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Dance with me

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Gerard makes a move!

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"When it comes to your are NOT the father!" came the voice of Maury telling the couple the bad news. Rhiannon inhaled sharply in response already in 'going out' clothes when she heard a soft knock on her door; it must have been Gerard. She turned off the T.V. and got her bag walking to the door. She opened the door seeing Gerard standing there wearing all black yet again. Rhiannon kind of wondered if black was this dude's favorite color because that is what he wears all the time!

"Shall we go?" he asked smiling sweetly at her, she nodded locking her door and walking to his car. He opened the passenger door for her which was a shock for her; no one had ever done that before.

"Thank you" she said softly going in the car. He closed the door and got to his side starting the car.

"Welcome" he finally said starting the car and driving off. They were not talking through-out the drive, his car smelled like cigarettes so she guessed it was alright to pull out her pack and lit one up. They finally reached the party being held at someone's house, there were a lot of people there mainly on the lawn drinking and having a large time.

Gerard open the door for Rhiannon as she got out, she smiled at him but was cut off guard by someone tackled.

"Rhi!" Mandy squealed hugging her tight "I'm so glad you came!"

Rhiannon laughed hugging her back "Me too" Mandy waved at Gerard as she took Rhiannon's hand "Come on!" she yelled dragging her into the house, Gerard walked close behind.

"You didn't tell me Gerard had a skin condition" Rhiannon told Mandy as they were sipping beer.

"Oh, sorry about that well at least you two are getting along" Mandy said "I'm told he likes you"

"Really? Well I wouldn't know he hardly talks" Rhiannon said looking over at Gerard who was sitting on the couch doodling on a napkin.

"Oh Mandy!" they heard Frank coo coming to them and grin "Care for this dance?" he asked taking her hand, she nodded and waved Rhiannon as they go to where people were dancing. Another song began to play, it was a slower song. Rhiannon was still sipping her beer looking around when she felt someone come up behind her.

"Dance with me" Gerard whispered in her ear softly taking her hand. She followed him slowly as they go to the center of the dancing couples and they began dancing slow. Gerard wrapped his arm around her waist as she wrapped her arms around his neck. At first things were going alright, but then she felt as if her mind was going blank with no thoughts at all. Gerard gently lays his head on her shoulder breathing softly on her neck; she had to admit it felt really good. She closed her eyes as she was being moved in the slow dance that they were sharing. All of the sudden she felt Gerard's lips pressing onto her neck softly sending shivers down her spine.

The music was over and her brain was turned back on. She opened her eyes looking at Gerard who was looking back at her, Rhiannon blushed a deep red.

"I'll be right back" she said almost breathless and walked to the bathroom.
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