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Chapter Eleven: You’re Running After Something That You’ll Never Kill.

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Chapter Eleven: You’re Running After Something That You’ll Never Kill.

Awkward. I thought to myself. I didn’t think it would be this bad! Actually, in all honesty, I thought it was going to be worse. So on the plus side, it’s not! If that makes any sense.
“Hey, Sean!” I heard Frank call across the park. I looked at Bert, who was busy looking at Sean who was walking closer. This Sean person, who I’d never seen before, must be good looking because Bert wasn’t looking away.
“Fucking hell.” Bert whispered, as to not let Frank hear. So. He’s that good looking, is he? “He so, so fucking…” he paused and squinted at him. “Ugly. Ugly. Ugly.” I snorted by accident and covered my mouth, Frank turned his attention to me, scowling. I waited until Sean had sat down next to Frank. I glanced up, through my hair at Sean. I had to lock my jaw to stop my mouth falling open. Bert had to have been lying. There is no way in hell anyone could say this guy is ugly. No way. There was also, no way in hell Frank would choose me over him. I looked up and glanced at Frank, who instead of looking at Sean, was looking at me. I looked away, blushing. Sean grabbed Frank’s head and pulled him into a kiss. I grimaced and rolled my eyes. I glanced back quickly at then to notice Frank had one of his eyes open and was looking at me. Why? why? to see what my reaction would be? Why would he even bother? This is so pathetic. But no matter how pathetic, two can play at this game. I smirked. I turned to Bert who was looking away from me, across the pond. I put my hand on his cheek and made him turn his head to look at me. Once he was facing me, I latched my lips onto his, in a rushed, ruff but passionate kiss. Bert, who was still tensed due to the surprise, loosened up and started kissing me back.
To my surprise, I was enjoying the kiss. It wasn’t Frank’s lips attached to mine. It was Bert’s. But I had to say, this was possibly one of the best kisses of my life. Maybe it was the adrenalin from trying to make someone jealous, trying to make them choose me over one of the very almost, hottest guys I’ve ever seen. I closed my eyes and focused on Bert. I felt one of his hands run up my chest. I didn’t care. All the more to make Frank jealous? Right? I let Bert carry on running his hand up my chest, he stopped at my throat, before then moving his hand to the back of my neck and pulling me more into the kiss. Our tongues met, unromantically, animalistically in one another’s mouths.
“Frank! Come back!” I heard a female voice call, Kat’s maybe? I pulled back to see Frank storming off towards the bridge, Kat following him. Sean was looking at the back of his lover, but making no effort to get up and follow.
Sean turned to look at me, he nodded.
“Hey,” he said, smiling. someone obviously didn’t know about me and Frank. I opened my mouth to reply when Bert shouted,
“You’re a wanker Sean.” I swear if it were possible, Sean’s eyes would’ve popped out his head and hit Bert in the face.
“What?” he asked, genuinely confused.
“Didn’t you know? Frank and Gerard were together? Before you ruined it!”
“Er, Bert. I think Frank was with Sean first…” I cut in.
“Shh, Gerard!” he ordered me. I looked at Sean, apologetically.
“I’m sorry, Gerard! I didn’t know…” he trailed off.
“It’s okay, Sean.” I smiled.
“Gerard! What are you doing?” Bert asked, his voice hitting a new higher note.
“What, Bert? Can’t I be nice to him? He’s being nice.”
“Him making out with Frank wasn’t nice…”
“He didn’t know I liked Frank, he didn’t even know I knew Frank!”
“Mmhmm.” was all Bert said.
“I really am sorry, to you and to Bert. Bert, can you accept that?”
“Mm. Yeah, I guess.” I smiled and leant forward to hug Sean. I saw Frank and Kat returning while I was looking over Sean’s shoulder.
“Shit!” I said, quietly, but Sean heard.
“What?” he asked.
“Frank’s coming back,”
“Ah, don’t worry about him! He’ll calm down in a minute,”
“You Sure?”
“Yeah! He’s always like that! It’s fine, just wait for him to sit down.” I stayed hugging Sean until Frank got closer.
“For fuck sake, Gerard! What the fuck is wrong with you? Can’t you keep your hands of someone for five minutes!? I hate you.” he shouted at me and ran back in the direction on the bridge. I got up.
“I’ll be right back, Bert and Sean,” I apologised and ran after Frank. I got to the bridge and saw Frank sitting, his knees up under his chin and his hands wrapped around his legs. “Frank?” I said, quietly, moving towards him. “What’s wrong? What have I done? It was you who led me on when you had Sean!” I sat next to him and out my arm round his shoulders. “Frank, talk to me…” I said, lifting his head from his knees. “Look at me!” he turned his head.
“Sorry, Gerard. I’ve been… so- out of order.”
“You’re telling me!” I scoffed.
“I really am sorry. Just when I saw you, I thought. Well, I thought you were the best looking guy I’ve ever seen! I couldn’t help myself! But then there’s Sean, and I was already with him and I really like him! I couldn’t break it off with him because I know how much that would hurt him!”
“I understand…” I sighed. “But I don’t understand why you think I’m good looking! Over Sean! I mean, Sean! He’s one of the best looking guys I’ve ever seen!”
“Who’s the top hottest guy you’ve ever seen?” I blushed. “Give me clues! Do I know him?”
“Is it Bert?”
“What colour hair does he have?”
“Your colour.”
“What colour eyes?”
“Your colour eyes!”
“Why does he have everything I have?”
“… Because it’s you.”
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