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Nothing's Gonna Change My World

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"No Gerard, it's not." There was stress in Frank's voice again.

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"Fine, we'll settle this now." Frank told Gerard, moving over on the couch so Gerard could sit on it. Frank crossed his legs and sat sideways on the couch so he could face Gerard; Gerard mirroring the position. "I don't know what to say other than I'm incredibly pissed off at you for your idiocy."

"I figured as much." Gerard said quietly, staring directly into Frank's eyes. They seemed empty and vacant. Still, the pain Frank felt shone through. "I admit it was a really stupid decision, but maybe one day you'll understand."

"I just don't see what I'm supposed to understand Gee." Frank said with stress but Gerard felt some relief because Frank called him 'Gee' instead of 'Gerard'. Plus, there was emotion in Frank's voice now instead of the robotic monotone that was there before. "I-I can't fucking believe you did it."

"Well it's done." Gerard said quietly, trying to make Frank feel a little better.

"I know that." Frank said, his hands clenching his legs as his nails dug into himself. He didn't even realize he was doing it but it was making Gerard nervous. "Hearing I had it was the worst I ever felt in my life. Hearing you have it, because of me, brings that feeling back and multiplies it by like a hundred!"

"I never intended for it to upset you so much." Gerard said, pain in his voice as he watched Frank. Frank was subconsciously hurting himself but Gerard didn't have the nerve to tell him to stop. "I mean, I knew you would be upset but I never thought you'd get this upset..."

"I'm sorry I'm not just smiling and passing it by like some fucking common cold!" Anger was starting to come out of Frank so Gerard thought of ways to suppress it because he didn't want to argue; he just wanted to talk.

"No yelling; just talking." Gerard told Frank who stared at him for a moment before nodding and taking a few deep breaths to calm himself. "I never said I expected you to be happy about it. The decision was entirely mine."

"No Gerard, it's not." There was stress in Frank's voice again. "On top of knowing you're positive now, I feel hurt, ashamed, angry, sad, and so much more knowing that not only did you choose to infect yourself, you used me as a means of doing so." Frank's eyes shimmered and Gerard knew it was a shimmering of tears.

"I could have made it some prostitute but I was afraid of other STD's I might have gotten." Gerard admitted; realizing that he was becoming the emotionless robot as he spoke. "It wasn't my smartest decision but if given the chance to re-do it, I wouldn't." There was confidence in his quiet voice and Frank fought off the urge to beat the living soul out of Gerard. "I know you don't understand my decision; you might never understand it. But understand this;" Gerard took Frank's hands into his and to both of their surprise, Frank didn't pull away. "I love you Frank Anthony Iero with all my heart and soul. I want nothing more than to spend my life, however long it may be, with you right by my side. I hope one day we'll succeed in getting married and maybe even have a family. And when it's time, I'll end my days with you." Gerard spoke calmly but passionately as the words came directly from his heart.

"I never knew you wanted a family." Frank said with a small smile, Gerard's thumbs gently rubbing the back of Frank's hands. He was still furious with Gerard for basically giving himself a death sentence but anger would only kill the moment. Gerard smiled back to Frank.

"Only if it's with you." Gerard told him and Frank smiled wider. "Why do you think I got such a big house?"

"For your brother and whoever else wanders in here to stay over." Frank said, the slightest hint of laughter in his voice. Gerard shook his head, still smiling. "So you mean like kids or something?"

"Yeah; like kids or something." Gerard said, a little amusement in his voice as though he was mocking Frank. "We could always adopt." He said quietly as he tossed the idea out.

"We could." Frank said, holding Gerard's hands now instead of letting them sit loosely in Gerard's. "One day."

"No kids without a marriage." Gerard said as though he was a nun or something and Frank started laughing.

"First, we focus on Christmas." Frank said, his mood considerably better. "It's next weekend and Mikey still wants us over."

"He won't want us there for long though." Gerard said with a devious smile, implying that it was going to be an eventful weekend. Frank started laughing some more then removed his hands from Gerard's to hug Gerard tightly. Gerard held Frank in a tight embrace, glad that they calmly worked out the stress.

"I'll never forgive you for this." Frank whispered into Gerard's ear as he held him close.

"I don't expect you to." Gerard whispered back and they sat like that for about ten minutes before Frank pulled away and took a deep breath as if letting the whole drama slip by.

"How'd you do it anyway?" Frank asked quietly.

"You were really sleepy one night and we were making out. I accidentally caused your lip to bleed but you didn't notice so I just kind of sucked on it until it stopped bleeding...." He said, looking to his hands. "Of course I knew exactly what I was doing but still; I mean, it was an accident it happened that way."

"Well it's a pretty fucked up Christmas gift to yourself." Frank said, trying to let himself get angered over the situation again. "I'm sure you could have thought of something better..."

"I can." Gerard said, smiling at Frank. "But it doesn't matter right now."

"What?" Frank asked, curious to know what was on Gerard's mind. "What would be better?"

"Marrying you." Gerard said, still smiling. "But we're taking it slow this time so it doesn't matter."

"I heard a slight proposal in there." Frank said with amusement.

"Maybe." Gerard leaned back and Frank climbed on top of him with that 'we're not done' kind of look in his eyes. "But we're taking it slower."

"Saying you don't want me for Christmas?" Frank was smirking at Gerard now as he leaned closer and closer to Gerard.

"You're the one who decided we were waiting."

"What if I'm undeciding?" Frank asked that 'challenge' kind of tone.

"You make it sound like it's a game." Gerard put his hands around Frank, resting his hands on the slight curve in Frank's back as he leaned forward.

"Life is." Frank said and Gerard started giggling. "I don't mean the board game dumbass."

"Then what do you mean?" Gerard asked, smiling and looking to Frank with curiosity.

"I mean that we can write our lives however we want them to be." He leaned down so his face was about an inch from Gerard's. "And I don't know about you but I'm dying to write 'Frank Anthony Iero-Way' all over every fucking page of mine."

"I'd gladly write that all over mine too." Gerard said as Frank pressed their lips together. "As long as I can sign 'Gerard Arthur Iero-Way' underneath." Frank nodded, kissing Gerard again; using his tongue this time. "So, how are you going to write it?"

"They had a Christmas wedding and lived happily ever after." Frank said in a whispering voice full of lust.

"With lots of fucking." Gerard added and Frank started laughing. "Well then Mr. Iero," Gerard sat up and looked at him with anticipation, "You better grab that quill and ink because Christmas is a week away."


A/N--- I know it's short but that's becuase the wedding is going to take a whole chapter

xoxo Tabi

ps--yes, that means there is one this time xD
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