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Chapter Ten: There's Nothing I Could Say To Change That Part.

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To the park again! Let's make Frank jealous!

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Chapter Ten: There's Nothing I Could Say To Change That Part.

I woke up with Bert curled up under my arm, breathing heavily, still in a deep sleep. I ran my hand through his knotted hair and smiled absent mindedly. Bert shifted in his sleep and his eyes fluttered open. He looked up at me with cloudy eyes and smiling, dreamily.
“Hey, beautiful.” he said, rubbing the sleep out his eyes.
“Hey…” I grinned.
“Lets get started on making you even more gorgeous than you already are, if that’s even possible.” he smiled, suddenly fully awake and wandering around my room. “Have you got straightners?” I pointed to my head.
“Does it look like I ever use straightners?” Bert laughed.
“True. Mikey’ll have some though won’t he?”
“I think so.” I answer but Bert was already half way out the door. I heard him knock on Mikey’s door and some mumbling before the door closed again. Bert re-entered the room with the straightners and sat next to me.
“Where’s the plug?” I pointed to the plug socket next to my bedside table and Bert got up to plug them in.
He sat back next to me and smiled. “Mikey’s very, uh… interested in you?”
“Sit on the floor in between my legs.” he ordered. “Yeah, Mikey was asking me loads of questions about ‘us’?” he laughed as he tugged hairbrush through the mangled mess on my head.
“Us?” I asked.
“Yeah, he thinks we’re together.”
“Well, I guess we are now, aren’t we?” I said, leaning my head back to look at Bert and winking.
“Yeah, I guess we are.” he leant down and pecked me on the lips. I blushed and looked forward again. Bert continued brushing my hair before using the straightners.
“I think we’re done.” he concluded, after a few minutes of silence. “Look in the mirror.” he told me. I got up and went to the bathroom, Bert following me. I looked in the mirror and my mouth dropped open. I heard Bert laugh quietly behind me.
“Like it?” he asked.
“I love it!”
“Good.” he grinned. Bert came and stood behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist and putting his head on my shoulder. We looked in the mirror at each others reflection. “What and odd couple.”
“What a beautiful couple?” I questioned.
“Beautiful on your behalf.” he murmured. I turned my head to Bert a little and kissed him lightly on the lips. He smiled and pulled away. I pouted unintentionally.
“Don’t want to get too attached, do we?” I smiled and turned back to the mirror. Bert kissed my check and headed back to the bedroom. I followed.
I sat on my bed and watched Bert look through my drawers and wardrobe. He took out my black skinnies and a band tee. He threw the clothes to me and sat on the floor in front of me. I stood up and shifted awkwardly from one foot to the other.
“Aren’t you going to leave the room so I can change?” I asked. Bert’s eyes went wide as if he’d just been asked to jump off a cliff for me.
“You want me to leave?”
“Or you can turn around…”
“I’ll turn around!” he grinned, glad that he’d be allowed to stay in the room.
“Turn around then…” he smirked and turned slowly, sitting cross legged on the bed. I kept my eyes glued on him to make sure he wasn’t about to look round at me.
I quickly slid down my current trousers and boxers. I pulling my shirt down a bit just in case Bert turned around. It didn’t cover much but it was enough.
I put on clean boxers just as Bert turned round.
“Bert!” I shrieked, pulling the shirt down to cover my boxers.
“Sorry!” I laughed, raising his hands. “I thought you were done,”
“You don’t turn round until I tell you to!”
“It’s too late now. Just put the trousers on and we can go,” I rolled my eyes but put the trousers on anyway. I pulled the shirt over my head and grabbed my converse before leading Bert downstairs.
Bert waited by the door while I put my shoes on, hopping on one foot. He opened the door for me and I walked out into the sun. I shielded my eyes and turned to look at Bert, he smiled and wrapped his arm around my waist. I put mine over his shoulder.
We walked slowly in silence until we got to the park. It was a surprisingly nice day, but it was quiet. I couldn’t hear anyone as we got closer to the bandstand. Maybe they were all sitting by the pond, or the skate-ramps. It wouldn’t surprise me on a day like this.
As we neared the pond I could see a group of teenagers sitting on the grass. My stomach began doing smalls flips and I felt physically sick when I identified one of the teenagers lying on the grass to be Frank.
“Bert, I can’t!” I whispered, trying to stop and walk back.
“Yes you can, babe. Trust me. Frank’s going to be so jealous!” encouraged Bert, willing me to walk again.
“What if he’s not though! What if he doesn’t even look at me!”
“Of course he’ll look at you. He’s already looking over,”
“What?! He’s looking at me right now? Bert! I can’t do this! I can’t have him looking at me now! I look horrible. Oh. My. God. Bert. What shall I do?!” I shrieked, hysterically. Bert made me stop walking and put one of his hands on either one of my shoulders.
“First, you should breathe,” I told a deep, shaky breathe. “Second, you don’t look horrible,” I blushed and looked down. “And third- third, Frank’s going to love you. You’re beautiful! How could he possibly not love you? Just calm down and hold my hand.” Bert lifted my head and placed a small kissing on my lips. He lingered for a minute then pulled away, sighed. I looked at him confused, trying to read his face. He smiled a little but it didn’t fully reach his eyes. He took my hand and literally dragged me over to where everyone was sitting. Before we got there Bert said,
“Frank’s still looking. He probably saw us kiss and is fuming with jealously right now,” he let out a little giggle. I kept my head down when we stopped and Bert announced we had arrived.
“Hi everyone!” he all but shouted.
“Hey,” I few people said together. Kat got up and hugged me.
“Someone looks happy,” he said in my ear.
“What’s wrong? Wanna go for a walk and talk about it?”
“Nah, thanks. But Bert’ll probably tell you soon anyway.”
“Okay, but remember I’ll be here if you need to talk,” she smiled and sat back down next to Zack, who wrapped his arms around her tightly.
“You okay, babes?” Bert whispered to me.
“Yeah,” I forced a smile. Bert lead me round the circle to sit opposite Frank, who was looking at me. His mouth was slightly hanging open. He looked so cute.
“Hi Frank!” Bert said, loudly. Frank stopped looking at me and looked at Bert, obviously trying hard to force a smile.
“Hi, Bert.” I looked down. “Hi- Gerard…” he added quietly.
“Hi.” I pretty much whispered in response.
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