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Part Seven

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A scared teen

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The elevator took an incredibably long time to move from the first floor to the basement. She was not an impatient person but as the time passed she feared the killer would be waiting outside the door when it opened.
A loud buzz alerted her to the elevator reaching the basement. She held her breath as the door opened, relief rushed over her when the room in front of her was empty. That relief was short lived when she heard a door open just around the corner.
Her first thought was to jump back in the elevator and head back up, but there was no time. She slid as quickly and quietly as she could into the corner hidden by shadows. It was hard for her not to scream when the killer steped around the corner with a hideously angry look on his face. Lucky for her the fear that overcame her was enough to freez her vocal cords.
His face became even more angry when he saw that the elevator was empty, she nearly fainted from fright. she watched him as he turned round and round, but he wasn't really looking, as if he didn't actually want to find her.
She saw him begin to move back to the door. Her muscles began to relax and her foot slipped, the noise was unmistakeable, which was apparent when the killer abruptly turned and walked toward her with a shovel lifted in the air above her head.
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