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Chapter 24

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-Holly- R&R! xx

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-Holly’s POV-

BOO!” I shouted to Bill while I sat on the couch. Evie was staying over at our place, and was currently taking a shower. Yes, OUR place! I had officially moved in with Bill. Elliot was in my lap, while Juliet was chasing a little catnip ball around the room.

“What babe?” Bill asked, coming into the room.

“Come sit with me. I miss you.” I said, pouting. He rolled his eyes and smiled, sitting down next to me. “I love you, you know that?”

“Yes I do.” He kissed me gently, as Elliot whined. “Hey! I’m allowed to kiss mama!” Elliot barked happily, wagging his tail. Bill laughed and scratched his belly. A high-pitched meow ended our laughter, and we directed our attention to the floor, where Juliet looked up at us curiously.

“Awe, little kitty wants some love too.” I giggled as Bill scooped her up. She started attacking the strings of his hoodie. I laughed and Elliot licked my arm, while Bill smiled and played with Juliet. I hadn’t felt this complete since before the baby. I guess this was practice for later on. But still, something was missing…

“Awe, so cute!” Evie said as she snapped a picture with Bill’s digital camera. “Sorry, but that was just adorable. What a perfect family!”

“Come here!” I dragged her down on the couch with us and pulled her and Bill and the animals in tight and held out the camera. “3, 2, 1...”

“Santi!” Bill shouted, and we laughed and I snapped the picture. I checked the picture, and it was gorgeous.

“There. That’s a prefect family.” I said, showing the picture to Evie. “And if I photoshop Brendon in, it’ll be even more perfect.” She giggled. “Let’s load this sucker!” I grabbed Elliot and put him on the floor before springing up and running towards the little computer room. I plopped down in the chair, only to feel Elliot curl up by my feet under the desk, and the others surround me, Evie holding Juliet. I plugged in the camera and uploaded the pics onto the computer. Then I went onto Myspace, logged into mine, and uploaded the pictures quickly, typing in the captions. Within seconds, I had five comments on the one with Evie in it.

Awe! I miss you guys!!!!! When did you get those furry things?!” –Joe

A puppy and a kitten?! I want names! You guys are an amazing family! I love and miss all three of you! Call me later!” –Patrick

Awe! So cute! Are these the infamous Juliet and Elliot? Evie and Holly, gorgeous! Seriously, you two should be models! Bill, well, you’re okay. Ha ha! Sorry mate! –Michael

Beautiful. Simply gorgeous. Ily Evie” –Brendon

It is the perfect family! Almost, only cause I’m not there!” –Ryan

“Well, I think these are a hit!” Bill laughed. I put the one of the three of us up as my default.

“Let’s go out tonight!” I declared, jumping up from the computer. “Just the three of us!”

“I don’t know…” Evie started.

“No! No no’s from you missy!” I said. “You are going to borrow some of my clothes, and you are going to look hot, and Chizzy will be your stand in date! No ifs ands or buts about it!” I scooped Juliet out of her arms and walked away, smiling to myself.

“I thought she said the three of us…” Evie mumbled.

“Well, Brendon’s not here, and at the club, you’d be left out, so Chizzy will be your date. Don’t worry, he completely respects you and Brendon, and won’t pull anything.” I explained. “Now come on! Let’s go get ready!” I pulled her by her are into my bedroom, shutting Bill out. “Sorry babe, it’s a girl’s thing, play with Elliot!” I said through the door.

“Is this really necessary?” Evie asked me as I started pulling out clothes from my closet.

“Yes!” I said, picking out a dress that’d be perfect for her. It was black and short, but still modest. I tossed it on the bed and dug for some heels to go with it. “Now, what should I do with your hair?” I asked myself, toying with her hair, lifting it up, and flopping it around. “Curls, straight, or teased?”

“I’d rather you just do something simple.” Evie said.

“Okay, I’ll just straighten it.” I shrugged, plugging in the flat iron. I quickly straightened her hair, flipping the iron so there was a bit of flip to her hair at the ends. I got her some pantyhose from one of my drawers and gave them to her, and pushed her into the bathroom to get changed. Meanwhile, I pulled out my sparkly purple dress, and my matching heels. I stripped down to my panties and strapless bra and then pulled on the dress, then put on the shoes. I went to the dresser and pulled my hair into a half-up, half-down look and clipped in my purple extensions. I quickly did my makeup and then when I was finished, Evie came out.

“Wow.” She said. “You look gorgeous.”

“Thanks, but you’re going to look better!” I said, pulling her into the chair and starting on her make up. Once I was finished with her smoky look, I checked the clock. It was just about the right time to go to the club. I had Evie slip her heels back on, and we snapped a quick picture, and left the room, to find Bill and Michael in the living room.

“Oh wow.” Bill said, looking us over. “Great job!”

“Thank you!” I curtsied. “Evie’s look is by a one Holly Marie Stumph Beckett, and is only a creation for the night, so take it in while you can!” Michael looked good tonight. He had on a white button down with a black tie, black jeans, and his black and blue Nikes. I gave him a thumbs up and he smiled.

“Okay, we can go.” Bill came out in a black button down, with a red tie, and black jeans with black shoes. I fixed his tie for him, and he kissed me.

“Let’s go!” We all got into his car and we went one of the clubs in the city. We got inside fairly easy, and went to the bar, ordered drinks. Well, Bill ordered a drink for me, Evie just got a water, as did Michael. After taking a few sips of my grape Smirnoff, I took Bill’s hand and Evie’s hand and pulled them out to the dancefloor, Michael coming along too. We all started dancing, and for an hour, it was fun. Then a slow song came on. Bill and I cuddled up and I kept on eye on Evie and Michael. Just as planned, they got together, at a respectable space. I pulled out my phone texted someone, and Bill smiled, seeing who I texted.

Brendon?!” I heard Evie exclaim. “What are you doing here?” We looked over and Evie was attached to Brendon in a hug, him hugging back just as tight. Michael had joined up with the other guys from the tour, talking and watching the happy reunion.

“Well, Holly called me, and we had the tour stop here, so I figured I’d get at least a few dances in with my girl.” Brendon said. I squealed to myself and Bill playfully nudged me.

“What? It’s cute!” He shook his head and kissed me.

“Day after tomorrow, you guys are joining us on tour.” Patrick informed us. “And bring those animals! They’re adorable!” And from that statement on, we all had fun for the night, Evie’s troubles from earlier gone from her mind…I hope.
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