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Once a whore your nothing more, Im sorry that will never change...

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Ella and Gerard have an interesting experience... And Chrissy gets hurt!

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4 - Once a whore your nothing more im sorry that will never change.

Ella’s pov.

I woke up and rolled over to look at the clock on Gerards night stand. 10 O’clock... I laid in bed trying to figure out why the hell I staid over night at some guys place that I just met. “I feel safe around him... Something about him... And his eyes...” I thought to myself. “ Frank what an idiot. I see right through that Chrissy bitch. He is not to know anything about me till I know whats up with her.”
I rubbed my eyes and got out of bed. I walked into the room were Gerard had slept. He was still slepping on the couch out in the sitting area of the basement. Ilaid ontop of him to wake him up.
“Gerard wake up!” I whispered softly.
He groaned and slowly opened his eys. He smiled when he noticed me.
“Good morning sunshine.” He said laughing a little.
He quickly grabbed me and in one fast movement I was now under Gerard! Hes face was so close. Theres that feeling again... The feeling of security my stomach now had butterflies.
“Why do I feel like I’ve known you my whole life when I onlu met you yesterday?” He whispered with a smile growing on his face.
“I don’t know... But I feel the same.” I whspiered it was so low that I barely heard myself.

Gerards pov.

I could feel her breath on my lips. I was lost in her beautiful brown eyes. This girl made me feel all happy when shes close, but when she leaves my side I feel so empty. I lowered my face closer to hers. Her eyes slowly closed and we kissed! Her lips were soft I slid my tongue reaching for hers. Her hand placed on my face gave me a warm feeling.
“What the fuck!?!”
We both jumped. We looked to see Mikey, Frank and Chrissy standing there in awe. I looked at Ella and her face a red. I smiled at her cuteness. I got up and helped her get off the couch.
“Wow Gee! You must have done smoething right last night.” Miey said with a smile.
“Actualy she slept in my bed and I slept here.”
“Yeah...Right. I don’t think a girl like her is good for you Gee...” Chrissy said. I got so upset over he remark. If she would have been a guy I would have punched her out.
“What’s that supose to mean?” Ella said with odvious anger in her voice.
“It meas odviously your a slut If you just met him yesterday and your already all over him.” Chrissy replied.
To my amazement Ella smiles a warm smile, wlaked slowly towards Chrissy and BANG!She punched her right in the face! Chrissy fell to the floor. Bob came running down the stairs with Ray to see Ella ontop of Chrissy punching her over and over again. In one swift move Bob had her in hes arms, her face barried in his sholder crying. I walked ocer to make sure she was alright but half way to reaching Ella Chrissy started crying.
“Gee! Your going to let her do that to me!?!” I slowly walked up to her.
“I think you should go. Oh by the way my girl int a slut!”

Ellas pov.

“Hes girl... Dide he just call me his girl?” I whispered to Bob.
“Yeah sweety... By the way im not mad at you at all.”
I looked at him and he was smilling.
“Why?” I sniffed.
“Because she doesn’t know you at al and you seem to be perfectly fine. You must make him happy for him to move this fast.”
“LEAVE NOW!” Gerard yealled.
I was shacking... Hes voice was.... Scary... I felt like I was going to cry again...
Chrissy glared at me got up and left.
“What the fuck man?!?” Frank yelled at Gerard.
“She celled Ella a slut she deserved everything she got especialy when shes the fucking whore!” Everyone was shocked but soon started to nod there heads.
“Shes not a whore she was all your good friend what the hells wrong with you guys?”
“We seen her true colors.” Bob replied.
Frank looked aroun once again to see everyone nod. Her stormed off and left the house slamming the door behind him. Gerard walked towards me and Bob. Gerards brought me into his arms holding me tight kissing my forhead.
“Did you mean what you said?” I whispered low enough for only him and I would hear.
“Yeah I did... if you want to be my girl ofcourse.”
I looked up at his beautiful eyes. I kissed his sweet lips once again.
“Yeah I do!” He smiled when we were interupted.
“So now that thats all done what are we doing today?”Mikey and Ray asked.
“Would you guys want to come over to my place?” I asked.
They all agreed we got into the cars and we were on our way.

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