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Chapter 47

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Meanwhile in the kitchen, Pete was devising a plan..

"Alright, tonight we had a good run. Those vampires didn't know what was coming to 'em. Now all I think we need to do is keep doing what we've been doing, until William's got no one left to fight for him. After that, he'll have no choice but to surrender to an ass whoopin'."

"Got it Sarg!" Joe said loudly as he saluted.

"But who knows how many men Beckett has? He could have hundreds and hundreds hidden away somewhere that we don't know about." Patrick said pessimisticly.

"Well think about it. We've been at they're hideout twice already, and we've only ever seen twenty, maybe thirdy vamps at the most. I can't imagine he'd have any more than that." Andy added, taking a seat on the kitchen counter.

"Andy's right. I can't imagine he has a whole army to himself, and twenty vamps is nothin'. We just killed that many tonight!" Pete said, pounding his fist on the table. He spun around to the other side of the counter and started throwing things into the blender.

"I guess you guys have a point...I just..."

"What?" Joe interupted Patrick.

"Have a bad feeling thats all. What if something goes terribly wrong? What if we're wrong? What if we can't take whatever he throws at us?"

"Nothing can go any worse than it already has." Pete explained, giving a glass to Patrick and taking one for himself.

The two drank what was inside the glasses.

"Ugh. I'm still not used to how shitty that tastes." Patrick made a face and set the empty glass on the counter.

"You'll get used to it." Pete said, patting Patrick on the back.

Patrick shrugged. "Hey, those two out in the living room are pretty cute together, wouldn't you say?"

"Who? Ryan and Brendon?" Joe asked, looking out into the livingroom.

"Yeah. I'm so happy Ryan found someone he likes. He deserves it." Patrick smiled.

"And i'm glad I found someone that I like." Pete said, kissing Patrick on the lips.

"Ewwww." Joe and Andy said in unison.

"Get a room!" Joe demanded, covering his eyes.

Pete sighed while Patrick rolled his eyes. "Sounds like a plan. Come to my room, darling?" Pete asked, grabbing Patrick's hand.

Patrick followed Pete upstairs without saying a word.

"Ew...Man on man cuddling." Joe mumbled, grabbing some chips out of the cabinet.

"It's like, the grossest thing since......Since......Well, nothing. It IS the grossest thing."

"I don't know if i'd call it the grossest thing ever, it's just a little...."

"Discusting? Grotesque? Unmanly like? Icky? Outrageous?"


Joe rolled his eyes and went into the livingroom. "What are you guys doing?" He asked Brendon and Ryan as he sat down on the floor next to them.

"Playing scrabble. Wanna join us?" Brendon asked, laying down his scrabble pieces so it spelled out 'nubs'. Ryan gave him a look, not really agreeing with his choice of words, and went back to looking at his scrabble pieces.

"Fuck yeah! I love scrabble." Joe grabbed his game pieces and was off to work.

"Is it my turn?" Ryan and Brendon both nodded, and Joe spelt out his word on the board.

Ryan sighed. "Blowjob?"

Joe nodded. "Yeah. Blowjob is a word...Right?"
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