How could I not love you?"

"Your right! I'm pretty fucking lovable aren't it!? IM A FUCKIN' LOVE MACHINE, BABY!" Pete yelled loudly.

Patrick giggled.

Ryan, Joe and Andy went quiet in the next room.

"Um, do you think they're...." Joe didn't want to really know.

"Yeah, I think...." Andy added.

"Uh...Do you guys wanna go somewhere else?" Ryan suggested.

Joe and Andy nodded, the the three friends fled upstairs.
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