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Chapter 48

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And...Its pretty much over

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Patrick and Pete cuddled on Pete's small twin sized bed. Pete arms were wrapped around Patrick's waist snuggly, and his head rested on Patrick's shoulder. The two were as comfortable as you could ever imagine.

"Hey Patrick?" Pete mumbled.

"Hmm?" The other man replied.

"Can I ask you something?"


Pete bit his lip nervously and shook slightly.

"Whats wrong?" Patrick asked, knowing something was up with his boyfriend.

"I..." Pete paused for a moment, took a deep breath, and got up from his spot on the bed and got down on the floor and kneeled down next to Patrick.

"I would be the most greatful bastard on the planet if you would spend the rest of your life with me." He held out a small box and opened it slowly, revealing a silver wedding ring.

Patrick sat up on the bed and looked down at Pete with wide eyes. "Are you..."

"Asking you to marry me? Yeah. I am." Pete said, finishing Patrick's sentence.

"Well...." Patrick bit his lip and went quiet for a moment before replying.

"Of corse I will!" He lept from the bed and onto the floor on top of Pete. He planted wet kisses all over the bassists face and giggled.

"Cool!" Pete replied, kissing his new fiance on the lips.

"Now lets go!" Patrick said excitedly as he hopped off the floor.

"Woah woah, wait. Where are we going? Can't I get a little sexin'? A little lovin', maybe?"

Patrick grabbed Pete's hand and yanked him up off the floor. "Later. Right now we have to tell everyone that we're engaged!" He flew down the hall with Pete in tow, and the two of them nearly flew downstairs.

"You guys!" Patrick yelled as him and Pete entered the livingroom.

Joe, Andy, Brendon and Ryan looked up at them from they're seats on the floor.

"Hmm?" Andy questioned.

"I'm getting married!" Patrick squeeled as he hopped up and down, still holding onto Pete's hands.

The two of them recieved they're congratulations from the rest of they're friends, along with hugs and kisses.

"Thats great Patrick. So who's the lucky man?" Joe finally asked, still not up to speed with everyone else.

"Pete's the lucky man, dumbass!" Andy yelled, slapping Joe on the side of the head.

"Ohhhhhh." Joe sighed, giving Patrick another hug.


Your probabley thinking, "Wait a sec, THIS is the ending?" The answer is, yeah. I was thinking that I was gonna have to read this whole story over and then write up a perfect ending. All I did was read the last chapter I had and realized how this is probabley a good place to stop. Patrick and Pete as husband and....Husband. I hope everyone who read it liked it. Thanks for all the love.
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