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Chapter Five

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Vincent gets them one step closer to retrieving Reeve Tuesti

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Vincent woke up earlier than Reno and stretched having forgotten the redhead had fallen asleep against him. Reno was deposited on the floor and landed on the EMR which set itself off against his rump and shocked the Turk sending him to his feet.

“Shit ouch…” He patted his tender behind and then realised his headache was gone and stood there looking confused instead.

Vincent sat and looked at him but offered no apologies as he was far too amused and knew that if he tried to open his mouth he’d just end up laughing. Instead he stood up and tidied his clothes up before heading to the front door and out into the streets. They had to get to the helicopter. He wanted to get into the city where they could search the records on Palmer.

They skirted around buildings attempting to find their way around things and get the focal point of the bird as a view. Vincent took the rooftops and led Reno along the darkened streets. Reno slid along wondering what they were going to do about getting Reeve back. Sure they had the idea of who was behind it but was it actually going to help them get the executive back.

“Hey…” Vincent waved Reno and pointed, the helicopter sat untouched where it had landed. “Let’s just make a dash and go in.”

Reno and Vincent made it to the helicopter. Reno searched around and found his hidden keys and then started her up. The guns from below as they took off gave away the people knew they were leaving but the bullets pinged off the sides as Vincent watched from the passenger seat. It wasn’t the easiest of flights out but the Turk was trained for it and he took them back towards Edge.

They landed and Reno slid out of the chopper and ran off towards HQ with the sole need to get a shower and clean up. He felt disgusting and whilst he might well be tardy at dressing he was not a fan of the idea of wallowing in blood and caked on filth. Vincent followed him up the stairs not entirely comfortable with it being Shinra but at least this was for a reason and not against his will. He slid into Reeve’s office and opened the computer there checking his diary for clues as the redhead worked on the idea of getting changed.

Reeve was a busy man; the development project, in Vincent’s mind, was more of a redevelopment issue after countless attacks. He personally wondered what the deal was with someone that sensible getting drawn into the company and remaining loyal to the bastard President and then his son but then again he had a tainted view and knew it. He checked the last meeting Reeve was in and smirked, Palmer was there and the e-mail had further listings. He could use that to track down those involved he was sure.

Vincent printed off the attending names and decided to pass them to Reno if he ever got out of the shower. For someone whose hair spelt ‘dragged-backwards-through-hedge’ Vincent was impressed with the time taken. He looked around the office for other things finally lifting up a paperweight with the company logo on it and flipping it around in his hand. He put his feet up on the desk and closed his eyes.

“Yo Vinnie!” Reno tugged his hair and Vincent opened one eye. “You nodded off there.” He smirked. “So Palmers place?”

“Tell me about these people?” He handed the list over.

“Well most of them are his team… you know Palmer.” He scanned his eyes over it. “Dunno this one though.” He pointed to the last name and moved the keyboard to type it in and checked the personnel files. “Um…” Reno tapped the screen and brought the mug-shot up. “He is apparently deceased. Did we kick his bucket? How the hell did he accept a meeting when he was dead?”

Vincent looked at the picture and memorised it. Brandon Vittel hardly struck a chord with anyone but there he was, another suspect but Vincent was impatient and this time he planned to be more direct. He grabbed his phone and dialled Reeve’s number. The phone ran and rang, he was expecting it to go to the answer-phone but instead he got the familiar click of a connection.

“About time.” Came the deep voice of Vincent Valentine. “Who are you and where are you?” Reno looked up, that was pretty damned direct.

“Put the Turk on.”

“No can do.”

“I’m hanging up.”

“No you’re going to listen to me. I will give you Rufus Shinra if you give me Reeve.”

“No deal.” Came the other voice as Reno looked at Vincent, was he insane and he could get him killed. Reno started to try and distract him and was waving his hands at him. Vincent turned away and ignored him.

“All right what do you want then?” Vincent made a display of looking at the clawed glove. “I mean usually you people want something.”

“Just Rufus no deal. Just the President. That is all and then when they are gone Shinra will collapse.”

“You are more stupid than I thought.” Vincent snapped the phone shut and stood up. “Come on we’re going to get him.”

“How? You probably just got him shot in the head you freakin’ idiot!” Reno shouted.

“Oh and so how would you think that when I know where they are?” Vincent led the Turk out towards the front. “You can hear the noise in the background. They are in the haunted Ghost Square place at the Golden Saucer.”

“Do you know I hate that place? That place is noisy and I get distracted around there by the lights.”

“You have ADD… figures.”

“No you idiot.” He punched Vincent’s arm. “I mean that you can hardly protect the president or watch your target when they are hidden by giant moogles and chocobo’s.”

“Oh yeah sorry.” Vincent finally chuckled and headed out. “Let’s get out there shall we?” Reno spotted Cait Sith on the front desk and picked him up. “Come on you’re with us now.”

“Aye.” The robot cat nodded as he was carried along. “Just don’t ruffle the fur laddie.”

“Bossy.” Reno sat hopping on and setting off behind Vincent. They headed out to the Golden Saucer and Vincent checked his weapons before sliding out and heading off. “You know one day I’m gonna know what’s going on and on that day I will either be effective or hell will have frozen over.”

Cait Sith looked up at the Turk and Reno looked back before leaving him in the bird and doing a weapons check. He paid to get in to the Golden Saucer and got caught to pay for Vincent too. Reno caused a bit of a scene at the front desk with 6000 gil for his sins and not really liking this… he was claiming that back on expenses thank you very much!

Reno looked for the directions to the Haunted Hotel and shuddered. He hated the place, hated the idea of ghosts when he had his own, hated the idea of getting lost in there and hated the idea that Reeve might actually have joined them. He shoved his hands in his pockets and walked along towards the place.
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