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Sensetive Skin?

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Guess who Rhiannon sees again?

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Romance - Characters: Gerard Way - Warnings: [X] - Published: 2008-06-21 - Updated: 2008-06-21 - 398 words

It was another boring day at the Record Store which left Rhiannon bored to tears. She took out a punk magazine and was flipping through the pages when she noticed someone coming into the store. He was wearing what looked to be a heavy black jacket, in fact he was wearing black head to foot holding an umbrella; thing was, it wasn't raining outside, it was actually pretty sunny.

She looked in curiosity as the guy put the umbrella down and removed his shades and she recognized who it was; it was Gerard.

"Hey," she said smiling a little; she still didn't know his name. He looked up at her and smiled sweetly at her.

"Hey," he replied leaning against her counter. "Why is there no one here?" he asked looking around.

"Hardly anyone comes here,” she said and rolls her eyes. “But anyway...why are you with an umbrella?” she asked looking at his black umbrella.

"Oh," he said. "Skin condition," he replied.

"As in Michael Jackson skin condition?" she asked, that would explain why he was so pale.

"Yea, I got sensitive skin," he nodded. Rhiannon nodded back and put her magazine away.

"You know I still haven't caught your name," she said leaning on her side of the counter.

"Really?" he asked in a confused face. "Wow I didn't know that, it's Gerard," he finally told her his name.

"Well I'm Rhiannon in case you didn't know," she said smiling sweetly at him. He nodded secretly trying not to look at her without blushing.

"Well listen," he said looking at her hoping he wouldn't blush. "Me and the guys are gonna hang out tonight at a friends party, I was wondering if you want to come along?"

Rhiannon looked at him in sort of a panic, maybe this was another date. She then decided to just go with it and replied "Sure I love to."

Gerard smiled at her. "Great," he looked at his cell phone. "I better get going, see you tonight," he put on his shades and went for the door but Rhiannon stopped him.

"Wait do you know where I live?" she asked, he turned to her and nodded.

"Mandy told me," he replied. "See ya," he left opening the umbrella and walking away.

"What a strange dude," she said out loud, but shrugged it off and decides to read her magazine.
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