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To Explain the Unforgivable

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Frank and Gerard meet. And they liiiike each other. [Rating for adult language, implied violence, and homosexual relationships.]

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Chapter Four: To Explain the Unforgivable


You know that feeling you get when you're headed for something so
amazing and awesome that you can barely contain your happiness and
feel about to burst from the excitement?

Well, I don't.

At least, I didn't on Wednesday, the fourteenth of January.

Because at that time, I was running down halls I didn't know with some
girl I didn't know to find some guy I didn't know to rescue him from
something I didn't know even though I didn't know whether or not it
even occured.
I just didn't know anymore.
"I think he may be down this way," Albi informed me, skidding to a
halt in front of a fork in the hall that branched off into three
different sects. Pointing to the one on the left, she added
uncertainly, "...but I've got no idea."
Scratching my arm nervously, I asked her suddenly, "So, wait- what
exactly is going on again? Like, who are we looking for, and why?"
Albi's wide hazel eyes looked anxious and worried, as though she
didn't know whether or not to say. As she bit her lip, I rushed to
add, "You don't have to tell me."
"No no, it's not that. I just..." Exhaling, Albi relented. "Arright.
Let's just say that my best, best friend Gerard isn't
exactly...'normal'." Air quotes. "I mean, he's like the most amazing,
loving, insanely awesome person you're ever gonna meet in your life.
But he's...well, pretty different. So he is, by definition, a punching
bag for Zander, your standard mega-popular, mega-desired,
mega-bloody-stupid jock and his band of circus animals. They, like,
get off on watching him suffer, or something. It's..." Folding her
arms, it was apparent that she was searching for a word. "...It's
fucking unforgivable what they do to him- and others."
Nodded, I decided to ask her the burning question that had been
bothering me basically since she began speaking: "Are you, like, going
out with Gerard?"
After a moment of anxious silence, Albi, much to my surprise, burst
out laughing. "No," she said through her cackles. "No, definitely
I giggled with her. Even though I had no idea why it was funny.
When she'd stopped laughing, I said, "Sorry. You just seemed
really...I dunno, you just kept describing him like you were really
into him."
"Well, I mean, he's my best friend in the world," she explained. "But
I've got a boyfriend, and Gee-" Albi stopped as though she'd said too
much. "Um, he just doesn't see me like that."
I nodded again. "So," I began casually, "when you say he's
'different'...could you define different?"
Honestly, I don't know why I cared so much. But firstly, I was just
desperate to find somebody like me and, secondly, I'd gotten tangled
up in this mess and I just wanted to know the truth. What can I say?
I'm curious.
After a reasonably long, partially suspicious silence, Albi
half-squinted at me and commented, "You're no idiot, are you, Frank."
I chuckled. "What makes you say that?"
Albi almost smiled at me, though she was still looking suspicious.
"Arright, well, you've basically figured it out, so I may as well tell
I nodded in anticipation.
"Gerard...isn't just 'different'," she explained. "Gerard is gay. And
Zander doesn't like it."

Who called that? ME. I did. I knew it. Who's good.


I nodded, feigning nonchalance. "Okay," I said calmly, although,
really, I was ecstatic. It's not that I thought that anything would
happen between me and this Gerard kid, but it was nice to know, at
least, that I wasn't entirely alone.
The suspicious look was back on her face, but there this time an
inquisitive smile went along with it. "Why do you care so much?"
"I, uh," I tried, but it was no use.
"You don't need to tell me," she said, "but it would appear that
you're hiding something."
Damn again.
"Well, I..."
Albi's I-knew-it grin made it impossible to lie. Exhaling, I just
admitted the truth: "Okay. Fine. I'm..." Turning my head so I was
akwardly staring at the ceiling, I reluctantly told her, "I'm
like...your friend."
Smiling and satisfied, Albi nodded once. "Well, arrighty then. Shall
we proceed?"
Well, she's cool with this.
I nodded, happy. "Yes. Let's."
The anxious nervousness had returned to her face. "Okay, so, I think
we should check by his locker," she suggested, "which is down this
way." She gestured once again to the hallway she'd already mentioned.
I nodded. "Okay. Let's try it."
Albi lead the way down the hall. It was long and not very well
illuminated, as it was so late in the day and I assumed students
weren't supposed to still be occupying the building, but her confident
strides made it apparent that she knew her way around. As we turned
left again, we heard gentle crying noises moments before we saw the
dark silhouette on the ground, leaning against a wall.
"Fuck!" she cried before racing down the path. Panicked, I followed
closely behind her. When I reached her again, she was already on the
ground next to whom I figured was Gerard, hugging him and cradling his
"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh," she was muttering to herself as she sat back
slightly to examine his injuries.
Gerard nodded miserably, still crying slightly, even though her
presence had obviously calmed him quite a bit. "I'm sorry," he
Albi's eyes immediately filled with tears, but she didn't cry. "No,"
she stated firmly. "No. Do not be sorry. This isn't your fault. This
is Zander being a FUCKING BITCH who will rot down in hell." She shook
her head. "But this is NOT YOUR FAULT," she repeated.
Gerard nodded, sniffling. "Okay," he whispered. "And I-" He obviously
heard me breathing or something, because, although he hadn't been
looking at me, and a mess of shoulder-length black hair shielded his
face from me which obviously resulted in him not noticing me, he
somehow realized that I was there and turned to face me.

And I think I may have gasped.

Gerard was by far the most beautiful human being upon whom I'd ever
laid eyes in my life. Ever. He was a ghostly white with large, adoring
eyes that resembled diamonds. His lips were thin and pink, even though
one side donned an obnoxiously noticable gash which was seeping blood.
He was covered in bruises, obviously, but somehow it didn't take away
from his amazing gorgeousness- in fact, it almost added to it. He was
the type of person whom ugly injuries couldn't affect visually. I
swear that I fell for him right then and there.
Albi obviously noticed the way we stared at each other, because,
through her pain, she wore her already-familiar knowing, smirky smile.
"Gerard, this is Frank," she said. "He's new. He volunteered to help
me look for you. Isn't that sweet?"
Without breaking our gaze, Gerard nodded. "Y...yeah," he murmured.
"Um...thanks, man."
I nodded, barely able to speak. " problem."
And then, Gerard smiled. And if I'd thought he was beautiful before,
his smile just blew me away. I felt myself smile back at him just
because he was so insanely gorgeous.
Finally, Gerard had to turn away. "Albiiii," he groaned, trying to
lift himself up.
"Ah, ah-ah-ah." I guess that was Albi's way of...well, I dunno,
expressing some form of emotion. "Careful, now, very gentle. Where did
"Agh!" Gerard cried out as he attempted to stand. He then bent over,
clutching his side.
"Fuck, Gerard!" Albi whispered as she rushed to grab him so he could
lean on her. He did so gratefully, though still looking to be in
intense pain.
"Thanks," he managed, obviously trying not to yell out again.
Albi looked sympathetic and sad. "Oh, Gee," she whispered. Her face
and voice suddenly hardened right after. "I swear to Christ if Zander
ever walks within five hundred feet of my in class, I'm SO gonna k-"
Gerard, to my great surprise- and joy-, almost...laughed. "Thanks,
Alb," he chuckled, "but I think you may wanna grow a few inches
Albi tried to glare at him, but couldn't fight the smile forming on
her lips. "I'll smack you for that when you heal."
The two just smiled at each other.
"So, uh," I said akwardly, and both Albi and Gerard turned to look at
me at once. "Not to, like, weird you out or anything, but, um...what
do you tell to your parents when, uh, this happens?"
"FUCK!" Gerard shouted.
"God DAMN it!" Albi cried along with him. "Shit, Gerard! What do we tell 'em?"
"You know my mum said-"
"Yeah, I know." Albi looked away, appearing distracted. When she'd
calmed, she said, "Okay. Spend tonight at my place, okay? Then
tomorrow you and me and your brother will go to Trexx's." She peeked
in my direction. "You could come too, Frank."
I was pretty shocked, honestly. "Uhm, thanks, but I wouldn't wanna impose-"
"You're not," Gerard interrupted a bit too quickly. Not that I minded.
Beaming, I thanked him. "But, uh, if you guys need a place to could come to my house," I offered.
Albi thought it over. "Really? You sure?"
I nodded. "Course. Mum'll be thrilled that I've actually got friends."
Gerard grinned at me.
"...Okay," Albi finally accepted. "Thank you so much, Frank." She
seemed a lot more grateful than necessary. "Alright, so, how about
everyone just comes tonight?"
Gerard fought a grin. "That's what she-"
Albi cackled. "SHUT UP," she laughed.
Everyone laughed. Me included.
When that was over, Albi finished her sentence. "Okay, fine. Tonight,
everyone comes OVER to MY HOUSE"- she glare-smiled at Gerard, who
giggled-,"then we go to Trexx's tomorrow, and then to Frank's on
Friday. By that time you should probably look more like you were in a
subtle fight than you would like you got beat up."
By this time I was exploding with questions. "Okay, first," I started,
"Who's 'everyone'?"
Albi grinned. "All our closest friends," she explained.
"That would be the two of us, my little brother Mikey, his best friend
Trexx, and Ray, Bob and Candyy," Gerard continued for her.
"How old're Mikey and...Trexx?" I hoped I'd gotten her name right..
"And Bob and Ray and Candyy?"
Albi continued grinning. "Mikey and Trexx are fifteen, so they're both
"And Bob and Candyy and Ray, like us, are seniors," finished Gerard.
I was hugely relieved that they were my age. "And where are they now?"
Both were silent for a moment. "Um," Albi bean finally. "Trexx and
Mikey are...studying,"- the two exchanged glances and smiled-,"and Bob
and Ray and Candyy should be...I dunno, at home. Or together. No
wait," she contradicted herself before turning to face Gerard. "Didn't
Bob say he'd be somewhere?"
Gerard thought for a moment. "Actually, I think he's going to
Candyy's. Or she's going to his place."
Another knowing smile. Gerard's grin was absolutely amazing.
"Am I...missing something?" I asked.
Gerard and Albi laughed.
"No," Gerard answered honestly. "I mean, not really."
"Let's just say that a certain brother of Gee's may or may not have
feelings for Trexx that go beyond the limits of friendship-" Albi
"And let's also say that Bob may have similar feelings for Candyy,"
her best friend finished for her.
I nodded, smiling. "Ah."
Albi suddenly pulled her iPod out of her pocket and clicked a few
buttons. "Oh crap!" she exclaimed. "Yo, it is mad late. We should
get going."
Gerard nodded, and she helped him make his way down the hall, with me
beside them.
I couldn't believe it. I'd actually found friends.

Haha. You've got no idea how long that took me. Hope you enjoyed it.
[And sorry I haven't updated in so long- writer's block. SEVERELY. I am seriously this close to getting it medicated. But don't worry, chapter five is well on its way to being completed. It's just that one miniscule scene takes place in Candyy's point of view, so I'm making the real Candyy- Candyy17 is her username- write it. Thank you so much for reading, I love you all.]
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