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You're Gonna Love Me

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"It's real to everyone that matters." Gerard said, trying to cheer Frank up again.

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"I'm sure I've told you before but I'll tell you again; you're crazy." Bob said as the tailor worked on fitting his suit.

"Shut up and stay still!" Frank told him the millionth time. "It has to be perfect!"

"You gave yourselves a week!" Mikey said, playing with the cuffs on his suit. "Can only get so perfect."

"I can make it perfect." Frank said, sticking his tongue out at Mikey. "And I'm going to."

"Remind me again as to why it's at our new house." Bob mumbled, cursing the tailor for poking him.

"It's my brother's marriage; to my best friend. So I offered." Mikey told him, looking over himself in the mirror. "They'll be there anyway." Frank's phone started going off, indicating he had a text, so he stopped babysitting Bob to read it. He smiled happily then put it away. "What Cinderella?" Mikey asked, noticing Frank's suddenly giddy mood.

"That was Gee." Frank chimed. "Said he found the perfect rings!" Frank was slightly squealing and Bob rolled his eyes with an annoyed sigh. "Oh fuck off Bryar!' Frank told him, scowling a little. "Don't ruin my happy moment!"

"Yeah Bob." Mikey said in a tone that made Bob glare at him. "You didn't mind when I-"

"Enough." Bob said through clenched teeth and Frank knew something wasn't being shared with everyone.

"Ok; tell me." Frank said like a teenage girl, crossing his arms and staring at Mikey.

"Fuck off Iero." Bob said in the same tone Frank had used with him moments before. "Shut up Mikey." He said to Mikey afterwards and Mikey rolled his eyes, going back to looking at himself.

"I'll find out." Frank said with a smile. "Mikey won't lie to Gee." He pulled out his phone again and began to type a quick message while Mikey yelled at him to stop and attempted to get the phone; but failed. "Sent it!' He said with a giant grin and a few moments later Mikey's phone started to go off. "Have fun."

"I hate you." Mikey said, squinting his eyes and finding his phone. "Hey Gee." Mikey said merrily. "Yeah well I'm killing him...nothing...I'm not lying!...I'm not swearing on that!...I'm not lying! not...fine!" Bob's hand collided with his forehead while Frank smiled with victory. "I'll tell you but not over the phone." Mikey hung up with Gerard then started to undress himself while turning to Frank. "You have a five second head start."

"What?" Frank asked, smile leaving and confusion taking over.

"One." Mikey took the jacket off. "Two." He pulled the shirt off to reveal a white tank top. "Three."

"I suggest you run Iero." Bob warned as Mikey took off his pants.

"Four." He slid his jeans and hoodie back on. "Five." Mikey suddenly ran at Frank so Frank yelled and ran out of the store while Mikey chased him down the street.

"Mikey!" Frank yelled, half laughing as he ran. "Stop it!"

"I told you I'm going to kill you!" Mikey yelled after him. Frank, knowing he didn't have a chance of escaping, jumped into a bunch of snow right as Mikey caught up with him. Mikey started balling up snow in his hands then pelting it at Frank who was still laughing and sticking his arms in front of him to try and protect himself. "Asshole!" Mikey yelled at him; laughing as well.

"Where the fuck is your coat Iero?" Gerard suddenly appeared, smiling as he watched the two.

"Gee!" Frank called through his laughter. "Save me!"

"He's had enough snowballs." Gerard told Mikey, grabbing Frank and pulling him from the snow. "Coat?"

"Store." Frank said, brushing himself off. "Mikey tried to kill me!" He put his arms around Gerard's body.

"So why did Frank text me?" Gerard asked, prying Frank off him and walking back to the store.

"Where's Ray?" Mikey asked, glaring at Frank whose tongue was out of his mouth again.

"Taking care of something." Gerard said, keeping a tight hold on Frank before he and Mikey started again.

"Well might as well wait until he's around." Mikey said, opening the door of the store and going in.

"Find you coat and get it on before you freeze." Gerard told Frank, shoving him inside. Bob was in jeans and a hoodie again, patiently waiting. "Get everything you need?" Gerard asked Bob as Mikey collected his things.

"And then some." Bob mumbled, showing where he got jabbed.

"Well you should have stayed still." Frank told him, sliding his arms into the sleeves of his coat. Bob flipped Frank off then grabbed his bag once Mikey was set; all of them leaving. "Can I see the rings?" Frank begged Gerard, sticking his arms around Gerard's arm as the four went to the cars.

"Nope." Gerard said, unlocking his car as Bob and Mikey went to theirs which was right behind Gerard's. "You can wait until Saturday." Frank whined and Gerard laughed, shoving Frank into the car. They headed to Starbucks where they met Ray. The five got coffee and sat around a circular table in the far corner. "Ok Mikey; tell me."

"Tell you what?" Mikey said, trying to act innocent.

"What you're hiding." Gerard said, taking a drink from his coffee then looking at Mikey in a calm yet piercing way. "Come on little bro." Everyone except Bob looked to Mikey. Bob's face met the table.

"Fine!" Mikey said, setting his drink down and giving in. "So maybe Bob's aunt getting us the house wasn't just because she's psychotic." He played with his fingers as he stared at his hands. "And maybe we left not for Bob's family but for ourselves..."

"Just fucking tell them!" Bob said loudly and with heavy aggravation.

"Bob and I got married?" Mikey said, smiling as everyone's jaws dropped and eyes widened. "That's kinda why we were gone so long..."

"What the fuck!" Gerard practically yelled and people looked.

"When'd you plan on telling us?!" Ray asked, slightly angered.


"Why didn't you tell us before? You know, so we could be part of it?!" Gerard looked like he wanted to kill Mikey so Mikey harassed Bob to make him part of the conversation as well. Bob lifted his head, really annoyed.

"You all can't handle your fucking problems long enough to hear anything we might say!" Bob snapped.

"How long have you been planning it?" Frank asked, more hurt than angry. He thought Mikey was his best friend yet Mikey didn't tell him; not even Gerard who was Mikey's brother.

"Two or so years." Mikey said, drinking his coffee again. "Not long before you two decided the first time."

"So are you guys moving away to your new house?" Ray asked, softer than before.

"Depends." Bob said, some of his frustration disappearing.

"On what?" Gerard asked, still a little harsh. It was just taking him a bit of time to comprehend.

"Of if you guys like the house or not." Mikey said, finishing off the remainder of his drink.

"Well," Frank got up, ignoring his coffee, "only one way to find out." He headed for the door, leaving everyone dumbfounded as he left.


"Hey," Gerard took Frank's hand into his hand that wasn't on the steering wheel as he drove, "He didn't tell me either."

"Yeah but you're his brother." Frank said miserably, staring out the window. "Some things you're supposed to tell friends that you can't tell family."

"Aww, cheer up Frankie." Gerard said, rubbing Frank's hand with his thumb. "Think about you and me."

"Not the same." Frank mumbled, head propped against the chilled glass of the window.

"Bob was right though." Gerard let go of Frank's hand to turn the wheel, taking it again when they were straight. "We've all been too busy with our own lives to have had time for them to tell us."

"Still." Frank sighed and shifted himself a little to watch the blurring barren land fly by. "We told them..."

"Everyone seems to know what's going on with us." Gerard said with a little laughter. "Even if we don't tell them."

"Well our lives are ten times more interesting and dramatic." Frank said, a small smile forming on his lips.

"So don't be mad at them, ok?" Gerard squeezed Frank's hand and eventually Frank agreed to let it go. "Our objective for the weekend is to make it the best two days of our lives."

"Married on Christmas Eve; honeymoon on Christmas." Frank said, smiling more. "In your bothers; my soon to be brother-in-law or at least mentality because the government is ant-gay; house."

"It's real to everyone that matters." Gerard said, trying to cheer Frank up again. "My mom said she always considered you part of the family."

"My mom said she didn't care when I tried to tell her." Frank mumbled; smile gone.

"Please don't let that miserable bitch ruin our weekend!" There was slight pleading in Gerard's voice.

"I won't." Frank raised Gerard's hand to his mouth and kissed it. "Promise."

"Good." Gerard said with a large smile, pulling into the long driveway which led to Mikey and Bob's new house. It was high up on a hill. "Wow..."

"This place looks like a fucking ski resort!" Frank exclaimed as he examined it. The house was huge alright. It looked like it was three stories though Mikey said it was only two. Pointing towards the road were three glass windows that extended the height of the building; making basically a glass wall that was slightly angled. Frank could see somewhat into the house as Gerard pulled up to the top where there was a double garage and the driveway made a circle. "Fucking Bob..." Frank mumbled, slightly jealous.

"He's taking good care of Mikey alright." Gerard said with slight laughter as he parked the car and got out; Frank following while cursing his poverty under his breath. "Oh stop." Gerard told him, taking Frank's hand and walking to the door. There was an outer door of glass which Gerard opened, knocking on the inner door of wood.

"You didn't have to knock." Mikey said, opening the door and letting them in. "We were expecting you."

"Let me use my manners on the rare occasion I remember them." Gerard said, walking inside and looking around. The ceiling was incredibly high. It could hold two or three average size Christmas trees on top of each other. There weren't many walls down stairs was like one giant room. There was some furniture in the 'living room' which was just a vast area of open space next to the glass wall. The 'dining room' was basically a long, wide, hallway with a large table and chairs that rested on the opposite side of the front door. The kitchen was exactly opposite of the living room. There weren't any doors; just archways. The floor was wood as were the walls.

"This is just the first floor." Mikey said with a smile. "Come to the basement." Mikey opened a door between the kitchen and the stairs that led to the basement. The basement was just as nice; in its own way. It was basically a place for people to hang out and party. There was a standing stereo, two couches, a chair, flatscreen, x-box (which Bob was playing), mini fridge, small table, and a bunch of other entertainment paraphernalia. "Now, outside."

"I'm going to get lost in this fucking place!" Frank said with amusement as they climbed the stairs back to the first floor.

"We'll get lost together." Gerard said, holding onto Frank's hand tightly while Mikey took them through the living room to sliding doors that led to a deck which ran along the smaller 'glass wall' between it and the dining room. The deck ran almost the length of the house as it hung over a large cliff that for some reason freaked Frank out. Mikey, sensing Frank's uneasiness, suggests they go back inside saying it's too cold to be out there anyway.

"And lastly, we go upstairs." The stairs were wooden, cherry or something Mikey told them. At the top of the stairs was a huge landing where there was a small television, a couch, a chair, and a gamecube. "All that's up here is three bedrooms and two bathrooms."

"Two?" Frank questioned. The hall only had four doors connected to it.

"One's in the master bedroom." Mikey told him, leading him to one of the doors. "This is all you need to see up here." Mikey opened the door and revealed a large bedroom with a little television, dresser, mirror, closet with sliding doors, king bed, and two windows. "Your room." Mikey said so Gerard and Frank threw their bags in; Mikey sighing and rolling his eyes with a small shake of his head while smiling. "That's mine and Bob's room, that's Ray's room, and that's the bathroom." He pointed to doors as they headed back to the stairs. "And there's a bathroom on the first floor as well as in the basement," Mikey said, looking to Gerard, "I know how much of a diva you can be."

"Love you too." Gerard said with a sarcastic smile as they went back to the living room.

"So what do you think?" Mikey asked when they got to the bottom.

"I think I'm moving in." Frank joked and they laughed for a few moments. "This place is fucking awesome Mikey."

"Well make yourselves at home. Do whatever you want." He smiled and opened the door to the basement. "Sheet's are in the closet in the bathroom." Mikey said it with an implying tone that made Frank laugh a little more before Mikey disappeared into the basement to be with his husband.

"This place makes me feel shorter..." Frank said with amusement and Gerard smiled, pulling Frank close to him and kissing him sweetly on the lips. "I like our house better though."

"Me too." Gerard said as he and Frank made out for a few moments. "What do you want to do?"

"I don't want to taint the furniture..." Frank said and Gerard started laughing, nodding in agreement. "If we look at Bob's drums the wrong way he'll kill us..." More laughter. "And it's too early to retire to the boudoir."

"Well I assume Mr. and Mr. Bryar-Way are busy in the basement so that leaves the living room." Gerard said, Frank giggling for no apparent reason. Neither had a clue as to why they were so upbeat and laughing at practically everything. Frank kicked off his shoes then ran across the floor, stopping his legs so he slid; face first into the sliding doors. Gerard started laughing so hard that he thought he was going to split in two. Once slightly calmed down, he peeled Frank off the door and told he that was probably not the smartest idea.

"It was fun until the door got in the way." Frank whined so Gerard kissed his head since Frank was rubbing it. "The floor is slippery!" Frank said. "Take your shoes off and try it!" Shrugging, Gerard took his shoes off and did the same thing Frank did; only instead of going into the door, he hit the couch then flipped over it. Frank began to laugh, Gerard joining in a moment later. "Told you."

"That was really fun." Gerard said, standing up. "Especially when I flew over the couch." Eyeing the couch, Frank ran at it and purposely allowed his body to slam into it so he would flip over it like Gerard did.

Needless to say, this continued for a good fifteen minutes. At one point, they both ran at the same time and fell into each other upon going over the couch. "They've made a sport out of the living room." Bob said to Mikey with amusement as the two stood quietly to the side and watched so they weren't noticed. "Hey, dumb and dumber!" He called to them after a few more minutes and they instantly stopped.

"Oh; hi." Frank said, standing up only to fall back down; everyone laughing as his butt met the floor.

"How long have you been there?" Gerard asked, standing then helping Frank back up.

"Long enough to see our couch being violated and beaten." Mikey said with slight laughter. "We head a bunch of noise so we decided to come see exactly what it was you two were doing."

"Beats cable." Bob said and Frank started laughing. He laughed so hard that he slid and fell yet again; sending the other three into more laughter. "Take the damn socks off Iero." Bob told him as Gerard pulled him up.

"You should have seen him the first time." Gerard said with soft laughter as he held onto Frank so he wouldn't fall a third time. "Went right into the sliding door."

"But Gee discovered the couch was more satisfying." Frank told them through uncontrollable giggles.

"Freaks." Mikey said with a smile.

"You should try it!" Frank said, holding onto Gerard as his feet slipped a little.

"I have." Mikey said and Bob started laughing. "Took out Bob's drums." Bob replayed the scene in his head as he told them, through gasps for breath and laughter, about how Mikey looked like a bowling ball as he flew into the drums and completely took the set up out. Bob was actually crying a little from laughing so hard.

In no time, all four were running and sliding into the couch; slamming into each other numerous times. Somehow, nothing got broken and as they all started for the couch again like it was a race, Ray walked in and watched since he was unnoticed. Watching them all flip over the couch, landing on top of each other as they bounced off the cushions and onto the floor made Ray hit his head against the wall. "I need to stop leaving you guys alone."

"Ray!" Frank chimed, giggling hysterically as he tried to untangle himself from the other three.

"What are you doing exactly?" Ray asked. They all stood up smiling and straightened themselves so they wouldn't fall over.

"Just a little bowling." Bob said, sending them back into a laughing fit and onto the ground while Ray just stared in confusion.


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