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If You Wanted Bravery, That's All You Had To Say

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Sometimes, life being like a movie can be pretty good.

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Me is back. Back again. Me is back, me is-

Okay. That needed to end.

Anyway, ME IS BACK. That's right, ladies and gentlemen- or, rather, just ladies, now that I think about it-, Don't Tell Me is backkk. I AM SO SORRY that that took so long- I just had severe writer's block so I didn't know what to do. But then, in a burst of intuition lightbulb flicks on in head, I got it: a filler!
Yeah, sorry, but since NOBODY'S AUDITIONING FOR MY OTHER DAMNED STORY so I can't start it, a filler's the only way to keep me on track. Plus, who doesn't want a little Mikey now and again, eh?
Oh, and, by the way- this chapter is dedicated to TrekkieMonster, the SPAMSLUT WHO RATED THIS STORY "HOT" crowd shifts to glare at Trexx. I was thinking of you when I wrote this. You'll see why [and Candy will be pissssssssed xDD].


You know how, in movies, things turn out a certain way and everybody watching it's like, "Man, that's so unrealistic. That would never happen"? Because everything's just so perfect that, in the real world, it just couldn't ever be true?
Well, if that's the case, and those things really can't happen, I think I'm currently trapped in some really bad film. Because this is one of those moments.
According to every member of the human population [well, every member that knows I exist, who, as it would appear, consists only of my brother Gerard, his best friend Albi, Candy, and her best friends Ray and Bob], my crush on my best friend Trexx was "outright and apparent" [says Albi], "completely and totally obvious" [says Candy], and "seriously visible, man, so you may as well fucking tell her already" [lovely words courtesy of Gerard]- that is, to everybody BUT Trexx. [And I swear to God, if you ask about the name.] But, according to everybody, she "had a crush" on me too [see?! My life is a bloody movie!!]. So when she came over today to "study" [meaning play video games, listen to music, and laugh about absolutely nothing- zero studying whatsoever] like she always does, I had no way of knowing how the day would turn out.
" comin' over today?" I'd mumbled as the final bell rang, signifying that were were free to leave.
Trexx had giggled and nodded nervously. "Um, yeah, definitely," she replied.
"Cool." I grinned, then realized that FUCK I'VE GOT BLOODY NOTHING TO SAY TO HER, and it turned awkward. Again. I missed the days when everything was completely cool between us, no "boy and girl best friends automatically have to like each other" pressure. The days before I liked girls as anything more than friends. Before I had any interest in dating. Before Trexx cut off all her hair and got so bloody gorgeous. [[And that's not to say you weren't beautiful before, Trexicle, so don't take that the wrong way.]] But then she did, and I realized "SHIT, she's pretty", and then suddenly I had this weird feeling in my stomach, and my heart started racing like I'd never before expierienced, and everytime I've looked at her since I couldn't help but blush.
Oh my GOD! Did I really just say that?! Shit! I think I've turned INTO a girl!!
Anyway. So when we arrived at my house, everything was as normal as it could be since that fateful day two years ago [yes, I did wait two years. I am a failure as a man, I know]. We went up to my room and sat on my bed next to each other, leaning our backs against the wall, and having absolutely nothing to say.
"So..." Trexx began, which was weird for her because, usually, she was so quiet. AN: you know what I realized? You actually never start conversations. Usually it's either Candy screaming something obscene at the top of her lungs or me just not being able to handle silence for more than fifteen seconds. It's okay, though, because, hey, we love you anyway. And we know that you- yeah, never mind. "Um..." Trexx turned red. "What's up with...girls?" The last word was hardly above a whisper.
I freaked out. Like, freaked out. "Oh. I, uh...what do you mean?"
"Ya know, haven't had a girlfriend in..." Trexx looked to the ceiling as she attempted to recall my last girlfriend.
"Yeah yeah, I know- I've never had one," I replied, humiliated.
"No! I didn't mean-" She looked confused. "Well...why is that?"
"Well, because I..." What? Because I've positively mad about you? Because I've never loved anybody more in my life than I love you? Because you're so unbelievably beautiful and nobody in the world could ever compare? Somehow I don't think she'd take that so well. "Because..." I slid a bit closer to her. "I guess I've never met the right person."

Well, that was bloody lame.

Trexx took the hint and slid closer to me by just a bit. "Why not? There are loads of girls around."
I nodded. "But, I..."
In that moment, something in me changed. For the next fifteen seconds, I wasn't going to be Mikey Way, the awkward, skinny nerd who'd never gone on a date. I wasn't going to be shy or scared. I was going to be confident, and I was going to come out and tell her how I felt.
"Iofyoundontwahabewithanybodyelse," I mumbled.
That could have gone better.
Trexx stared at me dumbfounded. "Did you just...what?"
Fuck confidence. I was going to be a man. Before she could react, I leaned in boldly, aiming for her pink lips.
Instead, my nose found hers and we ended up klonking heads.
"FUCK," I mouthed before apologizing endlessly.
But to my surprise, she laughed.
"It's okay," Trexx promised me. "I'm glad you did that."
I stared, uncomprehending.
Trexx looked down, embarassed. "'Cuz I...wouldn't have had the guts," she whispered.
I still wasn't getting it.
Grinning, Trexx leaned in towards me- with a lot more grace than I'd had- and kissed me. It was light and soft at first, but as time passed it got more and more intense until finally we were both about to explode for lack of oxygen. This damned close to panting, I pulled away.
"Guess you're braver than you thought," I whispered.
Trexx giggled. "Yeah. Guess so."
Sometimes, life being like a movie can be pretty good.

*Duh duh duh DAHH. Yeah, that was it...sorry. But writer's block really screws up a person. I love reviews, but ratings are beyond appreciated [well, unless they're bad...those make me sad inside.] Teehee, I joke. But if anyone WANTED to rate me nicely [no pressure xD] to overpower Trexx's "hot" -crowd glares again-, that would be just brilliant.
Thanks for reading [and not hating me for keeping you so long]. Love you to bits.
PS- I wasn't taking the piss out of my Trexicle, and I hope she didn't think I was. [I was, however, partially messing with Candy xDD But does she even read this?*
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