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Chapter Twelve: I’ll Never Let You Go, Don’t Ever Forget.

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FINALLY AN UPDATE!! Sorry i've taken so long. I haven't been in the mood for writing. Think of this as a christmas present, aha. Erm, yeah. Ten questions.

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Chapter Twelve: I’ll Never Let You Go, Don’t Ever Forget.

“Oh. Oh! In that case, I need to do something…” he smiled, walking towards me and backing me up against the wall. Frank’s hands were either side of my face. He leant in and touched our foreheads together, his breath fast and hot over my mouth. I parted my lips slightly, looking down my nose at Frank’s open mouth and eyed the curve of his lip ring.
Frank smirked and let out a shaky breath before biting the corner of his lip.
“Frank?” I asked in a hushed voice.
“Can you just kiss me now?” he grinned and crashed his lips into mine, softly. His lips moulded round mine, smooth but rough at the same time. Frank’s right hand left the wall and his fingers intertwined in my hair, pulling it slightly. I smiled into the kiss as Frank ran his tongue over my lips to which I sighed, my mouth opening and Frank’s tongue taking advantage.
“Wait,” I said, breaking the kiss.
“What?” Frank moaned, trying to kiss me again. I dodged his lips.
“Are we together now?”
“Yes.” he mumbled, his eyes still closed and still trying to kiss me.
“So are we going to go on a date?”
“If you like,”
“Aren’t you going to ask me?”
“Will you go on a date will me tomorrow, Gerard, my love?”
“Where’re you taking me?”
“I haven‘t decided yet. Just kiss me you fool.” I didn’t need anymore encouragement.


Frank and I went back to the park to find Sean and Bert under a tree a little away from where we were sitting. From what I could see they were laying on top of each other.
“They didn’t hang around did they?” sniggered Frank, linking his fingers through mine. I smiled and squeezed his hand. Kat turned round when she heard us.
“Hey guys. Everything work out?” she smiled, eying our joined hands.


We went to get coffee, not bothering to interrupt Bert and Sean. We finished our coffees in near silence before Frank started asking questions.
“One. When’s your birthday?”
“April ninth.” I leant a little across the table to Frank.
“Two. Do you like kissing me?”
“Very much.” I blushed and leant closer.
“Me too. Three. Have you ever jacked off because of me?”
“I’ve hardly known you long enough!” I sprung back from Frank and sunk into the chair.
“That’s not the right answer. Three. Have you ever jacked off because of me?”
“Uhhh.” I grimaced and moved closer to Frank again.
“That’s not a word.”
“Yes! Okay?” I said leaning so close our faces were only inches apart.
“Sorry, what? I didn’t quite get that,”
“Yes! I’ve jacked off to the thought of you!” I shouted. At that moment the coffee shop went quite and all eyes were on me. I leant back against the chair again, wishing I sound become part of it. Frank coughed and everyone turned back round, returning to there now uneasy awkward conversations.
“Shitting hell, Frank! Now the whole shop knows I jack off over a guy. Thanks”
“Let’s go to yours.” he said, getting up and taking my hand, dragging me out the café.
“Four. Are you a virgin?” I sniggered, remembering that I already knew Frank was a virgin and that I was his first real boyfriend.
“You still want to play the game?! After that?!“
“I’m the one asking now.“
“No. I‘m not.” he fake gasped.
“Five. Was it male of female?”
“I don’t think that really mat-”
“Male or female?” he said frowning.
“Girl.” I rolled my eyes.
“Six. How many times have you has sex with a girl?”
“Frank! I’m not answering that!”
“It’s been that many times? Five. How many times?”
“That was two questions.”
“Six! How many times?”
“I don’t know. I had a girlfriend before and we used to have sex. A lot.”
“Seven. Would you ever have sex with a girl again?”
“Not now that I’ve found you.”
“Eight. Would you like to have sex with me?”
“Nine. Why won‘t you answer that question?”
“Because I don‘t think it‘s very appropriate.”
“Nor do I. Ten. Do you think we‘ll ever have sex?”
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