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Now and Forever

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"Christ! You're becoming just as much of a diva as the one you're marrying!"

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the chapter so many of you have been waiting for; the wedding. The next chapter will get steamy -wink-

gotta love the honeymoon. But for now, enjoy the marriage. It took me forever to come up with something so it's kind of sucky because my great idea got limited due to the fact that I decided to make it Christmas xD

xoxo Tabi

((Title comes from "Finale/reprise" from NBC. I thought it was a suiting song))


"Frankie!" Gerard called with frustration as Frank swung a leg over the railing of the stairs in an attempt to slide down; making it about half way before falling onto the floor with a loud 'thud'. "Are you ok?!" Gerard asked, rubbing his head with his hands as he walked down the stairs.

"This house is really slippery!" Frank said through laughter as he laid on his back, staring at the ceiling. He was used to getting hurt so pain wasn't a major concern of his.

"You're not supposed to slide down the railing dumbass." Gerard said, walking up to Frank and reaching a hand down to him to help him up. "Its purpose is to prevent you from falling over the side."

"Will you stop violating my house?!" Mikey said, walking out of the kitchen with coffee.

"It loves me!" Frank said with a smile, overly hyper since it was about 9 am.

"Least something does." Mikey said with a smile, Gerard laughing then hitting Mikey gently. "Merry Christmas Eve." Mikey told them, walking to the couch and sitting down; clutching his coffee close to him like it was his precious.

"Tree!" Frank chimed as he suddenly remembered the date. "Where's your tree and mistletoe and decorations?!"

"You want to calm that?" Ray asked, yawning as he walked down the stairs and rubbing his eyes.

"Calm what?" Gerard asked with a smile.

"That." Ray said as he walked past Frank and pointed before going to sit by Mikey.

"It's impossible." Gerard said, sitting on the other side of Mikey who was sitting cross-legged on the couch and quietly drinking his coffee. "Trust me, I've tried."

"It's Christmas Eve and you don't have a tree or mistletoe or decorations!" Frank exclaimed, falling onto Gerard's lap when Gerard was sitting. "That's horrible!"

"Not the top of my list." Mikey mumbled, sipping on his coffee some more; eyes half open. "What time are we leaving?"

"Leaving?!" Frank suddenly yelled out, looking to Gerard with confusion. Mikey moaned at Frank's volume and Ray covered his ears with his hands.

"Calm down." Gerard told Frank, leaning his head against Frank's body. "Change in plans. Don't worry."

"But today we're supposed to be married!" Frank whined, a little upset that he wasn't told.

"Trust me babe." Gerard said, holding him tightly and Frank's head fell onto Gerard's shoulder. "I'm leaving with Ray at noon, you all leave here around seven." Gerard told Mikey and Frank whined some more, feeling left out. "Wanna take a shower with me before I leave?" He asked Frank who instantly shot up, smiling widely. "Then get up and in there."

Frank got off Gerard and ran up the stairs, overly hyper for his own good. "He needs ridilin." Ray said, taking his hands off his ears and sighing slight relief that Frank was gone.

"He's just excited." Gerard said, pulling himself off the couch and stretching a bit. "Everything set?"

"Pretty much." Mikey said, taking Gerard's spot on the couch so he could get more comfortable. "Not exactly like you wanted detail wise but the best that could be done last minute."

"Good." Gerard said, starting towards the stairs. "Start getting ready soon Ray. We need to be out of here as fast as possible." Ray made some sort of moaning noise for understanding as Gerard went to join Frank in the bathroom.


~6 45 pm

"You look fine." Mikey told Frank, making sure Frank's suit had no wrinkles.

"Fine?!" Frank half whined. "That's not good enough!"

"Perfect!" Mikey exclaimed with frustration. "You look perfect!" He rolled his eyes and smoothed out Frank's sleeves. "Christ! You're becoming just as much of a diva as the one you're marrying!"

"Ride's here so hurry it up!" Bob called from the bottom of the stairs.

"Go on." Mikey said, deciding that trying to straighten Frank any more would defeat the purpose of the evening. "You couldn't look better."

"Where am I going?" Frank asked in a last attempt to get information while he and Mikey walked down the stairs.

"You'll see." Mikey said with a smile, opening the door to reveal a limo. "See you there." He hugged Frank who stared with astonishment as his eyes rested on the shiny sleek black limo before him. The chauffer stood by the back door, white gloved hands resting in front of him. He half bowed to Frank then opened the door while Mikey shut the one to the house.

"Please hurry Mr. Iero." The chauffer said with a smile. "You are expected." Frank nodded blankly, still staring in astonishment. He walked towards the limo as the chauffer opened the door, handing him a black rose with a long stem which had a card tied to it with a red ribbon. Frank climbed in the limo; sitting on one of the strips of tan leather seating as the chauffer shut the door then got into the driver's seat and pulling the car away from the house.

Carefully, Frank untied the card and unfolded it, reading the printed type by the dim lightening in the limo. Like a dozen roses was all the note said and Frank smiled as he set it on the seat next to him; clutching the rose tightly in his hands. It was the perfect rose. There were many black petals bursting from the center like it had just blossomed. The greenish-brown stem was about the length of Frank's arm and it had been stripped of its thorns.

The car ride wasn't too long and when the car stopped, Frank wondered where he was. The chauffer opened the door and Frank climbed out. "For you, sir." He said, handing Frank another black rose with a note. Frank pulled the note off and read it. I'll end my days with you "Have a pleasant evening." The chauffer said with a smile, bowing slightly again.

"Where exactly am I?" Frank asked, holding two roses now.

"I'm not at liberty to say." He said, getting back into the driver's seat and pulling away. Before Frank stood a building with a few steps leading to two doors. There was no sign or any form of identification to the building; but there was a trail of black petals on the ground so Frank figured it was for him to follow. Walking towards the door, Frank saw another rose on the ground, a note tied neatly to its stem. He bent down and picked it up, unfolding the note to read. You are my sunshine Frank stuck the rose in his hand with the other two and opened the doors; seeing a red carpet leading to stairs before him. The black petals ran along the red carpet and around a small table in the middle which held another rose.

Walking to the table, Frank lifted the rose and read its note My only sunshine Collecting that one, Frank walked around the table and saw the petals led to a set of marble steps. Frank still had no idea where he was but he knew Gerard was behind it all and he felt like crying with joy. On the railing of the stairs was yet another rose with a note. You make me happy Holding the five roses in one hand, Frank walked up the stairs to find two doors which led back outside; a rose in the handles. Carefully, Frank slid the rose out and added it to his collection; savoring the note like he had the others. When skies are gray

Frank pushed the doors open to find himself back outside; as he expected. He seemed to be in some sort of garden now but as he looked around he noticed it wasn't outside at all because it wasn't cold and he couldn't see the sky. It was an indoor garden. Candles now lined his path of petals to help him see because it was pretty dark. He took about five steps to find a rose on the ground again. You'll never know dear Now with seven roses, Frank continued down the path to find another rose on the ground. How much I love youReaching the middle of the indoor garden, Frank came upon a fountain of two angels; a rose resting on the rim. So please don't take

Nine roses clutched tightly in his hand, Frank walked around the fountain and followed the path of candles and petals to find, no longer to his surprise, a rose on the ground. My sunshine away Ten roses, five in each hand, Frank ended up at two doors again. A rose rested between the handles, just like one had prior to his entering the indoor garden, and he crammed all the roses into one hand so he could take it out. Baby all I want for Christmas Frank opened the doors and instantly started crying.

He was in a large ballroom of some sort. The rose path led right to the other side of the room where Gerard stood, hands resting gently before him as he smiled at Frank. "Is you." Gerard said softly to Frank. Behind Gerard was what Frank was assumed was a minister. Ray stood next to Gerard while Mikey and Bob stood on the other side. Frank knelt down and smiled as he set the roses on the ground, wiping his eyes as he continued to cry.

Gerard reached an arm out towards Frank, a black rose held in his hand, and Frank walked down the petals to him, taking the rose and then his hand as he tried to stop crying. "The garden was as close as I could get to the beach in the middle of winter." Gerard said quietly, smiling at Frank.

"It's perfect." Frank said back to him, wiping his eyes and sniffling as he stopped the tears. "So fucking perfect."

"Are we ready?" The minister asked with a smile and Frank nodded, Gerard taking Frank's other hand into his now as he stared warmly into his eyes. "We are here tonight to join in matrimony, Mr. Frank Iero and Mr. Gerard Way." Gerard smiled at Frank who mirrored it just as warmly. "Do you Frank, promise to love, respect, and cherish Gerard, and be his true and faithful husband, for as long as you both shall live?"

"I do." Frank said softly, not taking his eyes off Gerard's. Everything they had gone through seemed to melt away as Frank's eyes were locked to Gerard's which shone with love and warmth.

"And do you Gerard, promise to love, respect, and cherish Frank, to be his true and faithful husband, for as long as you both shall live?"

"You bet I fucking do." Gerard said and Frank laughed slightly, the others joining in softly a moment later.

"If anyone knows of any reason why these two should not be joined in marriage, speak now or forever hold your peace." The minister waited a moment; obviously no one would be saying anything because it was just the five of them and they wanted nothing more than to see Frank and Gerard happy. "An exchanging of vows."

Gerard took a deep breath before starting, knowing that Frank probably wasn't thinking of them. "Frankie, since the moment I saw you I knew we were meant to be. I've never loved anyone more than I love you; and that love grows more and more with every passing day. You're the greatest gift God, if he or she exists, has ever given me." Frank smiled as he fought back more tears. "Each moment we were apart felt like I was slowly dying and the pain we've gone through has only brought us closer together. We're not like Romeo and Juliet or Jack and Sally; we're just a couple of demolition lovers." Gerard took a hand from Frank's to wipe away the few tears that escaped Frank's eyes.

"And you." The minister said, turning to Frank.

"There's nowhere I'd rather be than in your arms because the love you give me is all I need to survive. I was lost and you were my light. When I felt dead, you were my life. The only time I feel happy is when I'm near you; when I hear your sweet voice. I love you with all my soul Gerard and you can count on me ending my days with you." Frank said, trying to come up with something off the top of his head. Gerard had to wipe his own eyes and Ray turned away for a moment to calm himself. Frank could hear Mikey from behind him softly crying into what he assumed was Bob's shoulder. The minister waited for everyone to be settled again before continuing.

"Now, the rings."

Gerard let go of Frank's hand to turn and Ray who gave him a small golden ring, Mikey tapping Frank's shoulder to give him one as well. Gerard took Frank's hand, sliding the ring on his finger while still smiling widely. Once the golden band was on his finger, Frank gently took Gerard's hand and slid a ring on his. "Forever and ever." Gerard whispered and Frank nodded, their eyes meeting once again.

"In the eyes of God, family, and friends, by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you as Mr. and Mr. Iero-Way." Frank was so happy that in a twisted way he felt like he was going to be sick. Gerard, on the verge of crying himself, pulled Frank close to him then pressed their lips together; fitting perfectly like the last pieces of a puzzle. Dry eyes didn't last long as everyone, except the minister who was used to it, started crying very lightly. No one thought they would make it this far.

"Alright;" Ray said, a little laughter in his voice. "Save it for the bedroom." Frank and Gerard pulled apart since it was getting a bit graphic and laughed a little themselves; holding hands so tightly they almost lost circulation.

"Come on Frank Iero-Way." Gerard said, holding Frank's hand tightly still as he led him to a door to the side, everyone (except the minister who went home) following.

"I'll go anywhere with you, Gerard Iero-Way." Frank said as he was dragged off. When Gerard opened the door, Frank felt like crying all over again. It was a large room, decorated like any reception of a wedding. At the tables sat all of Gerard's family, some friends, and the best part in Frank's eyes, his mother.

"Mr. and Mr. Iero-Way." Ray called out, heading to the small stage where he grabbed a guitar. Everyone stood and clapped, Gerard smiling and lifting his and Frank's hands into the air as though one of them had just won a fight. Gerard took Frank to a table with five seats. Mikey set next to Frank, Bob sitting next to Mikey. The seat next to Gerard was for Ray who rested the guitar in his lap then began to play 'my only sunshine' on it.

Throughout the evening, people came up and congratulated them. When Frank's mom came up, he jumped out of his seat then reached across the table to hug her, crying onto her shoulder with joy. "I'm so sorry Frankie." She said quietly. "I was so blind."

"It's ok mom." Frank said into her shoulder. It felt great to have his mother there because she had denied his and Gerard's love for years but finally opened her eyes to it. "I forgive you."

"I'm so proud of you honey." She said, hugging him back now. "You stuck by the, man, you loved no matter what happened." It took her a moment to get the word 'man' out, but Frank figured it was a start. Eventually he hoped she would see his and Gerard's marriage like she would if he married a woman. "I know you're going to be really happy."

"You'll stay in contact this time, won't you?" Frank asked, letting go of her and wiping his eyes.

"Of course I will sweetie." She smiled at him and kissed his forehead. "I have to get going though; I work the early shift."

"Thanks for coming." Frank said, smiling widely.

"Bye baby." Mrs. Iero said, taking a deep breath. Gerard stood up and hugged her as well. "Bye...son." She said to Gerard who looked like he would cry himself. Frank hugged Gerard afterwards, sniffling and coughing a bit from his crying.

"You wanna dance?" Gerard asked, wrapping his arms around Frank's body. Frank nodded so Gerard took Frank's hand then led him to the clearance which was dubbed the dance floor. By this point, cd's and such were playing music but Gerard signaled for Ray to stop them. Everyone cleared off the floor as Frank and Gerard stepped on, to give them their 'first dance'.

Ray got back on the stage and grabbed his guitar again. This time, he started playing 'Save the Last Dance for Me'; just like Frank and Gerard danced to at the prom. Frank put one hand on Gerard's waist, as Gerard did with Frank, and interlocking their fingers of their clutched hands which they held about chest height. As they danced to it, Frank leaned his head on Gerard's chest, smiling as he remembered the first time they danced to it. "Reminds me of the prom." Frank whispered.

"Well this time," Gerard held onto Frank a little tighter, "I'm not letting you out of my sight." He kissed the top of Frank's head as Ray played the guitar and sang the lyrics. "Ever."
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