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Something odd is going on...

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Ella gets some bad vibes about Frank... A new character is added to the story

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Ella's pov.

I was sitting at home watching tv when I heard our door bell ring. I slowly got up and opened the front door to see Gerard, Frank and bob standing there with goofy looks on there face. "Ready to go my dear?" Asked Frank. "Yupp." I got my shoes on I went to turn to say goodbye to my parents, but soon remembered that they weren't there. I sighed and a single tear fell down my face as we walked towards the car.

- - At Gerard's place - -

We pulled up to this beautiful cozy looking home. Gerard turned with a smile and said "Welcome to my home" I just gave him a little smile and we all got out of the car and headed for the front door. Once inside we went straight to the basement into this room were I guessed was Gerards room. There were drawings everywere and different comics and such. "Well guys were here!" Said Frank as he sat at the table that was in the room with Bob, Ray, Mikey and a girl that I havent seen before. "Oh hey Ell! I want you to meet Chrissy!" Said Mikey. "Hello!" Said the girl who was sitting. She had goergious blue eyes and had short black hair. She also had the left side of her nose pierced and right eyebrow. "Hi" I said shyly.

Frank's pov.

We sat around talking about alot of things there was still the thought of what was hurting Ella so much... but I couldnt help but aw over Chrissy. She has the most beautiful eyes anyone could have. I've had a little thing for her for a while now. Ella was pretty but just Chrissy was more my type. "Hey Ella you want to have that talk now?" I asked her flat out. She looked at Gerard wispered something to him and he nodded. " I don't think we will be talking about it. Im sorry guys I just don't feel the need to anymore." Ella sounded cold... Maybe even harsh. We all sat there in confusion but Gerard. What was going on? I just turned my attention back to Chrissy. "Frankie bear?" Chrissy said in a little cute voice. "Yes my Chrissy queen?" " I wanted to know if you wanted to walk me home tonight?" "Well sure" I told her. About an hour later Chrissy had to get going so we both got ready and left.

Gerards pov.

As soon as Frank and Chrissy left everyone asked the question. "What were you guys wispering about?" I looked at Ell for an aprouval and she nodded her head. " Well guys Ell Here didnt want too talk about it infront of Frank and Chrissy." "Why not Chrissy?" Mikey asked "Something about her gives me a bad vibe if you know what I mean and well Frank... Hes just an idiot and personaly I dont trust him for some reason." Ella said. Everyone gasped. "Ellz look Frank and Chrissy are some of our good friends. Im telling you theres nothing wrong with them." Bob said. I put my arm around Ella and held her close. " Look if you want to tell us and only us its fine we wont speak a word about it to Frank or chrissy" I said looking down into her beautiful brown eyes. " Ok..." She said and we all sat there with our ears open to hear ever word she was about to say.

"Not too long ago I turned 16. My parents wanted me to have the best birthday ever. They loved me so much that they always wanted everything to be perfect for me... Well On my birthday they were running late I called my mother on her cell phone asking her were her and my dad were. She told me that they were about an hour away from home. I got upset. Told them they ruined my birthday and hung up. They tried to hurry fast but they never made it back..." She said. She now had tears running down her face. I held her close. I just didnt want to let her go It was like... Like I wanted to take her pain away. Something about her made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. "What happend?" Asked Bob. She wiped her tears away and started again. "They got into a car accident. They both died. I was left completely alone. none of my family memebers wanted me and neither did my own friends. They pretty much told me if it wasnt for my un-gratefulness they would still be alive. So I took the money they left me and moved here on my own." Right as she finished that sentence Frank walked in.

Ella's pov.

Frank walked in and I shut right up. "Hey guys." He said "Hey Ella why are you crying?" He asked. i gave him a funny look then quickly glanced at Gerard and said " I hurt myself and Gerards making my booboo go away." I dont know why but I didnt trust Frank at the moment when I first met him yeah I did but now theres just something about him that turnes on a red light in my head. He looked at me awkawrdly and sat down next to Bob. Iwe sat there a little while longer and soon everyone was leaving. Geard offered to drive me home and I accepted. We walked out tothe car and when gerard went to start the car it just would start. "I could judt walk Gerard I'll be fine." I tried to tell him but he just wouldnt accept having a girl walk home at night by herself. He turned to me and said "Look my mom is out for the night with my dad. Would you like to spend the night here. I know we only met today but It would be easier and I would sleep on the couch, you could have my bed." "Gerard No i would feel bad." "Well you have no choice lets go!" He said getting out of the car. We walked down stairs and into his room. "Heres a pair of my boxers and a t-shirt. Good thing we dont have school tomorow Hehe." i grabed the clothing and he left the room I quickly got dressed and told Gerard it was safe for him to come back in. "Well nighty night Ell. I'll wake you up in the morning alright?" "Alright. Good night Gerard thank you again" I gave him a quick hug before he left and I sliped under the covers and fell into a nice sleep.

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