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Chapter 42

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sneaky sneakyyyyyy!

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Patrick nearly jumped for joy when he heard the exciting news. Not only was he tired of being stuck in a single room with no windows, but being in there twice in a row was just enough to drive him crazy.

"How did you get them?" He asked, wanted to know all the details.

Pete shrugged. "I'm pretty sneaky. I sorta just grabbed them when he wasn't looking."

Patrick smiled and signaled for everyone else. The three other boys came closer, wondering what was going on.

"We're gonna get out of here." Pete whispered, dangling the keys in front of they're faces.

Ryan face lit up. "When did you get those?"

"More importantly, how did you manage to get them?" Andy added.

"Can we just save the details for later and get the hell out of here now?" Pete asked in an annoyed tone.

Everyone nodded in agreement and went towards the door. Pete put the key in the lock, and heard a soft clicking noise. The keys had worked.
They opened the door and left the old room behind once and for all. Hopefully, that was. Being in this very situation once before left it very easy for them to find they're way out. It took them no longer than a few minutes to find they're way out of the building.

"Thank god!!" Joe yelled loudly just as they made they're exited.

"Shhhh!" They all shushed and Joe shut his mouth.

"We're pretty lucky to escape that place twice with all of us still alive." Andy sighed as he walked next to Ryan.

"Yeah, barely." Pete replied, more seriously.

Patrick barely smiled at the comment. He wrapped his arm around Pete's waist, and rested his head on his shoulder.

"How are you feeling?" Pete asked him.

Patrick shrugged. "Fine i guess. Kinda hungry...."

"We have to get you home." Pete responded immediately. He began walking faster, with Patricks hand in his own.

"Slow down, i'm ok." Patrick said, trying to slow him down.

"No your not, Patrick. If you don't get home soon and drink the blend, your not going to be able to control yourself. I know how it is. Walk faster."

Patrick let himself be pulled along by Pete, while everyone followed some distance behind. The walk home was fast since the two of them were walking a hundred miles an hour. When they got inside, Pete ran for the kitchen and started throwing things into the blender.

"It's done!" Patrick heard Pete yell from the other room.

He walked into the kitchen, and found a glass starring him into the face.

"Drink." Pete said sternly, holding the glass out for Patrick to take.

"Ok, ok. Does it taste-"

"Don't think about it. Your not going to like it the first few times." Pete responded.

Patrick took the glass and sniffed the contence. "Ugh. Thats so nasty!"

"Try and think about drinking something good...Like chocolate milk!"

"I hate chocolate milk." Patrick said as he glarred at the drink.

"Oh, sorry. Think about.....A mocha frappuchino with double shot of espresso, topped with whip cream, topped with mocha drizzle, topped with chocolate sprinkles, topped with a cherry, topped with-"

"Ok Pete! I get it." Patrick interupted.

"I'll try to imagine that im drinking coffee. Here it goes..." Patrick quickly drank the entire glass. He was beginning to think it wasnt so bad...Really, it wasn't horrible...It just...Oh...Oh wait....OH GOD!

"In three, two, one." Pete counted down to Patricks pukefest. He was right on time.

"Jesus christ, Pete! That was discusting. You cant make me drink that shit again." Patrick said, wiping the puke off his chin.

"You have to, silly." Pete replied as he began to wipe up the vomit off of the floor with a paper towel.

"If you dont, bad things will happen." He said, trying to make his voice sound as creepy as possible.

Patrick just made a face and crossed his arms while Pete made another drink.

"Here you go, sunshine. Enjoy." Pete smiled and handed his friend the tall glass.

Before taking a drink, Patrick said "Your going to pay for this."

This time, he didn't puke, he just simply made a bunch of unpleasant faces and said alot of unpleasant things.

I know that its taking me awhile to post chapters up here, and I apologize. I will continue to finish this story because I know there are still a few people who are interested in it. Do you ever write a story and read it like, a year later and realize how bad of a job you did? Thats how I feel about this story. Im hoping next time I put up another story on here it will be more planned out.
Hey, thanks to anybody whos still reading this. It amazes me how your still entertained my all my random stories.
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