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When everything seemed so prefect; it began to break. I'm just looking for a new beginning.

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‘To my favorite liar, to my favorite scar: I could have died with you’

It was hard for her to put her trust in the hands of just anybody, cause when she did, she usually got shafted. She wouldn’t let that happen again, not with him. She couldn’t stand to be hurt again, she wasn’t sure if her heart was strong enough to sustain another break. Her fingers traced the scars on her wrists; constant reminders of why he wouldn’t be trusted, of why he couldn’t be trusted. No there had to be an easier way then this.

His fingers brought her head up to his, looking into her eyes, and he smiled warily.

“You have to trust me.”

“But, I-I don’t think I can do that.”

“I trusted you didn’t I?” she sighed, he was right. He was always right. She couldn’t even bring herself to reply, she knew what was coming. “Then trust me. I love you.”

“I love you too.” She whispered into his chest, burying her face in it as she tried to find comfort. She wasn’t going to run from this, no. She needed him.


‘A sour bottle baby girl, with eyes the size of baby worlds’

His eyes searched everywhere in the house, he was almost convinced that she had left until he heard a soft sob coming from the bathroom. He rushed there to try to open the door, but to no avail, cause the door was locked. He cursed to himself as he played with the knob for a few seconds before banging.

“Come on, please, just open up.”

“No!” He sighed, this was going to be a lot harder then he opted for.

“Please?” He begged, “Look I know I made some rough mistakes and said a few things I did not mean but,” He paused, taking a deep breath. In his mind he wanted to be face-to-face with her when he first said these three words, because well, he knew when looking into her eyes and seeing the reaction that’s when they would mean the most.

“But what?” She yelled through the wooden block in between them. He took another deep breath and fixed his hat.

“I love you.” Then there was silence.

He wasn’t sure if she heard him, or if he should repeat himself. Maybe he scared her, and he was sure that she’d probably never want to see him again. He was almost ready to just give up before he heard a sigh and a shuffle and then the door unlocked. It didn’t open, but he took it upon himself to go inside and pulled her into the biggest hug he could give. She sobbed into his shirt for a few mintues before looking up at him. Her bloodshot eyes looked up into his, and he could’ve sworn he saw his whole world there. When he said those three words, he meant them.

“I-I love you too.” She breathed on his neck as she rested her head there. She could’ve stayed there forever, with him is where she belonged.
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