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this is only the beginning

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Author's Note: I've decided to take a break from my biology homework to post a Gabe chapter because the amount of reviews was like woah. ^___^

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Now onto the G.A.B.E.

40: n e w y o r k “ h i ” s , c h i c a g o “ b y e ” s

“Come on. I’ve already asked nicely, so will you please fucking close?”

“Need some help?” I asked, standing in the doorway as Gabe sat atop his bright purple carry on.
“Yes, please.”
With a chuckle, I made my way over to him.

“Let’s see what we’ve got here…”

He stood up, revealing the mountain of stuff he’d attempted to stuff inside the luggage.

“No wonder this isn’t closing. You didn’t fold anything, babe,” I said, sorting out the mess of hoodies and t-shirts.
“That really helps?” he asked, surprised.
“Yep, but we’re running low on time, so here’s a shortcut.” I tossed a purple hoody his way, then grabbed his Stay Gold one for myself. After slipping it on, I used my Tetris skills to rearrange the crumpled clothing so it utilized the space more efficiently.

“Suwatte kudasai,” I said, closing the carry on. “I mean—” Before I could even translate, Gabe was sitting on top of his bag once again. “Wait, since when—”
“I’ve been brushing up on my Japanese,” he explained as I pulled the zipper shut. “Ii desu ka?”
“Hai. Yoku dekimashita,” I said, impressed.
“Doomo,” Gabe replied with a cheeky smile. He gave me a quick peck on the lips before getting up.

“Come on, guys. Let’s get this show on the road,” Pete said.
“Yeah, yeah, we’re coming.”

With help from Fall Out Bagboys and Dirty, Gabe and I carried our stuff out to the van.

The trip to O’Hare wasn’t very eventful. For the most part, we were obnoxiously singing along to oldies. At the airport, however, the mood quickly changed. Although I’d be back to visit, we all knew that it wouldn’t be the same.

As our flight was announced, we formed somewhat of a group huddle.

“God, I’m gonna miss you, Soap,” Joe said, squeezing my breath out of my lungs. “Who am I gonna toke up with now?”
“I’m sure you’ll find someone,” I reassured, hugging him back. “But in the mean time, you can enjoy the little present I left in your glove compartment.”

Pulling away, he gave me a ‘Huh?’ look.

“I can’t exactly bring my stash on the plane,” I chuckled.
“You’re seriously the best.”
“I know.”
“Mary Jane amigos?” he asked, holding out his pinky.
“Forever and always,” I said, linking fingers.

“You better take good care of her, Gabe,” he said, turning to the ridiculously tall singer. “Girls like Sophie don’t come around very often.”
“I will. Don’t worry.” They shook hands and transitioned into a man hug.

Next up was Andy.

“You’re leaving for New York and I didn’t even convert you into a vegan…” he said, wrapping me in a hug.
“Well, Gabe’s working on it,” I said, smiling.

“I guarantee that she’ll at least be a pescetarian by the end of the month.”
“Alright,” Andy said, laughing. “Take care of yourself, Soap.”

He planted a kiss on my forehead, and gave my hands a reassuring squeeze before walking back to the group. Pete quickly stepped forward, picked me up, and spun me around.

“It seems like just yesterday that I was waking you up with Pepsi-filled water balloons. Now look at you, moving off to New York with a crazy Uruguayan man,” he said with mock tears. I lightly punched his shoulder as he stood there and chuckled. “…But seriously, I’m really gonna miss having you around. I’ll need to wreak twice as much havoc to make up for your absence.”
“Same. New York is gonna get a whole lot more fun once I get there.”

“Saporta, I was gonna ask you to keep her out of trouble, but I know that would be fucking impossible, so just try not get caught too often.”
Gabe laughed and they shared a manly hug.

Then it was Patrick’s turn to say goodbye.

“Soap, it goes without saying that we’re all gonna miss you like hell. Touring won’t be the same without you.”
“I’m sure you’ll manage. Just remember to stock up on wet naps, cut Dirty off from the booze once he starts talking about the meaning of life, and whenever Joe loses his stash or his lighter, tell him to look in his camera bag.”

He wrapped me in a huge hug. “Don’t forget about us, baby girl,” he said, holding me close.
“That would be impossible, Trick. I love you guys like scene girls love Hello Kitty.”

He softly laughed, then planted a kiss on my forehead. “Promise you’ll stay in touch?”
“Cross my heart and hope to die.”

Smiling, he wrapped me in another hug.

Last but not least, Dirty stepped up. Without a word, he pulled me into a ridiculously tight embrace.
“I expect an invitation to the wedding,” he said pulling away.
“You’ll be the first on the list.”
“Alright. But in the meantime, don’t forget to send me a postcard.”

After Gabe exchanged goodbyes with everyone, we walked toward the gates and boarded the plane.

Around 5 hours later, Gabe and I were wheeling our bags through his front door.

“Welcome to Villa Saporta,” he said. “Just set your stuff down and I’ll give you the grand tour.”

I placed my bags next to the coffee table and followed him. He lead me through the house, pointing out Travie’s painting in the living room, the crazy chandelier in the kitchen, the walk-in closet in the guest room, and the jacuzzi in the bathroom.

“And our tour concludes with the master bedroom.”

He dramatically swung the door open, revealing a huge room with electric blue walls.

“What do you think?”
“I think that the bed is very bouncy,” I said, jumping onto the king-sized mattress. He joined me on the bed, almost hitting his head on the ceiling as he jumped around.

“What’s that?” I asked as something crawled out from underneath the bed.
“That is your welcome home present,” he explained, hopping down. I took a seat on the edge of the bed as he picked up the tiny ball of fur.

“The Fall Out Starship knew that you’d miss having Hemmy around, so Pete got in touch with the breeder he went to,” he explained, setting the puppy on my lap. “She’s actually Hem’s sister.” At this comment, the wrinkly fur ball looked up at us and excitedly barked.

“Does she have a name?” I asked, carefully picking her up.
“Gabe, she’s adorable,” I said, unable to wipe the smile from my face. She licked my cheek before I set her down.
“So you like her?”
“She’s the best present you guys could have given me. Thank you.”

Chuckling, he took a seat next to me.

“What?” I asked.
“That’s exactly what I said about you to the guys before we got on the plane.”

Something sweet to offset the drama-llama Pete chapter. Hope you folks enjoyed it.

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