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Chapter 46

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Brendon and Ryan began talking daily on the phone and soon began going out to breakfast and lunch together. Though, it wasn't quite dating yet. They had yet to tell eachother how they felt. Ryan was still contemplating that thought, and wondered if he'd ever get the balls to ask him on a real date.

"So what kind of guys do you date?" Brendon asked, as the two of them sat at a picnic table outside Frendlys.

Ryan shrugged. "Honestly, I havn't ever dated any guys..."

Brendon smiled and put his hand on Ryans across the table. "Can I have the honor of being your first boyfriend?

Ryan smiled like never before. "Yeah! I mean....Sure, sure. I'd love that."

Brendon nodded and signaled the waiter for they're check.

The two of them walked home holding hands and talking about life. Ryan was beginning to think that him and Brendon made the perfect match. Sure, it was unexpected, but a nice suprise to say the least.

"Hey Bren?"


"Wanna come back to my place and hang out with me and the guys?" Ryan rested his head on Brendons shoulder.

"Sure thing, hun."

Before they knew it they were back home. Ryan was suprised to find the door to the house wide open. He stepped inside and looked around the livingroom. Everything from ceiling to floor was trashed, the TV was smashed to a pulp, and the furnacher and lying all over the floor.

"Guys? Are you home?" Ryan yelled. He looked in every bedroom and found no one.

"Shit." He said, grabbing the phone.

"Whats happened?" Brendon said, getting a little scared.

"The Dand- I mean, the dudes must have gotten in a fight with the neighbors or something...." Ryan picked up the phone and dialed Pete's cell phone number.

Luckily, Pete answered.

"Where the hell are you guys? Your place is trashed." Ryan explained.

"Oh fuck, seriously? We all decided to go hunting tonight and I guess those bastards decided to make things harder on us." Pete said from the other line.

"Ok, well...Be careful. What time are you guys coming home?"

"We should be back around twelve. You gonna be ok there by yourself?"

"I'll be fine. Brendons here so-"

"Ohhhhh. Wyan and Bwendon sittin' in a twee. K-I-S-S-I-"


"Everythings fine. They wont be back until later, so I guess we'll just hang out until then." Ryan explied, sitting down on the couch. He patted the seat next to him and Brendon made himself comfortable.

"Watcha wanna do?" Ryan asked, trying to clear the air of this very aquward moment.

Brendon shrugged. "Wanna have sex?"

"Wha-what?" Ryan studdered.

Brendon laughed. "Just kidding. Have any board games? I like scrabble!"

Ryan finally started breathing again, and got up from the couch and over to the coat closet. He pulled out scrabble and started to set it up on the floor.

Brendon clapped. "Yay! Me and my dad always used to play scrabble together. It's the best game ever you know."

Ryan shrugged. "Its pretty alright. I prefer Taboo."

"Oh.Em.Gee. Seriously? I love that game too!"

Ryan laughed at how childish Brendon was. "Your cute."

"Your not too bad yourself, cowboy." Brendon winked and grabbed his pieces from the scrabble box.

Ryan studdied his game pieces carefully and sighed. "I didn't get any vowels."

"I did!" Brendon cheered as he spelt out his word on the board.

"Boob." Ryan laughed at Brendons word.

"Yeah, you know. Boob. Its a word."

"Alright, i'll let it slide this time."

Suddenly, Pete, Patrick, Andy and Joe busted through the door. They looked almost as messed up as the house.

"Jesus chr-"

"We know!" They all said in unison, interupting Ryans sentence.

"Those vampi-" Patrick nudged Pete before Pete could say anything else.

"Oh! Hey Brendon." Pete blushed and walked into the kitchen.

"Hey." Brendon smiled back, then turned back to Ryan.

"What happened to them?"

Ryan shrugged. "Uh...They get in fights with people alot. I don't know, they're like a magnet for assholes or something."

"Oh." was all Brendon said.

Hey! Thanks to everyone who has given awesome reviews. This story has lasted alot longer than I had thought it would. I'm actually at the point where it's been going on for so long that I actually don't remember anything thats going on; i'm just posting 'cause you guys keep reading. Anyways, here are two chapters as a present from me for christmas eve. I hope you enjoy!
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