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Love Without Limits

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What happens when I can't be with the guy I love? Will I figure it out, or just sit and pout? read this epic and suspense filled horror/romance thriller to find out!!!

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I rushed out of second period. I walked slowly up the hall a little ways and looked behind me. I was looking for him again. It was practically normal by now, so I barely noticed myself. He was pretty far behind me, so I turned and headed into the classroom.
I proceeded to my seat and sat down. About 10 seconds later, he walked into the room, got to his seat diagnally from me, and set down his books. He was wearing the dress code, as was everyone else now, since my school just put the code into effect last week.

His name was Evan. He was pretty much the biggest nerd in the entire school. People did poke fun at him sometimes, but he didn't really mind that much. Sure, he'd look a little irked by it sometimes, and even after he reminded people that he was, in fact, normal, and he just got good grades, they still antagonized him. I felt really bad for him sometimes. Especially a few weeks ago when some kid tripped him in the hall, and he dropped all of his books. He picked them up quickly but a kid was laughing at him from across the hall. I would have helped him, but it all happened too fast. I was really mad at the kid that had laughed and the kid that had tripped him. But that was in the past. I felt like the only one that really understood him, and also looked past his outside nerd apparal or glasses, and saw the boy he really was. And he was beautiful, smart, talented, funny....just to name the best qualities of him.

I looked Evan's way. He was reading the book we had been assigned to read a month ago for this class.I stared at his left cheek and then turned my attention reluctantly to the teacher when he began to speak.
"All right everyone, open your grammer books to page 321 and do 1-20. Write the sentences out, too." I sighed and opened my book.
Everyone else began working and I did too. After finishing my work, some people were talking, and Evan had turned to face Mike, who was sitting on my left.
"Hey, Mike." Evan said and then started some random conversation with Mike. I listened intently and looked at Evan, as usual. Evan's face was so handsome. He had the most beautiful eyes, which were a deep shade of brown. His smile was clad in braces but white and shined pretty, like a ray of sun. He made the cutest facial expressions and his few freckles were adorable. Of course I had memorized the order in which his freckles were, but I loved him so much....
It was sooo awkward to sit between the two while they spoke pretty much ACROSS my desk. Mike and the rest of Evan's friends all knew that I liked Evan, but that was all my fault. Half of my grade knew too. I couldn't help myself! I told like, 5 people, then those five people told another 5 people, and you get the picture. But I had felt like I had to tell the world at the time, so I kinda did. It turned out embarrassing butr satoisfying at the same time, if thats possible. Evan saw that I had been listening and then looked at me. I thought I knew what they were talking about, so I joined in on the conversation and laughed when necessary. But all I was really doing was getting into the conversation so I could talk to Evan, which was almost impossible. Somehow, even though I am okay friends with EVERY one of his friends, he still doesn't talk to me unless I start the conversation. And I never have anything worthwhile to say! But it was now one minute til the end of class, and I gathered my books and he gathered his. I walked to the door and watched the clock. The digital numbers changed from 10:06 to 10:07 and we all left. I headed to my locker, put all my books away and grabbed my lunchbox. On my way down the hall I was walking with Alisia and Leslie when Evan started up the hall. Alisia pushed me and I bumped into Evan pretty hard. He said, "Oops..sorry." and continued down that hall. Alisia and Leslie both laughed and I put on a fake pout.
"That was both gratifying and horrible at the same time!" I said to Alisia.
"Sorry, I had to." she replied sarcastically.
I laughed and shook it off.
After lunch I had Reading. I entered the classroom after the teacher unlocked the door and walked to my seat. Evan entered a minute after and sat down. Once again, his assigned seat just happened to be in front and to the right of me. I got lucky. Twice.
We had another random conversation (me, Evan, Kayhla, and Jordan) and then did our work.
About 2 hours later, after 6th period, Evan came up to my locker. My heartbeat sped up super fast and I gasped right before he got right in front of me.
"Do you like me?" he asked curiously.
" a friend? Of course!" I said frantically.
" As you have a crush on me?" he replied.
"W-why do you ask?" I said suddenly getting queasy.
"I just....I just wanted to know." he said. By now we were the only two in the hall.
" you want the....truth?" I said looking at the ground.
"Yes." he repied.
"Yes." I said.
"Yes what?" he asked.
"I...I'm in love with you...yes." I replied. Holy crap. What in the hell did I just say? Am I a lunatic? The words I had just said tingled, still, on my tongue and I felt the urge to actually throw up. But I held back.
"Really? Truly?" he asked pleadingly.
"Well...yeah." I said.
"Okay. Then I wanted to you want to....well....I wanted to know..." he tried, but I saved him by replying,
"Will I go out with you?"
"Yes, that." he said and sighed in relief.
"Um, duh! Sure why would I pass up such an offer?" I replied with a smile and stared into the liquid night sky of his eyes. He blinked and it was as if feathers had dusted the stars.
"Oh thank you!" he said ans smiled so brightly the sun itself would have been jealous.
"Don't thank me....I've only had a crush on you like....forever!" I replied, suddenly opening up to him.
He smiled again, and I actually felt a weird sensation in my stomach. Then my arms picked themselves up, almost of their own accord, and wrapped themselves around Evan's shoulders into a hug. It was awkward yet enjoyable and I wanted him to hold me like this forever.
I let go of him and smiled at him one last time before getting on my way to Drama Club and he turned and headed towards the steps to go to his extra curricular---Science Olympiad. I sighed heavily and opened the door to the Drama room.
Wow. Had that really just happened? Did I pass out and dream that?
I walked, in a trance, up to my friends----Bre and Lindsey, and didn't say a word.
"What happened to you?" Bre asked.
"Yeah, looks like you died and came back as a zombie!" said Lindsey.
"W-well..." was all I could say.
"What? Jeez, you SERIOUSLY look drained." Bre replied.
"I saw Evan in the hall..." I said.
"So what? You see him everyday! We all know that you love him, but what did he do? Strip or something? You look like a ghost!" Bre said again more loudly, as if I couldn't hear her.
"N-no...h-he...he..." I gulped, but then started to laugh histarically and doubled over, and laughed some more until I was gasping more air.
"I think she's officially lost it..." Lindsey said. Once my laughter was under control I said, "He came up to me and he-he..."
"Spit it our already!!!" Bre said.
"Evan asked me out....and I said yes." I replied.
The two were silent. I stared into the distance, as if looking through the walls at nothing.
"No way. No he didn't!" Bre said. I didn't reply.
"Bre, I think he did...." Lindsey said quietly. Bre looked my way.
"Did he really?" she said awed.
"Yes." I said.
"Oh my god!!! You're going out out wiht Evan Saunders!!!" she exclaimed.
"Yeah! And it feels wonderful!!! I am so happy.....and I can't wait! And Evan, I hugged him and then he, and then I and YESSSS!!!" I said, with a surge of energy I thought had been driven completely from my body. I hugged Lindsey tightly and beamed.
My friends looked at me as I was a prison escape-y or something. I didn't care. I had Evan now. I couldn't believe it.
If I don't have a stroke or something by the end of today it'll be a miracle! I felt like I drank like a hundred cups of coffee.
This was truly the best day of my life...


About a month later, February, It was seventh period PSSA prep class. We had free time after our lesson, and Evan came up to me.
Ever since he asked me out, we were usually always together. Our was relationship was prospering greatly.
"Hey Kaitlyn. I have something for you..." He said.
"And what is that?" I asked curiously with a smile, expecting a kiss or something of that nature. But he reached in his pocket and pulled out a box. It was a small, delicate velvet box, and it was pink. It was a rosy sort of pink, like some flower, or pixie dust. He put it into my hand and I admired it before opening it.
"Evan! You shouldn't have! This is so nice..." I said. Inside was a beautiful silver necklace with a heart charm on the end of it. I reached behind my neck and put the necklace on.
He smiled and said, "Well, I felt like I-I sorta had to or being Valentine's Day and all..." he said
"Valentine's Day! I completely forgot!" I said and laughed.
He smiled and laughed. "Thats okay" he said. "I didn't want anything, besides, what would you even have got me?"
"Well, I feel bad now....I could have gotten anything but nothing!" I said.
"Really its fine." He said.
"Are you sure?" I asked.
"Of course." He replied.
"I love you Evan. And Happy Valentine's Day..." I said and hugged him.
"You too..." He said embracing my hug.
After class I walked, I was going to Evan's locker. I was gonna study for the HUGE science test tomorrow at his house.
"I'll wait for you." I said to him. He gathered his books and quickly stashed them in his locker before grabbing his coat and book bag, shoving his science book and notebook into it, then standing up.
We walked down the hall together and exited the school at the front of the building. We walked all the way down the street to turn onto his street. He only lived a block away from my best friend Bre.
He opened the door with his key and we walked in. I glanced around curiously.
"Feel free to, uh, take a seat on the couch and put your backpack down." he said politely and scratching his head. I slid my backpack off of my shoulder and onto his couch. I unpacked my science book, notebook, pencil, and bottle of water.
Evan walked back into the living room from the kitchen and sat down on the couch next to me.
"So, we better get started, this test is going to really ruin our grades if we fail..." Evan said running his fingers through his hair.
"Yeah....well I actually know MOST of the notes, but definatly not all..." I said.
"Well, same here, but I haven't memorized everything yet either." he replied.
"Well good, we're both in the same boat, here...where do we start?"
"How about, section 5?" he suggested.
"Okay." I said.
We took about two hours studying. But by the time we were finished, we knew all we needed to know for the test inside and out.
Evan suggested we go play a video game, so we went up to his room. He shut the door behind him and went over to his entertainment center and flipped the switch on for the Atari.
I walked over and stood behind him and watched him set up the game. "Atari's are so old...hehe...I dunno how they are still so fun! Its like they just stick with us or something!"
"Yeah really!" Evan said and sat down on the floor. I sat next to him and watched the screen. We ended up playing Centipede on the system for a while, but it got boring.
"So what do you usually do at home?" I asked looking at him.
"Nothing much. I like to...draw.....and uhm sometimes I just surf the internet or read something, book or magazine...." He said.
I spotted a sketch tablet on the nightstand and started to pick it up. He rushed over and took it before I could open it.
"Can I see your drawings please?" I asked.
"They're really stupid...nothing to see...really..." He said.
"Thats okay. I want to see them...." I said trying to get the tablet from him.
"No really! My drawings are horrible!" He said dodging my hands.
Finally I grabbed the tablet and sat down on the bed. He sighed as I opened it. On the first page was a beautiful drawing of a flower and a love poem was written next to it. The poem was very romantic and it made my heart burn with love.I looked up at Evan who had his face in his hands and was sitting a few feet away. I smiled at him. I turned the page and there was a beautful forest with hundreds of pine trees and a stretching mountain rangein the background.
"Evan..." I said. He looked up.
"These pictures are great. They are really really good. I draw stuff like this too. What are you so ashamed about?"
"Its just....well....its the....its the the front of the tablet, on the first page...." he said. I moved closer to him. He put his arm around me.
"What about it? I think its absolutely beautiful if you ask me...." I said.
"Its...its about you..." He said. I smiled to him.
"Really? Thats so sweet of you...." I whispered. Evan turned his head and looked at me. Then his starlight eyes flickered from my face to my lips. He kissed me softly on the lips three times. Both of my hands were on his face and I kissed him back, again and again. It was not a minute later and I hadn't noticed that my shirt was coming off. I pulled it off and started on Evan. I had him undressed a few seconds later and by then all of our clothes were lying on the floor in one big heap. It was dark outside by now and there was only dim light in the bedroom now. I kissed his neck, and he cocked his head some. I ran my hand down his body, to which he replied with a shiver of pure pleasure. He pushed me off, brushed his lips against my cheek, and whispered, 'I love you' into my ear, and I was able to feel his hot breath against the side of my head. I ran my hand from his neck lightly down, down. I pulled in closer to his body. I let him enter into my body, as I moaned his name . He grabbed my righthand and held it in his left. I tilted my head back, and squeezed his hand as he thrust himself in further. Once more I whispered his name and my body shook slightly before all of muscles went idle. He pulled out, collapsed ontop of me and tucked a piece of hair behind my ear. I was gasping for air now, and he was breathing heavy. His hand carressed my cheek and I played with his hair amelessly. Once I conjured up some strength, I pulled myself close to him and snuggled my head in close to him before settling it onto his chest. He kissed my head and fixed another piece of my hair.
So this was love,...not just love....true love....

From now on, whenever we had a test to study for, we'd study at Evan's house and I never got a bad grade in science.
Today, we were about to leave from his locker to go to his house to study for Geography.
"You almost ready?" I asked looking at his scattered books.
"Not really..." he replied trying to shove the books back into his locker.
"Okay, I have my book, so don't even bother bringing yours, just clean up." I said.
"Alright." he said and put away the last two books, and slammed his locker.
"We're good." he said and started down the hall.
We stood on the street corner. There was no crossing guard, but he was a grouchy old man anyway.
Evan looked both left and right, then started across the street. I started to follow him, but I was a few feet behind.
Slam. Screams. The terror. Car doors. People.
"Oh my god!" a lady screamed. A car was stopped in the middle of the road, right in front of where I was standing. My mouth hung open in pure fright and I couldn't move. Then my brain registered the situation. I ran up to the car.
"Oh my god, oh my god....where's..." I said a little louder than a whisper.
People started crowding around te front end of the car.
"Call the ambulance!!!" Some one shouted.
I ran up to the crowd and pushed my way to the center.
"Evan...." I said.
"D'you know him?" Someone asked me. I looked at the person, but not really, and said, "Yes...I-I d-d-do."
"Whats his name?" The person asked. I replied, "He is...Evan...Saunders." I said barely.
I ignored any more questions and knelt down in the puddle of blood that was on the street. Evan was just lying there, in the blood too...his own blood. I brushed my hand through his hiar.
"Evan....oh...Evan! Why, how did this happen to you?" I whispered. My jeans were soaking up a lot of blood but I just ignored it.
I touched his bruised cheek, and looked down is body. His leg was bleeding, and his side. He was really bleeding badly. I leaned even coser to him, put my head on his chest.
"Evan......Evan can you hear me....Its Kait, yes....and everything....everything will b-be o-okay...I promise...." I whispered to him.
I heard the sirens in the background and a guy came up behind me.
"Miss, you have to move..." he said politely and calmly.
"What?! I can't!" I said refusing to get up and leave Evan.
"Miss, I am so sorry, but you MUST!" He said urgently now.
"NO! NO! NO!!!" I screamed.
The guy grabbed both of my shoulders and heaved me up.
"NO! LET ME GO! EVAN!!! HELP! LET GO OF ME!" I screamed even louder. People looked my way. I didn't care.
"Miss, please, just cooperate...we mean you no harm..." the guys said.
"I cant leave him! He needs me...he was hit by a...a...he is bleeding!!!" I yelled into the guy's face.
"We can help him!!! We'll help him! You can ride with him to the hospital..." Th guy said suddenly facing me full on, with his wide hazel eyes bleeding into my own brown eyes.
"Okay...okay..I-I will..." I said. Then I began whispering to myself urgently, I had no idea what I was talking to myself about, but I began shaking uncontrollably and twitching. Hazel eyes put his arm around me. I still shook. My eyes were wide, my skin was freezing cold, even though it was April.
"Shhh...everything will be okay....he'll be fine..." Hazel eyes said.
"N-no..." I said. He hugged me closer, which didn't even register as weird, I just needed someone so I hugged him back and began to cry. I cried and cried loudly at first but then faced into Hazel eyes's jacket.
We gt to the hospital after what seemed like an hour. I jumped out of the car and fell to the ground because of my jelly-like legs. Hazel eyes hurried up to me and picked me up. I stood up and ran into the hospital. Hazel eyes was right behind me and grabbed me beforeI rushed in the room with the gurney.
"Let me GO!" I yelled.
"You can't go in there! You have to wait!" He said just as loud. I began crying again, and slumped to the floor. Hazel eyes sat next to me now too, against the wall.
"Now, now. Its alright...." he said. He grabbed my head and pulled it against his chest, where I still cried, getting his shirt soaked with tears. He removed his hat and set it on my head. Then Hazel eyes helped me up, and as we walked past the door to the corridor that the doctors had goen down, I heard them yell soemthing: "Clear!"
I lost it then. All of my dignity flew out the window as I wailed and cried louder and louder. I felt eyes on me and my antics, but I ignored and kept crying. Hazel eyes kept shooshing me, but I could not stop crying now. He helped me into a chair and I leaned on him and, unsurprisingly cried some more, until it wasimpossible for any more water to come from my eyes.
A doctor came out of the corridor and said, "Is anyone here for a Mr. Evan Saunders?"
"Yes I-I'm here!" I said. I ran up to the doctor and stod in front of him. Hazel eyes was right next to me.
"Well then. I am very sorry to be the bearer of bad news....b-but...we have lost him. We did all we could...he had roo much internal bleeding, I'm sorry...."
"No....NO!" I whispered at first then yelled. "HE IS NOT DEAD! He can't be! I have to see him!!!" I screamed while shaking the doctor furiously. People in the waiting room stared again and the doctor led me to his room. Hazel eyes tried to comfort me but nothign would comfort me now. The doctor gestured to the bed.

There was my poor Evan.

His face was pale and bruised, and the sheets had blood on them.
"Ev-Evan...." I whispered.
I walked up to him as the doctor left the room.
"Oh't be like this. You can live. Please, don't leave me! Not now! Not NOW!" I cried. Hazel eyes put one arm around me but I pushed it off furiously. Hazel eyes backed into the corner and stood there. I was crying now, again. I was touching Evan's still beautiful face.
"WHy wasit you? Why not me? Why not me? Why?" I said in a barely audable whisper and leaned over him.
"I should be the one lying here in blood, not you Ev....not you." I whispered. I placed a soft kiss on Evan's once warm cheek and tasted blood. A cut on his face was still bleeding. The doctor came back in and told me I'd have to say goodbye, and Evan's parents rushed in. I heard them crying in the background.
"Goodbye, Evan." I said sadly, wiping away a tear. Hazel eyes whispered something to the doctor and the doctor nodded. Then Hazel eyes caught up with me.
"Hey." He said.
"Just get away from me!Just get AWAY!" I yelled with more tears streaming down my face.
"I was told to stay with you to make sure you don't do anything...stupid." he said.
"Well guess what, Hazel eyes?" I said using the nick-name."I still live with me parents until June, so just leave me the fuck alone!"
"Hazel eyes? My name is Patrick. And I am sorry I am probably so irking, letting you cry on my shoulder and all, but orders are orders. I will escort you from home to school, and from school to home. Got it?" He said.
"Yeah, whatever..." I said and crossed my arms over my chest.


For the next couple of months, after the funeral, all I could think about was Evan. His smile, his starry eyes, his touch and how he felt that night that seemed so long ago. It was so wrong, it felt so wrong, to have graduated without him. I had nobody, and no reason to live. Thats what my 'guard' was for. He had to watch me just to make sure I didn't kill myself. He slept at my house at night and even visited during the day. He was getting really annoying.
As I lay in bed, all I could think about was how Evan could be here right now. He could be lying next ot me, or kissing me. If only he didn't get hit by that car. That god damn motherfucking car!!! I slammed my fist on the nightstand and grabbed the sleeping pills fro the drawer. I popped two of them and layed back down. Tears swelled up in my eyes.
A chilly wind blew in my room, and it blew through the blankets. I pulled the blankets up further but it was still freezing cold. Then it was suddenly warm again. How strange...
About ten minutes later, I got frustrated. I still would not fall asleep. I cried some more and picked up the bottle of pills from the nightstand. I stood up off of the bed and turned the light on. I read the label, and opened the cap. I poured about fifteen into my hand.
JUst as I was about to put them into my mouth, Patrick walked into the room.
"Woah, woah, woah!" he said and ran up to me and grabbed the pills out of my hand. He deposited them back into the bottle and asked, "What are you doing? You'll die if you take all of those!!!"
"I know. I need to be with Evan though....we can be together in heaven if I kill myself." I replied rather calmly.
"Alright! This is getting to be too much! First of all, if you kill yourself, all suicidals go to hell, okay? And second of all, you have to get over Evan's death already! Its been months! Crying and dying or anythig else you had in mind won't do you any good at all! Stop trying to fucking kill youself! He is never coming back and thats the end of it! Just because you cry wont make him live!!!" He said and ended the speech by shouting. I cried more and more as I thought about this. Patrick was right. Evan is gone. Forever. I need to get over this.
"I'm sorry Patrick. I-I just loved him so much, still do, and I couldn't get over that I'll nevr see him again...."
"No its fine. I am sorry too. I shouldn't have said that, but it was for your own good. And if you weren't going to realize what I said, then I had to tell you..." Patrick replied.
"I understand..." I whispered into Patrick's sleeve.
"Good. Now get soem sleep. You must be tired." he replied. Then he picked me up and put me onto my bed. I told him goodnight and fell asleep.

The next day, I woke up early despite last night's escapade and made breakfast. I sort of felt lighter. As if I had finally gotten the dead burden of Evan's death off of my back and could start over. I fried some eggs, and Patrick woke up from his snoring on the sofa and walked over to me.
"Making breakfast, are we?" he asked wiht a curious smile.
"Uh, yeah." I said. I pulled the toast out of the toaster and buttered it. I handed a slice to Patrick and gave him his plate of eggs.
"Thanks." He said. "I'm really glad that you are getting over this..." he added chewing on his toast.
"Your welcome. I was just being stupid. Why hadn't I realized that crying would get me no where?" I said and sat down at the table.
"Exactly. Now you can start living your life again. Meet new people..." He said staring at his eggs.
"Yeah!" I agreed.
Maybe now now I could really have a life outside of the sorrow and pain.....a real life....and something to live for...


My first job interview was today. I got dressed and ready. Fixed my hair. Put a little make-up on, then headed out the door.
I was being interviewed for a job as a secretary for the boss of Mattel toys. The interview lasted about an hour, bu the job interviewer liked my statistics and abilities, and I got the job! I was so happy, I called my parents and told them and even called Patrick.
"Hello?" he said when he answered the phone.
"Patrick? I got the job! Isn't this great?!" I said.
"Really? Thats awesome! I'm at work right now, so I have to go, we just got a call."
My face fell. I hated when he got calls. It made me sad to think that someone was hurt. "Okay. Bye Trick" I said and hung up.
A freezing cold wind blew around me. It was September, but it wasn't that cold yet. I pulled my jacket around me closer and looked up to the sky. It was sunny. No trees were blowing in the apparent wind.
"Well, thats odd." I said to no one in particular. The cold windwent away after a few minutes and I continued walking down the street.

When I got home, I had a little lunch. Patrick wouldn't be home until 6 or 7 tonight, so I was home a alone for a while. I flipped the television on and sat on the sofa to watch. Five minutes into the program, the Tv just shut off. I glanced out the window to see if it was storming or something. Nope. It was sunny and bright out side.
"Oh whats wrong with you now!" I said to the television. I stood up and decided to take a nap. I headed up stairs to lay down.

I was awoken at around four o' clock by the sound of the phone ringing. I got up and hurried downstairs to answer it.
"Hello?" I said.
"Hello?" I familiar voice said back.
"Who is this?" I asked.
"Who is this?" the voice said back.
"This is Kaitlyn Grey, who are you?" I asked.
"This is Kaitlyn Grey, who are you?" said the voice. It was me. I was talking to myself.
"What the- who is this, really? I'm not kidding!" I said.
The 'other' me repaeted exactly what I had just said, exactly the same way.
"This isn't funny! Whoevr this is, I am gonna be really ad when I find out!" I yelled into the reciever. I listened to the voice say back to me the exact same thing. Then I scowled and hung up. My pulse was pounding. Woah. That was really freaky.

The phone rang again. I hesitated at first, but answered.

"Hello?" I asked.
"Kait?" someone said.
"Oh, its you Bre!" I said in relief.
"Yah, whats up, long time to chat!?" she said.
"Uh...did you just call me?" I asked.
"No...why?" she asked curiously.
"Bre, can I tell you something?" I said.
"Yes." she whispered now.
"Someone just called me,and they kept repeating exactly what I said, and in the same tone. I could swear I was speaking to myself..." I said.
"Are you sure you didn't just pick up the reciever and talk into it?" she asked with concern.
" I am positive the phone rang. Plus, the voice repeat what I said AFTER I said it, not at the same time...." I replied.
"I dunno who that could have been, but are you okay?" she asked.
"Yes I'm fine, just a little shaken." I said. My bones were buzzing.
"Okay, well just, lock your doors, and don't let anybody in....just in case...alright?" she said.
"Okay Bre. Bye." I replied. She made me even more scared by tellign me to lock my doors. My fingers shook as I pressed the button to hang up.
I leaned against the wall and took in a deep breath. I walked over to the door. I locked it in all three spots. There were three latches.
I started to walk away from the door, when someone knocked at it. I spun around and got to the floor. They knocked again.
I have to see who it is, I thought.
I stood up slowly to look through the peek hole.
No one.
There was absolutely no one there. I moved my eye and waited for another knock.
Another knock, and my eyes flew to the peek hole.
Still no one.
Now there is no way someone could get away from the door that quick! I made sure the locks were still locked and walked back inot the kitchen. I sat at a chair and ran my trembling finger through my hair. Then I put my face in my hands. I sat like this for a minute or two before I felt someone tap me on the shoulder twice, as if they wanted my attention. My head flung around.
There was no one to be seen.
I stood up slowly. I rubbed the tears out of my eyes hastily.
"If there's anyone in here, take whatever you want, just leave me be, please..." I said with a quavering voice.
A cold breeze blew on my face. A door in the hallway creeked and the phone rang, and the doorbell rang and someone knocked at the door and tapped me on the shoulder all at once.
"STOP! STOP IT RIGHT NOW!!! I HATE YOU I HATE YOU! GET OUT!!!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. I cried uncontrollably and fled the kitchen up the stairs to my bedroom. I cried into the pillow until my eyes were sore and my head ached.

Someone shook me awake.
"Huh?" I said sitting up.
"Kait? You are sleeping facedown on the bed.You scared the shit outta me! God, I thought you were dead or something until I heard you snoring as loud as you were!" Patrick said.
"Patrick, thank god you're home! I had the worst day!" I said throwing my arms around him.
"But you got the job, whats wrong?" He asked.
"Oh, when I got home. First it was the TV, then the phone, and the door. Patrick, someone was at the door, and they, they were in HERE. They kept tapping my shoulder!" I whispered in terror.
"Are you sure?" he asked still in a whisper.
"Yes I swear. I am positive." I said.
He sighed, "Well they must be gone by now..." he said. Then he layed next to me on the bed.
"Yes, possibly." I replied. He turned to face me and his liquid looking hazel eyes that I'd known him for smoldered into my face for a second. I swallowed and moved in closer to him. I ran my hand down his cheek. He was warm, unlike the harsh wind that hd blown on my face earlier. I suddenly felt the need to kiss him. I leaned in and kissed his lips softly. Tears trickled down my face as we kissed. He pulled away and asked, "Why are you crying?"
"Its just...I was just so....afraid. I was afraid" I said. He brushed the tears off of my face and kissed me again.
"I'm here now, don't be afraid anymore..." he whispered. I rested my head on his chest and said, "Patrick, I love you."
"Really? Truly, you do?" he asked after a brief moment.
"Of course I do. And I never thought that I'd ever say that to anyone ever again....not after...." I whispered into his ear.
"I know..." he said. The cold breeze blew fiercly in the room.
"Whats that?" Patrick asked.
"I dunno, it feels like the wind, doesn't it?" I asked.
"Yes, but its so cold." He said. Then it was gone. I pulled Patrick closer and he kissed my forehead.
"I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you. There. I have always wanted to say that." Patrick said. I giggled and snuggled as close as possible to him. No wind bothered us for the rest of the night.


The next morning I explained to Patrick about the whole phone and door situation. He was very confused and said to always keep the doors locked anymore, no matter what. I agreed. Patrick left for work, and nothing or no one bothered me all day.
Only once, when I was drinking my ice tea, I found it on the opposite side of the table that I'd left it on. But I ignored it.
Later when Patrick came home, he asked me what had happened today.
"Nothing was wrong all day. Except at around 3pm I was drinking soem tea and I found that the tea was on the left side of the table when I clearly left it on the right side..." I said.
"Not leats there was no wind today or anything." he replied.
"Yeah...but...there is still something I want..." I said smiling.
"What might that be?" he asked seeing my hidden smile.
"I want you." I said grinning at him.
"Oh really? And who's to say I didn't want you way before you wanted me?" he said playfully twirling my hair.
I laughed and we staggered up to the bedroom. I shut the door behind me and he backed me against the wall. He was kissing me roughly and he had aparently gone hard, I could feel it against my inner thigh. Our bodies pressed close together, I pushed him onto the bed, he laughed and undressed. Our clothes hit the floor silently and he trailed his lips up my chest and neck all the way to my lips before kissing them. His tongue danced in my mouth. He tasted like heaven. How did I get so lucky?
He slid his hands under my bra in one swift motion. I gasped at that but I got revenge. My hand found its way down the front of his boxers with a proceeded moan from him, barely heard through his kiss. I grinned between kisses.
Finally he pulled away for breath. I pulled his boxers off and my bra and undergarments were next. I gazed into Patricks eyes and someone tucked my hair back behind my ear.
"Thanks Trick." I said.
"What?" he said.
"For tucking that piece of hair back, duh!" I said.
"Sorry, I didn't do that...." he said and continued to kiss my neck.
I made a face but shook it off. Patrick spread my legs before entering me.
"Oh...Patrick...." I moaned.
He grunted with his first thrust in and sent shivers down my spine. I moaned loudly but he thrust once more. A third time and he had come. It made me all warm inside and fuzzy before he collapsed onto my chest breathing heavily. I sighed and he tapped me on the shoulder.
"Hm?" I said.
Patrick looked up. His hands were at his sides. "What?" he said breathlessly.
"Y-you tapped my shoulder, didn't you?" I asked.
"Uhm, nope..." he replied. My eyes grew wide.
"Patrick, someone just tapped me on the shoulder..." I whispered.
His eyes grew wider too, and he looked around. "There's no one in here, Kait..." he said.
"But Tricky, someone tapped my shoulder, I'm sure of it!" I said.
"Oh my god!" he said.
"What!?" I said urgently.
"Dont move. Something is touching my face....someone's fingers are feeling my face..." he whispered.
"I told you..." I said.
Patrick sat up and put his boxers on. I put my underwear on and my bra and pajamas. Patrick sat at the end of the bed looking genuinely confused. I sat next to him. Some one was touching me again. I stood up.
"Trick, someone's touching me. They're hands are running down the sides of my body. Just then a strong wind blew my hair everywhere, it was so strong it almost blew me over.
"What the hell is going on here?" Patrick said staring at my hair that had blown in the wind.
"I have no idea Trick. But I'm scared...." I sniffled. The cold fingers wiped my tear and I gasped.
"STOP TOUCHING HER!!!" Patrick shouted, standing up.
"Calm down Patrick...." I said.
"Calm down? We're being harrassed by some....some...invisable thing and I'm supposed to calm down?!" he said with anger and concern. Then Patrick drew back.
"The thing hit me! It just slapped me!" he said.
"Patrick! Where did it hit you?" I asked.
"It just slapped my arm!" he said. "GO BURN IN HELL!!! GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!" he yelled to the thing.
"Patrick, I think it might be a ghost...." I said.
"A ghost? Well thats....a logical explanation for it." he said. "But how do we get it to leave us alone?" he asked.
I looked around. "Please, if you're a ghost, can you please go home? We mean you no harm, and if we've done anything to displease you, please let us know, or just...well....please leave us alone...." I said looking around the rooom speaking to the ghost.
The lamp flew off the dresser and smashed across the floor.
"Thats it! We're leaving! Lets get out of here!" Patrick said and grabbed my wrist. We ran down the steps. My pace went balistic. Patrick reached for the door handle when all of the latches slid into place to lock the door. I whimpered, and he unlocked them.
They relocked themselves. Patrick ran to the back door. Locked.
"Why are you doing this?!" Patrick asked. No one answered. I ran up to him as he slumped down the wall in defeat.
I cried and cried. I was terrified. Out-smarted in my own house. A book flew across the room and hit Patrick square in the head. It knocked him clean out. I screamed and ran back upstairs. I jumped on the bed and sat there crying. The wind blew again as strong as ever, sending papers flying around the room.
"What do you want from me?!?!?!" I yelled. SOmething drawers opened and closed by themselves. A small object flew at the bed. It huit the wall and tumbled down the pillow to land right in front of me. I stared at it. It was a small, pink velvet box. Tears welled in my eyes and began cascading down my cheek. My hand shook as I picked it up. I rubbed it against my cheek. The velvet wasn't very soft anymore, for it had gotten a bit crusty and hard from all the tears falling on it so long ago. I opened it and saw the still beautiful silver necklace. A tear fell onto the necklace and color flickered in front of me. I gasped and looked up. Another flicker and the outline of a person, a man. I pulled my knees up to my chest and sniffled. Two more flickers occurred and then a person appeared in front of me as if by hollogram. Their face was calm, beautiful, and familiar.
"Wha-what...Ev-Ev...Evan?" I said.
He nodded. I tried to throw my arms around his shoulders, but my arms went through the 'projection' of his body and I almsot lost my balance.
"I want to hug you. God, why can't I HUG YOU!" I screamed.
"Shhh..." he said.
"Why are you here? Why have you dragged out all of my memories like this? I was happy!" I said.
"I love you Kaitlyn." Evan said.
"What? Y-you do? But you can't and your....Evan your dead..."
"I know. I got hit by a car. But you love me, don't you?" he asked.
"Evan...oh Evan....I-I....I don't know....I have someone else now...and you've been gone for so long...." I said.
"I can fix that. Patrick doesn't have to live. I dunno what you see in him anyhow..." he said
"NO! Evan, don't! I'm in love with Patrick now, Evan! You can't kill him! I love him!" I shouted.
"Don't you love me?" he asked.
"I do love you Evan. I always will. But you are gone. I'll never see you ever again, and Patrick says that-" I was interupted by Evan shouting, "PATRICK?! That nitwit? Why you listen to everything he says is beyond me!!!" he screamed.
"Evan, I don't love you!!!! Its not my fault! I have to have a life! If I kept loving you even though you were dead, I'd surely go crazy!" I said.
The room was silent.
"Your right." he said quietly.
I sighed. He put his arm around me. His skin was cold.
"I'm so sorry Evan. I will always have a place for you in my heart...." I said. He smiled and put the necklace around my neck.
"You have to promise me something." he said.
"What? I will do anything for you...." I replied.
"Don't ever take this necklace off. Wear it like its a piece of me. It will always keep me with you. Forever." He said.
"I will." I whispered. And with that, he disappeared.

I was so shocked by Evan's appearance that I completely forgot about Patrick. I sprinted down the steps and found Patrick still slumped against the wall.
"Trick! Patrick! Wake up!" I shouted.
"Huh?" he said and looked around.
I helped him stand and put him on the couch. I told him all about Evan and my promise and you know what?
Patrick looked up and said, "Thank you, Evan. And, I don't hate you. You seem like an okay person. Best wishes."
I smiled and the heart charm on my necklace turned warm against my skin.
Love was such a valuable thing. So elusive....intricate....I recited from Evan's poem that I'd read so long ago.


A few weeks later, I was sitting on the bed next to Patrick waiting. We were staring at a small white object, anticipating an answer.
A few seconds later, a plus sign appeared on the screen.
"Oh my god! Patrick, I'm pregnant!!!" I said loudly.
"I can't belive it!!! This is great!" he said.
"Are we ready for this?" I asked.
"Of course we are!" he said and smiled. I hugged him tightly and smiled too.

After a few months, I was in for my first check. We got to see the baby, and the doctor asked, "Would you like to know the gender?"
We both nodded and said yes.
"Congratualations! You'll be giving birth to a baby boy!" the doctor said.
"Oh really? Thank you so much doctor!" I said. Then I looked at Patrick.
"Oh Tricky what will we name him?" I asked.
"I think I have an idea. How about Evan. That name sounds suitable, don't you think?" he asked with a huge smile.
I smiled back and said, "Thats a wonderful name."
My necklace once again became warm and tingly. Kind of how I felt on the inside right now.
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