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Chapter Four.

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The hospital..

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Her face was pale white, she looked like one of those antique glass dolls. Her face was peaceful; eyes lightly shut, her mouth in a straight line. Dark makeup surrounded her eyes, and her lifeless body was covered with a black dress. She looked almost as if she were a ballerina. Kinsie was absolutely gorgeous.

'Drop dead gorgeous,' Bert ironically thought. Glazed over with the tears he was fighting back, his eyes burned. Finally, he gave up on it and let a few roll down his face. Staring into the coffin, he bent down and softly kissed her pale lips. "This is my fault, and I love you, so much." He whispered.

Bert jerked awake and looked around quickly. He saw the incredibly bright ivory walls of the hospital, then Kinsie. She was sound asleep in bed. Her chest rising up and down with every breath she took. 'That means shes alive.' He thought to calm himself. But it didn't take away the terrible feeling he had. This whole ordeal was all his fault, and he knew it.

Kinsie was just as gorgeous as in that terrible nightmare, but had an arm in a cast and her forehead stitched. Looking down to the cast on his wrist Bert wanted to scream. How could he get out of this with barely any pain, and Kinsie suffering? She didn't deserve this at all, he was a fucking idiot.

As he sat and watched Kinsie sleep, he thought of all the stupid things he'd done in the past. He didn't think she deserved to be around someone like him. She was perfect. Before him, she never really got into trouble. Bert had introduced her to drinking and smoking, skipping school, all that shit. Her parents hated him, with a good reason. If he wasn't around, she'd be much happier and healthier.

After today, he'd decided, he'd keep his distance from her. Sure, it'd kill him, but she deserved better people to be around. He didn't know if everything that went down last night meant something to her, or if she even remembered anything. Even if she did, it did, it didn't matter. They'd have to move on and go their separate ways. It was for the better.

Most likely, she'd move on quickly. She didn't realize how appealing she was to other people. Bert sort of took that away from her. He made her start hanging out with 'the wrong crowd'. Once Bert came into the picture, Kinsie seemed to lose all of her old friends.

The more and more Bert thought about it, he convinced himself it was the right thing. He could make it alone, knowing Kinsie was happy. He might not be happy, but he'd still pull through. She didn't deserve the life he gave her, it wasn't right. He just needed to work his hardest to stay away from her.

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