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Chapter Eight

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Tseng ties up some loose ends, Reno asks Tseng to finish up the rest of the day with some fun.

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Tseng walked into the office, picked up the notes and looked over at Reno who was searching the list of employees he had for any further chances of trouble. Palmer was someone he had never expected to cause any trouble and Tseng knew the look on the Turks face, it was the same as his own. How the hell had they not seen that coming?

“Do you want a hand?” Reno looked up at him.

“Sure.” Tseng nodded and collected his weaponry. “You in the mood to burn some energy then?”

“Kinda.” Reno stood up. “Plus I hate it when Rufus ends up in a foul mood, he’s gonna take it out on someone if it doesn’t get resolved quickly. I know he likes Reeve a hell of a lot.”

“Hard to get good people like him to remain with the company over the years.” Tseng nodded and they headed outside. “First try I think will be his place. He might not know we’re on to him.”

“Well he hardly strikes me as the most intelligent person.” Reno nodded in agreement as he settled in the car beside his boss.

The drive out to Palmer’s place was fairly silent and as they pulled up the two Turks headed in to the apartment block. The receptionist made a point of not looking as she was scared to death of the blue suits passing her by and rumour had it that if they were going to kill someone they killed the witnesses. She sensibly kept her head down.

Tseng and Reno headed up the two flights of stairs and along the corridor in silence. Reno’s usual chatter dissipated because it was far more enjoyable to think of what Tseng would do to the guy than it was to talk at him. He practically bounded along behind his superior only stopping when he walked into the stopped figure of Tseng ahead of him.

Tseng rolled his eyes as Reno barraged into him and looked at the number for Palmers place, a large apartment in the expensive building. He looked at the door and the primitive security it had to offer. He ran his hand over the lock and bent down.

“Gods that’s a good view.” Reno muttered and handed him a lock-pick as Tseng just snorted and set to concentrating until he had broken through the lock.

Breaking into the apartment proved to bring fruition to the situation. They crashed in through it and Palmer was there trying to clear out the last of his computer and escape before they arrived. He had been, as always, one step behind the Turks. Reno closed the door behind them and Tseng moved forwards.

“You sir… have been a bad child and it’s time to go to the naughty step.” Tseng moved his hand out and under the man’s jaw pinning him to the wall.

“I’m sorry.” Palmer winced; the snivelling executive didn’t want to be tortured by the two men and was going to try anything to get out of it.

“See thing is Tseng here don’t get let out all that often and well…” Reno lit up a cigarette and looked in Palmers fridge for a beer or some wine. “I quite like watching.”

Tseng’s hand kept him pinned as Reno moved around the apartment. He snatched up the laptop and opened it. Tseng’s fingers gently curled into Palmer’s windpipe and kept eye contact with him as Reno broke into it and then began to scour the documents. Finally he un-shredded some old e-mails and got the list he required then nodded to Tseng and sat back.

“Time to go to sleep like a good boy.” Tseng said pulling out his gun with a cold expression.

“I did… please I’ll do anything!” Palmer cried out and Tseng let his grip on his windpipe relax.

“Why did you go to such lengths?” Tseng asked him. “Did you honestly think that we wouldn’t discover you in time? The President is a clever man Palmer and he rewards loyalty. You have managed to cross a very bad line and for that…”

Reno looked up as he heard Tseng’s gun thunder out loudly and Palmers eyes opened wide momentarily before he slumped in the Turk’s hand and then as he was released thudded to the ground. Blood slid down with him from the exit wound behind, the splatter leaving a clear tale to anyone that it was point blank, Tseng knew that the invisible layer of GSR (gunshot residue) was going to show the gun pressing against the entry wound.

“Nice shot boss.” Reno smiled and put the laptop aside. “Feeling better now?” He asked him with a grin.

“Much thank you. The president can come home.” He said wiping his gun down and sitting next to Reno. “Have you had much sleep?”

“Not a great deal boss. Hard to sleep when I am worried about friends and all yo.”

“Okay let’s go back to mine you can shower, clean up and crash out. Then you can sort out the reports. I’ll call clean up for here.” They sat there for a moment as Reno finished his smoke and then collected the laptop up and headed with him. Job done, now they could finally relax.

They headed into Tseng’s apartment and both men were high on the adrenaline of a hit and their work. Neither were evil men, as a definitive, but both of them were ruthless, this was their job and they would do it to the end. That was all that was expected of them and why not? That was what they had sworn their lives too… the servitude of Shinra.

“Fuck me Tseng.” Reno growled as the door slammed shut.

Tseng moved to him, their lips locked together in the hallway of his house. A clock was ticking somewhere in the house and apart from its rhythmic beat there was nothing else to disturb the silence but the two men moving around.

Tseng’s hands pulled at Reno’s jacket sliding it down his arms as they moved haphazard to the living room. Tseng fell over Reno on the sofa over the back of it as they ripped at the white shirts desperate to get to each others flesh.

The Wutai Turk’s hands undid Reno’s trousers and dove into the soft flesh inside that he noted was growing to full hardness almost the instant he got a hold of it. Reno groaned out as Tseng’s hand curled around and began to stroke it. The redhead muttered something under his breath and Tseng closed his own mouth over Reno’s.

Reno arched up against him, he wanted more of his boss, wanted the sweet raw flesh against his own and Tseng pulled his trousers and boxers down and out of his way. Clothes had been strewn from the doorway to the sofa and Reno’s hair band was ripped out and thrown idly aside as Tseng’s hands gripped the bangs and pulled him ever closer.

Reno’s hands were on the other man’s cock and around his hips. Tseng let go of Reno’s hair when the Turk wiggled down to Tseng’s cock and took it in his mouth, his lips bruising over his head and tongue sliding around under it sending a ripple of delight through the Wutai man.

“Fuck yes.” Tseng uttered as his hips rocked towards Reno as the redhead got on all fours. Reno’s hot mouth worked at his shaft, his eyes watering in pleasure as he sank deeper onto it, fuck he wanted Tseng to take him and without mercy. Tseng was getting the same idea as Reno’s mouth continued to move up and down the engorged muscle.

When Reno pulled back there was a trail of pre-cum and Tseng pulled him up and kissed him. He could taste himself on his partners’ lips and Reno’s body pushed closer against him. Reno’s cock brushed against Tseng’s and both men shuddered in pleasure.

“Fuck me… please.” Reno begged his breathing hard and laboured.

Tseng’s cock was oozing with pre-cum and his body was covered in a light sweat as he picked Reno up over his shoulder and threw him down on the bed. Tseng reached over to the bedside and grabbed the lube smearing it around his already wet length, moving around Reno’s hand as the redhead kept tugging at it.

His fingers smeared the last of the lube around Reno’s hole and he slid two in, fingering and stretching him. Reno panted as he felt him touching him and then his ass being filled by Tseng’s digits. His cock was hard and twitching as he prayed Tseng would slam into him.

His prayers were answered when Tseng moved his fingers, shifted his weight and plunged into his partner. There was a moment’s resistance before he slid past the tight ring of Reno’s ass and groaned. Both men moved limbs, Reno’s legs spreading wider to give him access. Tseng’s hands went to Reno’s thighs pushed his nails into the flesh and fucking him hard.

“Yes!” Reno yelled out as he felt the hard shaft of his boss’ cock running into him and down his walls. “Fuck yes!”

Tseng’s cock pushed hard, filling up inside Reno’s body and threatening to splatter his insides with a thick coat of white liquid soon enough. Reno groaned as the Turk’s hard length pushed against his prostate, his own hand grasping at his unattended cock, leaking pre-cum around his fingers the redhead shuddered and moaned.

With a few tugs he was spending over his hand, over Tseng’s belly and his own, white drops of his seed landing in red pubic hair as Tseng finally yelled with his own release. Reno’s ass clenching around his shaft had finished him off and he pumped into him one last time before his cock throbbed out the last of his orgasm.

Reno fell back against the bed, red hair sprawling over the sheets his sticky hand held up to Tseng’s face. Tseng took his fingers into his mouth sucking up the spent white fluid and finally he pulled back and out of him. Reno let out a whimper as he felt the emptiness of loosing Tseng inside him and fell spread eagled and looked at him.

“God I love my job.”

“Good cos one day you might actually do it.” Tseng smirked and headed out for a shower.
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