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Chapter four

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Vincent and Reno take a breather... and a little Relaxation ;)

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Reno yawned as they got out up from the tunnel the next day. Vincent had watched around carefully for most of the night as the Turk slept off his concussion. Normally it would have been a bad idea to let a head injury victim sleep but Reno had practically passed out and Vincent didn’t have the heart to wake him. Plus it had stopped his incessant chattering as they moved.

“Ready?” He asked his new found partner.

“Yeah I guess.” Reno stretched and looked at the state of his shirt. He never could seem to keep them clean for long. He wiped his hands through his hair and grimaced as he met with the tangled knots of dried in blood and then made the shirt worse by wiping his hands. “I need to get cleaned up. This shit drives me mad.”

“You’re always covered in dirt.

“I don’t like it sticking to me.” He said a little vanity showing through. “It’s kinda like a reminder of all the bad crap I done. Got ghosts following me don’t need visible reminders.” With that he stood up and shook the tired muscles into action and grabbed his weapon. “Let’s go.” He said and marched off uncharacteristically quiet.

The trek through the sewers towards the ruined sector was for Vincent unusual as Reno set off on a fast march and didn’t start wasting time chattering. He looked around and kept his wits about him. Vincent followed aware that the rats were watching them too but paying little heed to their occasional hiss or squeak. They came to the bottom of the ladder rungs and looked up.

“I’ll head up first and check what we have.” Reno scaled it. Vincent mused that he was like a monkey when he moved and smirked.

The smirk disappeared when he heard movement. The sewers were not a safe place and years ago the sewers here had been where Cloud and Avalanche had fought an old monster called Aps. He turned to face a strange looking group of creatures. Vincent knew them affectionately as Deenglows. He fired Cerberus as one shot forwards and ducked as another tried to slash at him. Reno heard the noise and looked over the edge.

“Damn it.” The Turk muttered as he had nothing but the EMR left on him. The pyramid materia, his gun and other things removed. He was running on empty and he didn’t like it.

“It’s okay.” Vincent muttered reloading and mumbling as the thing flung shards of ice at him. Another behind him tried to attack but Vincent slashed with his claw back knocking it into the festering water. The last of the annoying things fell with an unsatisfactory plop into the water before Vincent joined Reno at the top of the ladder.

“Ready?” Reno helped him over the last of it and their eyes met briefly.

“Ready.” Vincent nodded and they headed off and up past the train graveyard before finding their way to a surface lift. It wasn’t likely to work anymore but neither of them mentioned their fears.

They found the lift and opened the doors and looked up at the shaft from the small windowed lift. Reno pressed the button and nothing happened as he expected. Vincent shot the window plate through without a word and Reno clambered up through it.

“Okay it’s gonna take a while but there is a ladder at least and my pass code can get us up top.” He smiled as Vincent joined him.

They reached the top and both Turk and immortal had to admit that the work out had left them tired out. They found an old hotel and broke in with little resistance. Reno looked around and finally found them a sofa they could crash out on that hadn’t rotted too far. Reno looked at Vincent and shifted over so they could at least get somewhere to rest.

Reno waited until Vincent looked more relaxed and then kicked off his boots and laid his head in his lap and looked up. Vincent was confused and looked down at him the silence annoying the redhead but blissful to the darker haired man. Vincent sighed and unhooked his guns and then slid back so he wasn’t getting prodded in the gut by the Turks goggles.

“Wasn’t there a chair or something? I can take the floor.” Vincent said in the end.

“I can’t sleep on my own.” Reno admitted after a lengthy pause. “I used to spend too much time alone as a kid yo. Mum and Dad were either pissed or out finding money to get pissed. I hate it…”

“Oh.” Vincent ran his hands through Reno’s long red hair. He was a consummate flirt and slept around, he had a loud mouth but he was a damned loyal Turk and he was a good friend lately. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.” Reno moved and flicked his goggles off his head. “Shit happens yo.”

“Are you attempting to undress in the slowest manner ever?” Vincent watched him.

“I could get naked fast with the right incentive.” Reno winked.

Vincent looked down at him and gave him an altogether dirty smile. Reno’s sense of arousal was peaked almost instantly and he let out a give away gasp. Vincent’s hand still playing in the redhead’s hair tightened a little and Reno moaned, he wanted that damned Turk so much and it was getting harder to ignore it.

“Don’t undress. Find another way around that.” Vincent told him.

Reno smirked, he’d wanted his hands on Vincent’s cock since he saw him but he had always tried to ignore it for fear of finding Cerberus turned on his forehead. Reno slid up to his knees on the sofa and leant up to kiss Vincent and was met with a warm inviting mouth.

Reno’s cock stirred in his trousers and Vincent moved the gloves from his hands and put one of them over the dark material stroking over the redheads growing length. Reno’s hand went to Vincent’s leathers and popped them open with his deft fingers. His hand snaked inside the warm trousers and found its way to Vincent’s organ slowly rubbing up against it.

Vincent let out a held breath when his flesh was stroked and Reno’s arm brushed against the flat of his stomach. Reno was attempting to devour his mouth too and Vincent’s kiss deepened meeting the pace as his hand worked over the slack material against Reno’s now obvious arousal.

Reno’s hand gently worked up and down his partners’ shaft, fingers moving up and down the hot muscle running over the vein and encouraging Vincent to move closer to him. Vincent responded, his hips moving and pushing up against Reno’s hand. Reno seemed to know the sweet spots all to well and Vincent’s hand grasped tighter around the material hugging over the erection with a damp patch where Reno’s arousal leaked through and against his flesh.

Reno’s hips swayed pushing Vincent’s hand on to his erection tighter and sending a delicious ripple up his spine and into his belly. Vincent moaned, Reno’s impromptu hand-job working wonders on his own impressive length. Reno wanted him but he wasn’t that impatient and noting that their surroundings were so grim he set to making him want him again by sliding his hand up and down around the wet juices flowing from the slit of Vincent’s cock and urging him to cum over his hand.

“Fuck babes… wanna see.” Reno moaned pulling from the kiss and looking into his eyes.

Vincent groaned and moved against him, he had to admit the redhead had a certain style and it was damned good. Reno’s own cock was hard and ready to explode as Vincent’s hand finally pulled it to the air and his trousers dropped around his knees. Reno muttered something and Vincent smirked, the redhead begging for him to finish him off was just too much and he did as asked with pleasure.

Reno’s grunt of arousal as he splattered hot white fluid over Vincent’s trousers sent the darker haired man off himself. The slight screw up of Reno’s face as he jerked involuntarily just too damned good to avoid watching and Vincent let out a whispered moan as Reno’s hand pulled on him, his balls tightened spending out against him and covering the redheads hand and his trousers in more seed.

There was a silence for a moment and Reno looked to Vincent, god damn the man was hot, then he moved his hand and looked around. He gave a snicker and wiped his hand down the back of the already ruined sofa and pulled his pants back up.

“Nice…” Vincent grumbled looking at the state of his leathers.

“Hey babes they are wipe clean.” Reno winked and ripped up a section of the sofa’s side and used it as a rag as Vincent tucked himself back in.

“Reno go to sleep.” Vincent told him and curled up with him so he might actually do it.

“You too.” Reno muttered already dozing off and wondered if Vincent ever did sleep. He spent that many years in the coffin that maybe he had insomnia. Reno was about to ask when Vincent put a finger over his lips…
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