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Chapter Seven

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Reeve and Vincent, valuable time out!

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“Yo boss…” Reno connected the speaker phone with Tseng almost immediately. “Can I go take a break now? Reeve’s back.”

“It’s true. Quite safe.” Reeve piped up with him.

“Thank the gods. Reeve do you need anything?” Tseng’s voice was almost sympathetic and Reeve and Reno looked at each other almost shocked.

“A hot shower and some peace I think.” Reeve nodded and picked up Cait Sith and switched him back on. “And maybe the cat needs his service now.”

“I’ll make sure the President is made aware.” Tseng said. “Reno is the matter resolved?”

“Not yet sir, Palmer is out there. He was behind it and we need him to be brought in but he wasn’t on the site.”

“I’ll be in tomorrow morning. Rufus will remain with Rude and Elena.”

“Yes sir.” Reno nodded. He was quiet happy with that idea as he loved having Tseng to himself, even if he got threatened for annoying the Head Turk.

Reeve left the Turks talking and headed out with Vincent to the car. He wanted to get in the shower, the days he’d spent holed up and it felt like all the dirt on the planet had got to him. Cait Sith settled on his lap as they took the drive out and Vincent kept silent on the way back. He would never understand why the world and planet was so intent on destruction; surely everyone deserved a break now and then?

“Chin up laddie.” Cait Sith smiled at him and adjusted his crown again.

“You’re annoying me already.” Vincent told him with a mild tease.

“Ah yer just glad to see me.” He nodded and Reeve chuckled as they took the drive to his place and pulled into the garage.

Vincent didn’t say a word as Reeve’s hand went to his and led him to the shower. Clothes were discarded across the bathroom and Vincent stepped into the hot water with him before their lips and water drenched their skin. Reeve’s hand ran down the well-toned immortals back, over his ass and pulled him closer.

Vincent’s cock was already starting to stir to life and Reeve noticed as he pressed closer and his hand moved around to gently press against it. Vincent had never really let anyone claim him as their own since he had woken but if he had got close to love it was probably with the charismatic leader of Urban Development.

“Mmm don’t stop.” Vincent muttered against him.

“Oh and here was I thinking you’d rather have Reno here.” He teased as he ran his hand up and down Vincent’s length getting satisfaction from it growing larger and hard against his palm and fingers.

Vincent merely smirked at that and pushed Reeve against the shower wall kissing him passionately and pushing his erection deeper into the hand already gripping it. Reeve’s own arousal was deep in the pit of his belly and Vincent’s hand brushed over his cock, his hand taking the offered length and beginning to stroke it.

Vincent’s other hand washed down Reeve’s body before they moved out of the bathroom and over to the bed. Hands played over one another, both of them eagerly kissing and touching as they landed on the soft mattress. Vincent ran his hand against his lovers’ flat belly and his tongue slid into Reeve’s mouth.

Reeve moved up against him and pushed his body against the ex-Turks. He damned well wanted him now but he also knew that some things were worth the wait. Vincent Valentine was worth the wait and he had reminded himself that for many years. Vincent let out a soft moan as Reeve’s hand trailed down over his cock and around his balls almost insisting on him feeling ready to explode.

“Good.” Vincent whispered.

Reeve smiled as he kissed over his lovers’ chest around his navel but never took the extra move down to his groin. Teasing him he kissed back up and around his jaw, his body warm against Vincent’s. Vincent looked down at him with his long black hair trailing down over his lovers’ body, their kisses becoming more fevered.

Reeve’s cock was hard, ready to burst and Vincent’s hand worked over it softly as they changed places on the bed. Vincent fell against the soft covers, black hair sprawling against it and his heart thundering in his chest as Reeve’s hand pushed his thighs apart. Reeve leant over to the bedside table and opened the small drawer there.

His hands went to the lube, slicking up his erection, his fingers, with the last of the packet spent over, them went to the immortals tight hole. Vincent groaned as Reeve’s fingers dipped into him and began to stretch him, he wanted him so damned badly, the only man he would let take him was Reeve.

Reeve’s warm body was pressing against his and their bodies were covered in a light sheen of the water from the shower mingled with the slightest of sweat. Reeve’s mouth clamped over one of Vincent’s nipples, his soft lips met the pale skin ad he nipped at one of the hardened nubs his fingers still toying with his insides.

Vincent let out a deep moan of passion desperately wanting Reeve to sink into him. Reeve felt the tight muscles around Vincent’s hole relax and he moved his fingers softly trying to position so that he could replace it with his already wet and twitching member. Reeve’s moan was of satisfaction and pleasure as he pushed past the tight ring of muscles, the resistance there for a moment before his head pushed past and deep into his lover.

Vincent arched up against him as Reeve pushed in and out, his cock sliding against his walls and slick lube and pre-cum aiding the smooth movements. Vincent’s ass was taking a pounding and his cock pushed up between their bellies; he moved one of his own hands to begin toying with it and Reeve shifted to run his hand over the top of the other mans and stroke up and down with him.

“Holy…” Reeve muttered at the tightness of his partner, hugging around his already engorged member, dragging down the walls and shuddering from the movements.

“More…” Vincent groaned as he was bruised and pounded, his prostate found he let out another deep growl of delight. He wanted release…

Reeve slid into him and out again, he shuddered as he got close to climax, his hand running over Vincent’s cock. Vincent’s own hands had moved to Reeve’s shoulders as his legs wound around his lovers and he shifted up against him seeking more than it was possible to get before he whispered Reeve’s name and shot a hot sticky load between them.

Reeve felt the liquid on his skin, smirked as he realised he’d got Vincent to a wonderful point and slammed into him a few more times. Reeve’s body met with his one last time as he spent hard inside him and leant over kissing him as his cock pulsed the last of his climax out.

“That better?” Vincent looked up at him.

“Will be when I have had another shower.” Reeve laughed.

The next morning Vincent flipped on the news and looked at the press round up. Sure as the day was long the press were having a field day about a massacre in the hotel and Vincent was about to flip it over when Cait Sith landed on his lap and joined him.

“So no mention of you?” The cat looked up.

“As of yet no.” Vincent cocked his head. “Should there be?”

“Well I would have thought Shinra would have preferred to avoid another scandal.”

“We’re used to it.” Reeve said wandering past. “I am sure Tseng will finish the trouble off in no time.

“True.” Vincent nodded. “He has a persuasive manner.”

“You mean he’ll kick the crap out and back into Palmer.” Reeve chuckled and looked at him as he handed him a coffee.

“Yes I guess so.” Vincent smirked.
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