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"And to think you're my sister!"

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Zimmy and Frank have the house to themselves... right?

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Humor,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2008-12-17 - Updated: 2008-12-17 - 401 words

Frank and I had 5th period off, so we walked home. It took us 30 minutes, so we had 35 minutes until Gee and the guys got home from school. We put on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. As soon as I sat down, Frankie lent across me and switched the lights out. Frankie wrapped his, surprisingly, strong arms around me and we lent in for another kiss. I ‘fell’ back onto the couch so I was lying on the couch w/ frank ontop of me, still kissing. I ran my hands under Frankie’s shirt and over his back before pulling it clean off. Still kissing, we undressed eachother until Frankie was topless w/ only skinnies on the bottom and I was in my bra only and skinnies. We were closer and closer and frank was about to slide out his skinnies, when we heard a car pull up. “Gerard, you really do have the worst timing ever!” I moaned. Frankie giggled at me as we pulled our clothes back on and sat on the couch as if we’d been watching TCM the whole time. “Hey guys! Watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre? ”asked Gerard, dumping himself down on the floor next to our couch. Frankie’s cell started ringing. “Uh-oh! It’s the mommy!” I stated in my most childish voice. Frank picked up. “Hi…uh yeah.. Uh-huh… okay…yeah, I’m at Zimmy’s… yeah I know how unusuallaughs okay, see you in about 5 minutes… uh yeah okay, maybe 10. Love you Mom, bye!” Frankie turned to us after hanging up. “Sorry guys, I’m gonna have to go. See you in a while though!” Gerard forced Frank to let him give him a lift home. He stood up to get his keys. Frankie took his chance, bent down and frenched me good, pulling only literally seconds before Gerard came back in the room. As Gerard and Frankie walked out, I headed upstairs to take a shower. I ran into my room, grabbing a change of clothes and underwear, picked up my soft black towels and headed for the bathroom. I stripped off all my clothes and stepped under the heavy flow of hot water. I began to lather on the fruity, slippery, foamy wash I always used and let my hands slip down to where Frankie’s hands had been barely minutes ago. “And to think you’re my sister!” “Gerard?!”
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