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Chapter Six

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Vincent gets Reeve back. Mild Yaoi warning.

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Reeve was getting more and more annoyed by the enforced incarceration and had been stuck in the room for too long without news. That double-crossing fool Palmer had really outdone himself. Reeve always assumed him stupid… someone had to be helping but he didn’t know who it was.

“I hate mysteries.” He muttered to no one in particular in the dark.

“Shame you will be stuck with them for a while.” Came the voice from the other side of the door.

“Well can I at least attempt a negotiation with your nefarious leader?” Reeve closed his eyes. They had already taken his phone from him so trying to get to that unnoticed wasn’t possible either.

“Sorry but you are in no position to negotiate.”

Reeve mumbled under his breath with several inappropriate words before he gave in and closed his eyes. He heard a noise outside and opened them it sounded like a violent outburst whatever it was. It was confirmed by a round of bullets being expended and Reeve sat up and slid against the far wall out of the line of fire.

Vincent had burst into the upper floors and was not impressed to see several thugs with guns already waiting. He slid against the wall with a thud in time to avoid the rounds from their machine guns against the doorway. Vincent appeared again behind one of them and lifted him with his arm around his throat; the man kicked out and sent the table flying.

Vincent didn’t much care about the safety of the man in front of him as he was one of the causes of his current troubles. He pulled Cerberus and from behind the cowl around his neck, one of them would have sworn they could see him smile as he let the bullets free by squeezing the trigger.

Reeve watched a hole appear in the door as a couple of errant bullets in the sudden explosion whizzed through the wood. In the background there was a woman’s crooning voice of Jazz on the player and it mismatched the violence that seemed to be going on outside.

Reno ran up the stairs his EMR in his hand, ready to join him if needed but he knew that Vincent, just like Cloud, could deal with these things alone. He kept on the other side, he didn’t want to be caught in the crossfire and besides he wanted Palmer. No one threatened Shinra… Reno slid past them and left them to their fight it was time to remind that fat cat who had kept him employed all these years.

Vincent dropped the body in front of him that now looked more like a vegetable strainer than a human being. He stepped over it and passed the corpses before looking at the other door. He had no idea if he was in the right place but when it came to his friends he’d waste anyone that got in the way.

“Reeve?” Vincent pushed the door open and found the light spill in.

“Took your time.” He said relieved.

“Sorry about that… I was detained by trying to get clues.” Vincent said moving him to his feet. “Do you have the key to the handcuffs?”

“No but I am sure they can be found.” Reeve was glad to see a friendly face. “I think Pal...”

“He is.” Vincent nodded and cupped his friends’ cheeks in his hands. “I was worried.”

“I can tell.” Reeve chuckled. “How did you find me?”

“Reno flew me out and he helped. I suspect you will need to contact Rufus yourself to put his mind at rest.” Vincent started to search the bodies and look for the key. “Cait Sith is with us.”

“Oh that save’s me rebuilding him again. Thank you…” Reeve nodded. “Nice view of your ass by the way…”

Vincent looked over and shook his head. Typical, no matter what Tuesti went through he always seemed to take it in his stride. He found the key and undid the cuffs before sliding them into his pocket with a smirk.

“Any reason you are keeping those?” Reeve said following him and tidying his coat as they went along, rubbing his wrists to get circulation.

“I might put you in them again when it suits me.” Vincent said with a straight face as they stepped out into the corridor. Below them he could hear the sounds of panicked security and guests. “Do you think they deserve all this trouble?”

“Not at all. Let’s get out of here.” He nodded. “Lead on please.”

“We’ll go back to the helicopter and wait for the Turk.”

“I’m sure I can think of a way to keep us entertained while we wait.” Reeve nodded following him and out of the Golden Saucer with some sense of relief. He had been there too long and now he was going to find a way to relax one way or the other.

“You’re nearly as bad as that redhead.” Vincent mused and opened the door to the helicopter diving into the back with him as Cait Sith sat watching the buttons with a little too much curiosity.

“It killed the cat so don’t.” Reeve warned him and pressed the off button on the robot before turning to Vincent and kissing him. “Thank you for finding me.”

“Always do Reeve.” He smiled and held him against him. Reeve and Vincent had been lovers long enough to avoid it being known. Vincent moved closer to him and kissed him more passionately.

“You mentioned the redhead.”

“He’s after my ass.” Vincent smirked. “Probably already been near yours.”

“I shan’t confirm or deny. You should invite him over one night in thanks.” Reeve opened Vincent’s top pushed him against the side of the bird, Vincent slid the long blue coat from Reeve’s shoulders and started to undo his stock and shirt.

“I may.” Vincent smirked.

“Well, well…” Reno hopped in the seat. “You boys carry on. Join the mile high club.” He smirked and set the engines running. “Vincent you dawg…” The moment was utterly lost and Vincent pulled his clothes back on with Reeve who looked a little dumb struck at the intrusion. Reno laughed as they flew out and threw a day pass back to Reeve for the Golden Saucer. “That little trip cost me 9000gil so be grateful I am in a good mood.”

“How?” Reeve looked at the passes.

“I had to buy a day pass for you since Vincent had already stormed past once. Yo collaring me for the cost… I ain’t paid that much you know.”

Vincent looked at Reeve and started to laugh. He had forgotten why there were there but it was damned amusing to think of the Turk being collared by security when he was used to bullying his way around most things. Reeve must have thought the same way and laughed too.

“Yeah funny.” Reno muttered as they headed back to Edge. “I didn’t manage to find Palmer. I think I might let Tseng loose on him instead; I did my mission.”

“Oh see that I would pay money to see.” Reeve nodded. “Oh actually… no I wouldn’t.” He shuddered. The Head of General affairs was there for a reason.
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