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What has the world come to?

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Pete getting turned down, and Patrick getting numbers?

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Pete was a lot of things; a son, a best friend, worst enemy, nightmare, jackass, maybe even crazy some days. One thing that Pete was not though, was a liar. So when he was accused of this silly accusation he practically choked on his root beer and fell off the trampoline.

“How can you accuse me of something like that?” Pete gasped at his big haired friend. His friend with the big Jew-fro and bright blue eyes, whose name was Joseph- but no one except his mother actually called him by that, to everyone he was just plain old Joe, or Throman- sometimes they even called him Froman, but that was beside the point. The point is, Pete gasped at Joe. Joe smirked and shrugged.

“So you’re telling me that some girl turned you down, and cussed you off for talking to her?” Joe asked in disbelief, while falling back on the trampoline, landing on his back and bouncing in the air causing the rest of the guys to go in the air as well, and Pete spill his soda all over the front of his shirt.

“Ugh, yes.” Was all Pete could get out.

Andy, also known as Mr. way-too-damn-quiet, or Jesus; mused. “Welcome to the real world Peter, not every girl is going to just throw themselves at you. You’re not Zac Efron.” Joe began cracking up, which then caused everyone else to crack up too. Well, everyone except Pete of course.

“Seriously Andy; this girl, I don’t know, there was something about her.” Pete was looking off into the distance; blocked out, thinking of the chick he had tried to pick up earlier today. Usually girls just kind of threw themselves at him; he never had to work hard for a girl. He wasn’t sure what girls liked so much about him; he was a bassist in a no good band that honestly didn’t know what they were doing with themselves, but for some unexplainable reason girls love him. He wasn’t complaining though, not at all, and Pete Wentz was never one to question fate.

Today was different for Pete though, he walked into Starbucks to get his usual caffeine fix, and there was a brunette bombshell standing there ordering. She was no taller then he was (and he’s pretty short), with a mess of tight curls that landed right under her butt. She was thick to say the least, definitely not skinny, but not fat or big either. She fit the description of the prefect weight in his mind, when she turned to face him when he had tried to get her attention; he came face to face with the most amazing set of eyes he had ever seen. He had to make her his, or at least get a name and number. But unlike the other girls, she turned her nose up at him- it was probably because he hadn’t brushed his teeth or hair yet, he was just worried about getting coffee. After she turned her nose up, she told him flat out she wasn’t interested (in a very rude matter too), muttered a few cuss words at him and even some stuff in Spanish that he did not understand one bit and then she stormed off.

“Earth to Pete,”

“Huh? What?”

“Wow, she must be something if she’s got you dazing off like that.”

“She was boys. If only I knew her name.”

“Guys, I got to go.” The short ginger haired guy said as he got off the trampoline. Everyone sighed, and groaned and made other noises; in other words meaning they didn’t want him to go. “I know guys, but I have to. My mom will kill me if I ditch her again today.” Everyone nodded, except Pete.

“Aw, come on Patty Cakes. I’m sure she’ll understand if you’re just a little late. Why do you have to leave anyway?” Pete asked curiously, Patty Cakes- well, his name was actually Patrick, but Pete had some odd pet names for people- shrugged. “I honestly have no clue; I just know I got in shit last time for not showing up.”

Everyone nodded again and watched as the pleasantly plump boy walked our of Joe’s backyard and into the oh too quiet streets of the neighborhood they lived in. It was a suburb, but it almost felt like a small town in itself. Everyone knew everything. It was almost like high school in a way, once somebody did something, it got around to everybody. Obviously everyone knew everyone, so seeing an unfamiliar face came as a shock to Patrick.

He watched for a few seconds, she looked like perfection in his eyes. Now he wasn’t one to believe in love at first sight, but if he was, this would be it. She was almost his height (which wasn’t very tall), with a body like whoa. Her head full of curls made him wonder if she left them un-brushed, if they would ever end up like Joe’s fro. He decided to approach the young girl, seeing as she looked like she needed some help, moving boxes from a moving van all by herself. When he reached her, he was almost at lost for words when he came in sight with the most beautiful set of grey eyes he had ever seen (half because they were utterly beautiful- actually that was and understatement, there weren’t words in the English vocabulary that could describe them. And half because he had never seen anyone with grey eyes before).

“Can I help you?” She asked in a tone that was hard to read, Patrick wasn’t sure if he had stepped over any boundaries by stepping to her.

“No, I was actually wondering if you needed any help.” His eyes shifted nervously from hers to the boxes, he was a shy dude, and was already regretting the decision of approaching her. Her face looked at his, almost as if she was deciding if he was good or bad. A slight smile tugged at the corners of her lips and she nodded.

“Yeah, there are a few heavy boxes if you wouldn’t mind getting those from the back.” Patrick let out a sigh of relief and nodded, smiling at the hint of a Spanish accent in her voice. Not that he had a preferred race or anything, but there was something about the whole Spanish culture that interested him; a lot more intriguing then his Irish roots. He did as she asked though, and got into the moving van, getting out heavy boxes filled with various household items until soon enough there was nothing left to get.

“Thank you so much,” She searched his face for a name.

He smiled shyly before sticking his hand out for her to shake. “Patrick.”

“Well Patrick, thanks. I’m Cocoa by the way.” She beamed as she took his hand and shook it. He was slowly beginning to feel a bit more comfortable with her, which usually never happened for him. He could probably be considered the stereotypical nerd, the quiet guy that dressed kind of weird, none of the girls really talked to unless they wanted help on their homework, and when they did talk to him he usually found a way of making a fool of himself by being completely clumsy either physically or verbally (he had a tendency to stumble over his words or ramble a lot.) Something about Cocoa made him calm though.

“No problem, how could I not stop and help a pretty girl like you?” She blushed and was about to say something when the sound of a beeping ringtone cut her off. Patrick sighed and took his cellular out of his pocket.

“Hello?” he greeted annoyed. His mother screamed at him on the other line and another sigh escaped from his lips as he murmured ‘ok’ and ‘uh huh’ in the right spots of the conversation before hanging up the phone. He shot Cocoa an apologetic look. “I’m real sorry that I have to run, maybe I could, uh, give you my cell number. So you could, you know, phone me sometime maybe?” He asked nervously causing her to giggle.

“That would be cool.” Was her reply as she got out her cell and took his number down.

What was this world coming to? Pete getting turned down and Patrick getting numbers? Patrick was definitely in a good mood now.
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